5 Adulting Goals from the New Tangled Series

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Apr 3, 2017
Image: Disney Channel
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A lot can happen after Happily Ever After—just ask Rapunzel, who's about to be crowned princess in Tangled: The Series, which is set months after the events in the original movie. Growing up without any princess training because she was, you know, locked up in a tower, Rapunzel is having a hard time adjusting to the royal life, but she shows us that nothing is impossible with the right kind of attitude and support system.


  1. Adapting to change. Even though Rapunzel no longer spends her days isolated in a tower, she's feeling a little trapped in the kingdom, with guards following her every move. Girl can't even sample some pastries in the town square without some guard (quite literally) poking his nose into her business. Still, she tries her best to follow princess protocol and make her parents proud. She's not always successful in her attempts, but the important thing is that she tries!
  1. Listening to her inner voice. When Eugene, sweet Eugene, pops the question in front of the whole kingdom, she doesn't let herself be swayed by the romance, the grand gesture, the pressure. Instead, she follows her gut: she's not ready to take the next step with him, so as much as she wants to spend forever with him, she stands her ground.


  1. Talking things out. Now from Eugene's point of view, that public rejection stung really badly, but his love for Rapunzel trumps everything else. He gives her space then seeks her out and they discuss the issue like the grownups that they’re quickly becoming.

  1. Protecting your loved ones. Back to Rapunzel—as the heroine of the story, she has to deal with bad guys on top of her own growing-up issues. Rapunzel shows us that we have it within us to protect our loved ones. Just use your strengths, and for her, it's her can-do attitude, quick thinking, and indestructible spirit (and hair).
  1. Keep doing you. Even princesses have haters, but Rapunzel rises above it all. Eventually, even her haters appreciate her for who she is—or are carted away because they’re actually baddies in disguise.

Catch all-new episodes of Tangled: The Series, which is preceded by the movie Tangled: Before Ever After, on the Disney Channel.

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