30 Things Only #OTWOListas Will Understand

Stop singing, Erik Santos and Daryl Ong.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 24, 2016
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On the Wings of Love, the top-rating TV series starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre, is ending on Friday. It's so hard to believe that it actually is because the show is still keeping us on our toes. Whatever the ending is, we have absolutely no idea because Clark and Leah are still not okay at this point.

Because we have a lot of feelings, especially lately because Simon Can You Not, we're putting most of the things we think only avid fans of the show can relate to here. Let's hold hands, OTWOListas, because we'll get through this together.

  1. You will never look at San Francisco, Manila, Batangas, and Ilocos in the same light ever again, dahil "ang mga lugar ay pawang mga lugar lamang hanggang magkasama n'yong namasdan ang mga ito."

  2. #RelationshipGoals: #CLeah and #TiffaLayts. Ya$$$!

  3. #SquadGoals: the Tenementers and Team Rock's Not Dead a.k.a. Axl, Kiko, and Clark.
  4. The cause of your nightly outbursts most of the time is Leah and Clark's endless pushing and pulling.

  5. Which is why your least favorite game is taguan... taguan ng feelings.
  6. Your understanding of relationships changed because this show has made you rethink your priorities. Your dreams or your relationship? What to do?! And that is the story of how you stopped judging Leah for her life choices.

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  7. You absolutely loathe LeMon and lemon. Dami mong asim!

  8. Those and doorbells. Special thanks go out to last night's episode, BTW.
  9. You prayed fervently when Tatang Sol underwent two surgeries and when Nanang found out about her kidney trouble.

  10. Speaking of Tatang Sol, don't you just wish he'd talk some sense into Leah and Clark at this point of the story?! We can almost hear him ask these two, "Ang tanong lang naman dyan, e, mahal mo ba ang asawa mo?" Yes or no lang, CLeah. LOL!

  11. Tita Jack is the fairy godmother/matchmaker you badly wish you had. Exhibit A: Jigs and Angela. Exhibit B and still working on it (yes, we're trying to be optimistic on this one): Clark and Leah. 

  12. You were rooting for #JigGie before, but you're also incredibly happy that #AngelIgs (or #JigGela) happened.

  13. Whenever you're so angry and sad about an episode, you immediately log on to OTWOLista.com to watch the outtakes from the latest episode (which is why you're so stressed when there's a delay in the upload, huhu) to calm yourself down. So you watch the old ones instead (for the thousandth time). Seeing James and Nadine being their goofy selves is priceless. That and James trying to say, "Nginingiti-ngiti." Hee hee hee.

  14. But when there's a delay in the upload, fan pages—like Team Bonfayah and JaDine Publicist—are your best friends. Mabuhay po kayo!

  15. And when all else fails? You log on to Twitter because OTWOListas are on a roll every night. Naka-one million tweets na ba tayoPakigamit po kasi ang official hashtag. LOL!

  16. Seeing Gabby's short hair was heartbreaking. Huhu, makes us wonder if it's stress from everything happening on the show that made him do the cut. 

  17. CLeah's most approved kiss was your fave...

  18. And, also, this kiss on their way to Ilocos that didn't make it to the final edit. Hee hee. We are totally Team Rock's Not Dead whenever we see JaDine.

  19. Those kisses were your faves until their #OTWOLLastMemorableTrip kiss happened. Also, we really want to thank Simon's car for the cooperation. We just hope you cooperated until last night's episode.

  20. You and your kabarkadas almost got into a serious fight when you were arguing about Leah's decision to leave for Dubai. #TrueStory

  21. You absolutely hate it when Erik Santos starts singing in the background. Or Daryl Ong. Kyla, can you just take this pain away?!

  22. You follow Direk Tonette and Direk Jojo on Twitter to get some assurance (and warning) about what's going to happen on the show. Yes, you have become that kind of televiewer who needs some assurance and warning.

  23. The statement "Kapag mahal ka babalikan ka? Pero kung mahal ka, iiwan ka ba n'ya?" kept you up for a few nights. 

  24. You badly wish Mekeni could talk and tell CLeah that they were destined for each other.

  25. Up to now that the end is near, you still can't figure out if CLeah is going to end up together. Sabihin n'yo na sa amin habang maaga pa, hindi yung pinaglalaruan n'yo ang feelings namin! *cries like Nadine in Lake Tahoe, but wishes we looked as pretty as her*

  26. This tweet from Juan Miguel Severo a.k.a. Rico is making you so sad you can't even. KUYA, CAN. YOU. NOT.

  27. At this point, you really don't care anymore if Leah and Simon end up together because
    #TeamReal. OR NOT. We're just kidding po, Direk Tonette and Direk Jojo. Please let CLeah have their happy ending.

  28. No matter how painful the recent episodes are, you still log on to iWantv to re-watch it. Maybe the ending changes when you watch it a hundred times? Huhuhu! :(

  29. Watching the past few episodes makes you so heartbroken that you're not in the mood for life anymore. LOL, we're half-kidding on this.
  30. Lastly, mawalang galang na po, pero ano po ang pinaglalaban ni Simon? TROLOLOLOL!

On the Wings of Love will air its finale episode on Friday, February 26, after Dolce Amore.

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