5 Cool Facts About Lifehouse

The American rock band that captured our hearts last 2008 is back in Manila to serenade us once again with their hit songs such as "Everything," "You and Me" and "Blind."
by Caitlin Jao   |  May 28, 2012
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Lifehouse, composed of Jason Wade (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Ben Carey (lead guitar), Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. (drums), and Bryce Soderberg (bass guitar), leaped to success after the release of their single "Hanging by a Moment," which became the Most Played Song in 2001. After more than a decade of their career, the band continues to make people fall in love with them as they compose and play songs that stir real emotions. The love for their fans has brought them back to Manila. Here are 5 random (but very cool) facts about Lifehouse:

  1. They love coming back to Manila. "Everything" and "Broken" are two of the band's hits dedicated to their Filipino fans. Filipino fans are close to their hearts because according to Jason Wade (lead vocalist), their 2008 concert You and Me Live in Manila was by far the most special show they've ever played.
    "The fact that it took us four years to get here made us sad. We wanted to get here a lot sooner. That show was like the pinnacle of our career," Jason says.
  2. Cooking and eating are the band's favorite pastimes. The band heads over to Rick's place (who, according to the other members, owns every type of cooking apparatus) for food and company. They've tried experimenting on food by deep frying almost everything. Yes, including Twinkies, pickles and... even a Big Mac.
  3. "Somewhere in Between" is about a real girl. Jason shares that this song is about a girl he obsessed with back in high school. He got "friendzoned."
  4. They have different interests besides music. Jason loves watching horror movies. Rick loves classic cars, Volkswagen in particular. Bryce loves basketball. And Ben loves his dog.
  5. "Our drummer is actually the best dancer." When asked about what makes Lifehouse different from other bands, Ben Carey wittingly claims that their Rick is the best dancer in town. Jason jokingly adds that Rick has few days left to perfect his dancing skills before the concert.

Did you catch their show? What your favorite song of theirs? Hit us up in the comment box below!

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