3ow Powhz From PBB Teen Ryan Bang!

PBB Teen Clash of 2010's Ryan Bang stars in his own reality show on Studio 23.
  |  Oct 25, 2010
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PBB Teen Clash of 2010 2nd Big Placer Ryan Bang is the new comedy guy to watch for. Besides his stints in Showtime and Banana Split, he's now hosting his very own TV show on Studio 23 called 3ow Powhz!. Its a reality show where he will live like a normal Filipino while roaming the streets of Manila, eating street food and discovering more about the Filipino culture.

In the first episode, he rode an ordinary bus along EDSA while recording his journey with his own video camera. He said he wants to have fun and meet new people as he takes a tour around the Philippines.

Watch 3ow Powhz! every Monday at 9:30PM on Studio 23.

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