40 Thoughts While Watching The Vampire Diaries Series Finale

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Mar 13, 2017
Image: The CW
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Even if you hadn't kept up with the Mystic Falls gang for a while, we bet you still sat up and took notice when Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce/a million other characters) came back for the series finale last weekend. Eight seasons—that's eight years of our lives, and our 2009 selves would never forgive us if we didn’t pay homage to the show one last time. Let's dive in!

  1. OMG, is Bonnie really dead? Is this how Elena comes back to life?
  2. #BedGoals
  3. Haiii, Elena, haiii, bb girl! You haven't changed one bit!
  4. Wait, does Elena know about Bonnie and Enzo?
  5. Hello, Vicki—um, bye, Vicki.
  6. Oh, she's back! And Damon strikes again.
  7. Damon and Elena reuni—

  1. Oh, wait, it's Katherine. Of course, it's Katherine. Welcome back, girl!
  2. And of course she has the devil doing her bidding. Because she's Katherine.
  3. Omg, is all this talk foreshadowing Caroline's death? We mean, if there was a place where promises were meant to be broken, it’s got to be Mystic Falls.
  4. Awww, a Stefan and Elena moment. 
  5. Yep, Damon trying to kill people who annoy him and who can't die is definitely a thing.
  6. Don't tell me this is the last time Stefan and Caroline ever see each other!!!
  7. Matt's tito hair: weird but somehow works.
  8. "We saved you!" Caroline's girls are cutie patooties.
  9. Stefan, you just got married, okay? Put your hero hair away!
  10. Damon got you there, Stefan. Now be a good human bunso and do as your vampire kuya says.

  1. Does anyone else know what's happening?
  2. Yas, girl power!
  1. Bonnie is basically us right after hell week.
  2. Wait, Stefan's blood is the cure? Obviously a little lost here.
  3. Nooo, not Stefan!!!
  4. What did he whisper in Elena's ear???
  5. Awww, it’s Stelena’s first song.
  6. Lexi! Looking good, girl.
  7. Raise your hand if you've missed Elena's narrating, too.
  8. Damon and Elena reunited at last!!!
  9. "Tell Caroline I heard her and I will love her forever, too." DONE.
  10. LOL at Matt's "Dear Diary."
  11. Tyler's back!
  12. Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted: A spin-off waiting to happen. 
  13. Jo!
  14. Jeremy!
  15. Sheriff Forbes!
  16. Klaus with the $1M donation! "However long it takes." <3

  1. "And that's my life: weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing, and above all epic." Yes, it is a good life, Elena.
  2. Also, nice long bob!
  3. Awww, the whole family's back.
  4. "Hello, brother." The last two words of the series!
  5. Goodbye, TVD. Thanks for the memories. <3

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