4 New Doppelgängers On TV

Here's looking at you, Kaitlin/Agnes/Thea and friends.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Feb 28, 2013
photos courtesy of ABC Family, CBS, ETC, Fox, The CW, USA Network, WB
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The other day, I watched Meredith of Pretty Little Liars get her butt kicked on Nikita. A few days before that, I watched her put a big boss in jail on Suits. Amanda Schull sure has a knack for playing characters that get under your skin; they might not be headliners like Jody of the ballet drama Center Stage, but they're certainly memorable. So memorable, in fact, that I decided to play spot the new doppelgängers on TV! Don't forget to comment and tell me the doppelgängers you've seen recently, okay?

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