5 Easy Tutorials To Follow If You Want To Learn Basic Fashion Illustration

Make the most out of your time in self-quarantine!
  |  Apr 4, 2020
Image: DAILYMOTION/previewph
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The community quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the Philippines to come to a standstill. As we stay home for the sake of flattening the curve and helping out medical frontliners, it might be the best time to actually learn a new hobby or two. Personally, I find drawing therapeutic. Even before the lockdown, I made it a point to try and play around with my sketch pad every weekend to destress and get away from the pressures of life and social media.

Though I was an art major back in college, I still think picking up a pencil and paper isn't only for those who've got that the talent to do so. Getting creative serves many purposes, and maybe discovering your inner Picasso or Raphael might actually help with your anxieties during these uncertain times. Below, are five fun and easy-to-follow fashion illustration tutorials to get you started.


If you want to get the hang of pen and ink.

When you're not a fan of color, you don't actually need it per se when drawing. Here's a how-to for anyone who's want to get a little more familiar with a pen when doing cartoon-y fashion illos on the fly.

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If you're a fan of line art drawings.

These almost abstract line art drawings are huge on Pinterest. These types of illustrations are great as decor, and they're actually not that hard to do on your own. Watch the video and discover the many ways you can recreate this with only a few materials on hand.

If you'd like to get the hang of watercolor.

Watercolor can be a tricky and often times frustrating medium to work with. The key is to keep things simple and not aim for perfection. This tutorial will walk you through doing a simple fashion illustration that focuses more on color combinations and strategic brush strokes.


If you'd like to draw and paint faces.

Drawing a person's face looks difficult at first,  but with the right technique it shouldn't be as frustrating. In this video, I show you how to do the line art technique for a human portrait. Shapes and guides are key, while a harmonious color palette might be all you need to ace this style.

If you'd rather just stick to a simple pencil and paper.

This might be the most difficult tutorial in the series, but it might help those struggling to perfect sketching faces. In this more detailed tutorial, I show you how to sketch a human face from scratch with an accompanying photo reference. You'll discover that paying attention to detail and sticking to your guides will help millions when working with the humble pencil. 

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