5 Boy Band Movies to Watch This Weekend

Best seen with the whole squad!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  May 27, 2016
Image: theonewhoprotested.tumblr.com
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You may be already done with school (woohoo!) or just about to cross the finish line (you can do it!)—either way, you deserve to spend some time with boys who sing the catchiest songs and look really, really cute while doing it. Take your pick from the boy band movies below!

  1. 5 Seconds of Summer: So Perfect

This movie actually gets the boys to sit still (...ish) for more than five seconds and talk about their beginnings, adventures on the road, and how far they've come. Catch it tomorrow night, 10 pm on ETC!

  1. Meet the Vamps – Live in Concert

Round up your squad and recreate that unforgettable night you partied with The Vamps last January!

  1. One Direction: This Is Us

Back when "us" still included Zayn.

  1. One Direction: Where We Are

Back when wherever they were, we knew they were all still together, making music and managing mischief. Together. Huhu, you guys! 

  1. Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

Before Nick followed Justin Timberlake's footsteps, before Joe was all about having cake by the ocean, before Kevin had his own reality show, they were just three babies making fangirls hysterical. 

Bonus: Dead 7

Forget about plants versus zombies—how would you like to see '90s boy bands versus zombies? We have no idea who came up with this movie about select members from the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and O-Town taking on zombies, but whoever they are, we want to thank them! The movie sounds like one big joke, but the internet has assured us that it’s the real deal. Oh my god, they're back again...

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