5 Best YA Movies of 2015

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Dec 28, 2015
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If 2014 brought us YA movies like The Fault in Our Stars and If I Stay, this year we had these incredible adaptations.

  1. Paper Towns

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    Five things that made the adaptation of John Green's book awesome: 1) it came from the genius mind of John Green (duh), who exec produced the film; 2) if its sibling adaptation The Fault in Our Stars was a love story, then Paper Towns was a love letter to friendship; 3) the cast led by Nat Wolff and breakout star Cara Delevingne was pitch perfect onscreen and hilariously affectionate off-screen; 4) the soundtrack is so good, it's still part of our road trip/getting ready in the A.M. playlist; and 5) it's bursting with insightful lines like "What a treacherous thing it is to believe that a person is more than a person." 

  2. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

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    Continuing the trend of YA adaptations about friendship was this Sundance favorite about an arranged friendship between a loner boy and a girl diagnosed with leukemia. It was one sick love story, to borrow from The Fault in Our Stars, but it was the platonic kind of love (although depending on your disposition, you might’ve noticed a slight undercurrent of romance if only the circumstances had been different). It was easy to get lost in Greg and Earl's world of home movies, and we bet there was no dry eye when Greg showed Rachel his masterpiece in her hospital room. We still get chills thinking about it!

  3. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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    If the first Maze Runner movie was all fast and furious, the sequel left us even more breathless. With new players and villains came even more twists and turns that had us reading the books (or at least Wiki-ing) because we couldn't wait for the third movie to find out what happens next! Behind the scenes, the bromance-y cast led by Dylan O’Brien also turned up the volume with their meme-ready antics. They're the cutest, aren't they?

  4. The Divergent Series: Insurgent

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    Part two of Tris Prior's story brought our favorite people (Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, and Miles Teller) back to dystopian Chicago. This time we got to see more of their world, only to be left with more questions at the end of the movie. Good thing we only have to wait three more months for Allegiant!

  5. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

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    Ah, the YA dystopian movie that started it all. Katniss may have said goodbye this year, but we will never forget how she and the rest of Panem's citizens changed the game and the movie landscape forever. We volunteer to marathon the movies in their honor this holiday season!
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