5 Fictional Colleges We Want To Go To

Or not, considering all the craziness that goes down in some of these TV universities!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jun 2, 2016
Image: ETC/Fox
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If you're an incoming college freshie, by now you have probably picked your university and are stressing about this big change in your life. If you're still in high school, choosing your course and university is probably something you lose sleep over. (Too many variables! Too many what-ifs!) Why not escape for a bit and take a tour of these fictional universities? You'’ve got all summer to get lost in these worlds!

  1. Wallace University

It's astonishing how the university stayed open despite the rising body count courtesy of the Red Devil, but hey, that's Scream Queens for you! Could we come visit Chanel and the girls with a special gate pass or something that would make us immune to the Red Devil?

  1. Whitmore College

A few hours away from Mystic Falls is this picturesque campus that is also a supernatural hotspot on The Vampire Diaries. Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie's dorm room is so beautiful and ginormous—it even has a fireplace! What is this, Hogwarts?

  1. University of California Sunnydale

Before Whitmore and Wallace, there was UC Sunnydale, where Buffy the Vampire Slayer learned from the get-go that there’s no escaping evil supernatural creatures—she even had a demon as a roommate!

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  1. New York University

There's an actual NYU, but given the facelift it got on Gossip Girl, we're considering this version of NYU a fictional one. That said, we wouldn't say no to a sushi soiree hosted by Queen B! 

  1. New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts

The prestigious university is where you can learn to survive the rigors of the performing arts, where you can breathe the same air as the legendary Carmen Tibideaux, and where you can even be study buddies with Glee's Kurt and Rachel.

Which fictional college do you want to go to? Tell us in the comments section below!

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