22 Times Nick Jonas Made Us Swoon

Birthday boy turns 22 today, so we made it an excuse to stalk him on Instagram.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Sep 16, 2014
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Nick Jonas has a new music video coming out in a few hours, he's got a new TV show, and he has yet to release his solo record. No big deal for this guy turning 22 today. To celebrate, we went on Instagram to list down reasons why this cutie makes us swoon. (Okay, we're lying. We do this every day.)


1. He likes dogs.

2.He's willing to look silly for fun holiday photos.

3. He walks onstage looking like, well, this.

4. Look at how he looks at his niece.

5. We know he takes very good care of his body.

6. He doesn't forget old friends.

7. He takes shoe selfies (with his girlfriend, we're assuming!).

8. We don't really need to caption this, do we?

9. He loves his momma.

10. He doesn't even need to look at the camera to disarm us with his charm.

11. He'll be lying on the floor and all we can think is... /dead.


12. Even his back gets us kilig.

13. Heck, even when he's out of focus!

14. He's a good sport. And a generous person!

15. He looks uh-mazing in a suit. A tartan one at that.

16. He takes selfies with fans.

17. He looks great in a fedora.

18. And even more adorbs with a guitar.

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19. Did we mention he really takes good care of his body?

20.He looks fine in black and white.

21.We wouldn't mind if he fell asleep while talking to us.

22. We'd totally take a photo with your name, too, BB.

We love you, Nick J. Happy birthday. Don't you ever change!

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