4 Celebrity Exes Who Are Still Good Friends

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 23, 2017
Image: Joe Jonas | instagram.com/joejonas, Marvel Studios via facebook.com/SpiderManMovie
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The end of a relationship may be heartbreaking, but these celebrities prove that what they've had weighs more than the pain that their breakups caused them. This list just goes to show that it really is possible to be okay and not feel bitterness towards the ex-love of your life. After all, you know deep down that you'll always care for them even if you're not in a relationship anymore.

  1. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

When The Vampire Diaries co-stars broke up in 2013, hearts were broken all over the world. But the two continued working together and keeping in touch that people even speculated there might be a second chance. Unfortunately, the two are just good friends...even after Ian got married to actress Nikki Reed. Nikki even shared their photo with Nina, explaining in the caption that there's no bad blood between them at all.

  1. Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

These two were one of our favorite Disney couples, so when they broke up in 2010, we really didn't know how to deal. Fast forward to today, the ex-couple have remained good friends and can even be spotted hanging out together with his brother Nick and their other friends. Aww! Camp Rock 3, anyone?

  1. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield 

If there's one breakup that made us cry (a bit!), it's Emma and Andrew's. We were able to see how much they love and adored each other. So when they called it quits in 2015, we were devastated. But these two prove how much they really do care and how deep their love is for each other because until their recent interviews, they still speak fondly of what they had. Andrew even congratulated Emma for the recognition she's gotten in La La Land...and they were spotted giving each other a hug during the BAFTAs, too. Huhu!

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  1. Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson

Gigi and Cody looked really lovely together before they split in 2015. But if you think that they had a bad breakup, these two are totally cool about what happened (or didn't happen) between them. The two even sat beside each other during a flight and it didn't get awkward at all.

In an interview, Cody revealed that he was actually planning to hit on Gigi until he realized it was his ex. "I'm sitting there, I see this blonde hair I'm like, 'Oh yeah, let's do it!' She was like reading a book or something on her phone, she had her head [down] so you can't tell [who it is] and because the seat was like that you only see blond hair and I'm like, 'Yes!' and then she looks up and I'm like [mouths expletive]," he said. LOL! (via EOnline.com)

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