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4 Things You Need to Be a Social Media Star

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4 Things You Need to Be a Social Media Star

Remember a few months back when we gave you tips on how to become YouTube famous? In the same write-up, we talked about the Smart Launchpad, a viral talent show and content creation program that encourages the youth to showcase what they do best—be it singing, dancing, acting, doing make-up tutorials, or sharing travel tips. 

From over 1,500 entries, 100 finalists were chosen to take part in the Smart Launchpad Workshop held last October 7-9 at First Pacific Leadership Academy (FPLA) in Antipolo. Here are a few things you can learn from the event:

1. Some inspiration

Want to be a social media star and make money from what you enjoy doing? Take your cue from the country's top content creators. In the workshop, social media influencer Nicole Andersson, makeup guru Michelle Dy, choreographer Paulo Infante, and singer Moira dela Torre gave tips on how the participants could further hone their talents, while YouTube and social media experts Carlo Ople, Enrique CuUnjieng, and Frank Aldana talked about the nitty-gritty of building an audience and monetizing a channel.

2. An awesome crew

It's never a one-person success. Be it your friends, your classmates, or fellow dreamers, a creative and reliable crew can help you realize your true potential and maximize every learning experience through teamwork. Of course, your crew will also be there to help out with your photo or video shoots and maybe give some pick-me-ups when you're stuck in a rut.

3. Lots of determination

With that comes the diligence to practice your skills and hone your talents. The grand winners Lesha Litonjua, Mary Joy Labenia, and Tops Unay would definitely agree with this. Without their determination to show the world how creative they can be, they wouldn't be able to impress the judges and win an experience of a lifetime. Aside from winning exciting gadgets from Samsung, they will be flying off to L.A. this November to collaborate with The Filharmonic—yup, the a cappella group from Pitch Perfect 2! (Congrats, you guys!)

4. A cool look

Of course you need to be memorable in a sea of online sensations and personalities. One way to do that is by working on your style—you'll easily be noticed, and you can leave an impression among people. For instance, Candy spotted chic girls among the Smart Launchpad hopefuls. Scroll down below to see who caught our eye the most:

Missed your chance to join the contest? Want more tips to fuel your dream of online fame? Just keep your eyes peeled for Smart Launchpad 2017 and make sure you #OwnIt! Follow Smart's Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter for updates.

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