3 Ways to Get Donny Pangilinan to Notice You

According to Donny himself!
by Mara Agner   |  Sep 27, 2017
Image: Aya Cabauatan
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If you're crushing so hard on Donny Pangilinan (just like us), consider yourself lucky because he just shared how exactly we can get him to notice us. Take note, Candy Girls!

  1. Don't change yourself to impress someone.

"I honestly think that if you have to change your entire being just to impress someone is not worth it but you can do stuff to make yourself as you as possible."

  1. Be genuine—don't pretend.

"Be yourself. Be simple. Be someone people can lean on to when they have problems. Be someone who cares about others more than themselves. Love God—and that's seen naman eh. I think you can see that whenever you talk to people or the way you communicate with people—people notice when you pretend." 

  1. Be yourself.

"I just love it when I get to interact with a lot of my supporters and they're just talking to me casually. Those are actually things I never forget. Every single time I go to a certain place and people ask me for a photo, I don't forget that thing. When someone goes to me and says, 'Hey, Donny, hope you're having a good day,' 'I like your shirt,' or something like that, I'll never forget that—those kinds of things."

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