You Need These Five Artists on Your Playlists This June

These artists are going to keep you in the mood for whatever life has to offer in the coming months.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 2, 2015
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This year, the month of June may be confusing for some or most of you. Some of you may have already just ended your classes, while others may still may still be following the same academic calendar. Whatever your situation may be, updating your playlists is necessary so it can keep up with whatever activity you're busy with. If you want to update your playlists with something you'll surely love, go over this list first. We're sure you'd love these female artists on your music players.

 1  Emily Kinney

You know her as Beth Greene from AMC's hit TV series The Walking Dead, but did you know that Emily is also a profesh singer and songwriter? In the same year that she scored the role on TWD, Emily also released her debut EP Toothbrush. She's shown her singing skills on the show sometimes too along with actress Lauren Cohan by singing the Scottish song "The Parting Glass." In 2013, she released her second EP Expired Love.


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 2  Mollee Gray

Why does she look so familiar? It's because you've seen her on the Disney Channel original film Teen Beach Movie. She's reprising her role as Giggles in the sequel set for release this year, too. Mollee is a triple threat—she can sing, dance, and act—but tells us that it'll be difficult for her to choose if she only needs to do one. "I love them all in very different ways," she said. "Right now, my acting career is taking off more than my music, so I am focused on that right now. But I am still writing everyday and taking dance classes when I have free time!" So brace yourselves because after releasing two singles, Mollee will be giving us more of her music soon.

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 3  Avaberee

This trio of wonderful ladies from Brisbane, Australia  are relatively new to the music scene but their songs are guaranteed to make you want to just sit back and relax after a long busy day with your books. Give their charming music a spin on your way home, especially their single "Can't Get You Off My Mind" from their debut album In Your Arms I Found My Secret that's set for release this month.


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 4  Rabbit Island

Amber Fresh and the gang, collectively known as Rabbit Island, will surely make you want to not take things seriously. Their kind of music is dreamy and relaxing and will make you reminisce those times when you're out on a trip to the mountains or the beach. Make sure to have your own copy of Rabbit Island's album O God, Come Quick which includes one of their popular tracks "My Own Private."

 5  Asia Monet Ray

This 9-year-old performer has already a lot going for her. She's an actress, dancer, singer, and TV personality. Did you know she's had her very own relaity TV series called Raising Asia? But in case she looks super familiar, you might have already seen her on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition where she made it to the top three as well as Dance Moms. Plus, we're super proud of her because she's got Filipino blood running through her veins because her mom is part Filipina. If you want to make it as an artist just like her, she has these words for you: "My advice is pretty simple. Never give up! Believe in your dreams and yourself. Lastly, make sure you love what you do and work hard because hard work won't let you down."


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Who are the artists you're listening to these days, Candy Girls? Share them with us in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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