5 Best Moments from Girlboss

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Apr 27, 2017
Image: Netflix
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The day that Girlboss dropped, we sped through the loose—real loose—retelling of Sophia Amoruso's Nasty Gal beginnings as fast as her meteoric rise to the top. What should be a triumphant rags-to-riches story is tainted by the vintage clothing line's bankruptcy and allegations of employee mistreatment in recent years. Still, this is a coming-of-age story that you shouldn't miss, one that unapologetically trades in the heroine with a heart of gold for a deeply flawed, polarizing, yet wildly real girlboss.


  1. The jacket that started it all. Sophia had just gotten herself fired from work and survived a mini breakdown on the streets of San Francisco when she stumbled upon a vintage jacket in mint condition priced at a fraction of its potential value. It was a bad day and she needed this win, so we root for her when she struts down the street with that gorgeous jacket, which eventually sparks the idea for Nasty Gal.
  1. The dress that could've ruined everything. Sophia may not have known much about running a business, but she knew that she couldn't have a bad review tarnishing her name early on. So when a distressed bride returns a wedding dress with a stain that may or may not have been a recent spill, Sophia promises to return it in pristine condition before her wedding. And she does, even if it meant facing her biggest fear of crossing a bridge—on foot. Talk about premium service!

  1. The internet episode. There's something so clever about the way this episode was set up to make the vintage fashion club's online takedown of Nasty Gal, and Sophia and her best friend Annie's major fight very engaging to watch. We're all familiar with how much stuff goes down on our tiny screens with the LOLs and spams and dot dot dots, and it wasn't that different in the early 2000s. The robotic monotone and stark white backdrop only serve to heighten the drama of Sophia and Annie's (temporary) FO over AIM.
  1. The good ol' days with Annie. In the flashbacks, we find out how Sophia and Annie came to say "Love you in case I die" every time they say bye. Sophia's relationships with every single person in her life, including Annie, range from rocky to turbulent, but it's with her best friend that we see that she's capable of loving wholeheartedly and semi-selflessly.
  1. The big win and the breakup. On what is supposed to be the happiest night of her life, the launch of her very own website, Sophia breaks down and sneaks out of her own party. She’s already confronted her boyfriend, Shane, for cheating on her, but their actual breakup talk, from the initial calm to the angry yelling to the teary goodbye makeout, is as real as it gets. Sometimes life sucks, sometimes it's downright amazing, but it's mostly a mix of both, and it makes you want to cry and dance and tear your hair out, and whatever it is you do, it all brings you one step closer to moving forward. 

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