5 Empowering Moments in Wonder Woman That We Love

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 2, 2017
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures
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Have you seen Wonder Woman already, Candy Girls? Well, if you don't have any plans of watching it yet, we strongly suggest that you go ahead and invite your girl friends this weekend for a movie date! Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is getting good reviews for a great reason! Not only because of her performance, but also because of the movie's message that girls, ladies, and women don't need saving; we can save ourselves and even the world. Below, five super empowering moments we loved from the movie:

  1. When Diana wasn't sorry for how strong she is, and used it to protect the good of humanity.

Her friends and fellow Amazons were strongly against her going out into the world and helping save humankind. But that didn't stop her from doing so. Even when she was already in the war and a lot of men doubted her, she still stood by what she believed was the right thing to do.

  1. When she asked why we'd want to hide our tummies for ~fashion~.

When Diana arrives in London, Etta (Lucy Davis) helps her blend in by giving her a major fashion makeover. They both find themselves in front of a corset display and Diana asks her what it's for. Etta answers telling her that it's used to hide women's stomachs. And because body-shaming is a foreign concept for our main girl, she asks, "Why would you want to hide your stomach?" Go, Diana!

  1. When she shut down every official in a room.

And she didn't do it with her looks. Diana shut down an entire room full of male officials with her principles, the things she's always believed in. The ending? Steve (Chris Pine) had to take her out, but we loved how she made a statement and planted something to think about in the heads of the men she was talking to.

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  1. When Diana did the impossible.

While soldiers at war were afraid to cross an entire territory to save civilians in another town, Diana crossed it fearlessly—not because she's a goddess, but because she knows in her heart that it is her duty to protect those who are in need, like women and children. 

  1. When she proved that love is supposed to empower us and not keep us from being our best selves.

Everyone she loves tried to protect Diana in the beginning, which made it difficult for her to become who she wants to be and who she's meant to be. In the end, when they let her do what she decides is the right thing to do instead of trying to keep her safe, Diana saves herself, her loved ones, and even the world.

Wonder Woman is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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