5 Barkada Movies That Will Make You Miss Your Own Barkada Already

It's not even graduation yet and you're already crying.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 19, 2016
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School days are almost over, high school seniors. That means, you'll be saying goodbye to the school and the people that have been your home for the past few years and saying hello to a new environment and so many new people.

Did the first paragraph make you a bit sad already? Yes? There, there. Sad as things may be, life has to go on. The best thing you can do? Cherish the moments you still have with them, and enjoy every second of your remaining time together. Make them feel special and thank them for all those years they've stood by you and behind you.

Need a little more push so you can stop annoying your best friends and actually start being sweet to them (even just a for a few weeks, he he)? Here are a few barkada movies that will make you miss your BFFs and your good ol' times together already.


1. She's Dating the Gangster


If there are people you should thank that you were able to make a move (even if those failed) on your crushes, the list would most probably include the names of your barkada. Sure, they may push you too hard sometimes or give you the cold, hard truth even while you're sobbing like a lost kid, but you know deep down that they only want the best for you.

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2. Diary ng Panget


It's not every day that you meet a bunch of people who will help you pull yourself up when you're down, who will gladly move mountains for you so that you can be with the one you love, and who'll sacrifice their own joy that you may have yours. Yup, those types of friends are rare, so don't take your barkada for granted.


3. Paper Towns


One thing you'll miss about your BFFs? It will definitely be those times you can drag them out of the house and have an unplanned gala with them. Whether it's to a nearby restaurant that you've always wanted to try or to your lola's province, there's always time for a short getaway in high school. Once you're all in college, it will be difficult to have everyone in the same room at the same time, so cherish the time you have now.

4. Moonrise Kingdom


There are just moments in your life when all you need are your friends to save you from the chaos that you're in. Whether it's a breakup or a failing mark in one of your tests, you've been so used to having your BFFs around to look for you amidst everything and pull you up. While you know they'll still be the same once you face bigger challenges in college, there will really be moments when they'll step in a little later than usual. Remember those moments they've pulled you up and thank them.


5. Wild Child


Because your high school friends are forever, you've actually come to believe that they are your sisters from another mother. There may be days when you get annoyed at them or you just don't feel like talking to them, but after a while, you'll realize that they're a few of the people who actually make you feel like you're at home anywhere.

What movies are you watching this weekend? Share your movie lists with us in the comments. We always love hearing from you. :)

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