3 Things We Learned From #OTWOL's Simon Evangelista

Let go.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 25, 2016
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For weeks and weeks, our blood has been boiling because of Paulo Avelino's character Simon Evangelista on On the Wings of Love. But last night, things finally took a good turn when he decided to let Leah go, saying that he also deserved to be loved. Yasss, finally, you realized that. JK! But letting go isn't the only thing this memorable character actually taught us about loving someone. Here are three things we should all thank Simon for the next time his character appears on TV:

  1. Respect the person you love.

    And their decisions and choices, as well, even if you don't agree with them. That includes their choice of who to love. Fine, you're on a mission to make him realize that you're the righ person for him, that you deserve his love as well. But if he decides to be with someone else, then you have no right getting in the way. No matter how much you think the other person isn't good enough for him, you don't have the right to stand in their way. Allow him to realize that in his own way, in his own time. And if he doesn't, nothing's wrong with you. You were not just meant to be together.

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  2. Don't love someone just because they remind you of someone else.

    No two people are the same. What are you going to do if he suddenly stopped reminding you of the person you lost? Leave him? It would be unfair for you and for him to have these little expectations in your head on how you're to be treated, to be loved just because you've had that before with a lost love. Love him for the person that he was, he is, and the person he's going to become. Love him because you know no other way to treat him. Love him because that's how you truly feel about him. 

  3. Leaving isn't a sign of defeat.

    If anything, it is actually a great sign of courage and strength. It just means that you're strong enough to lose the person you love and watch him happy with someone else. It just means that you're brave enough to face the truth that you won't be able to make him happy no matter how much you spend night and day giving him the love he deserves. And it also means that you've got enough strength and courage in you to face the truth that you deserve the kind of love that can make you smile and make all of your days, the kind of love that you're always willing to give away.


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