LIST: 10 Local TikTok Creators That Gave Us Good Vibes in 2021

by Cheska Santiago   |  Jan 3, 2022
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) TikTok/ssanwhere, TikTok/esnyrrr
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Hello there! 2021 was definitely the year of TikTok—we'd be lying if we say we didn't spend hours scrolling through our FYP. From funny skits, workout videos, POVs, recipes, and more, there was truly content for everyone!

If you're planning on filling up your FYP with more ~*fun*~ content in 2022, we suggest pressing the "Follow" button on the accounts of these local TikTk creators. They never failed to entertain us throughout 2021, and we're sure they'll continue to do so this year! Check out 10 of our top picks below:

1. Esnyr Ranollo

Follow: @esnyrrr

We're sure you've seen at least one of Esnyr's classroom skits on your FYP before—they're just too funny and relatable! (There can totally be an ~Esnyr Cinematic Universe~ with how many characters he portrays, LOL!)


Di mo pala deserve top mo eh????

? original sound  - Esnyr Ranollo

2. Sassa Gurl

Follow: @itssassagurl

We're sure you're familiar with Sassa Gurl and their *signature* "sunkissed" blush. They make videos about "jeje" school stories and highly-specific Pinoy memories that'll have you reminiscing about your days as a student.


Wag kayong mag alala, may hampas lupa version na:

? original sound  - Sassa Gurl

3. Rain Matienzo

Follow: @rainmatienzo

Rain's "conyo girl" skits are simply iconic—you'll forget that she's just acting, LOL.


we're super tropuh dibuh duuuudee (LA LANG I MISS HER) ##conyotiktok ##conyogirl

? original sound  - Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo ????

4. Marvin Fojas

Follow: @marvsfojas

Also known as the "CEO of Luh," Marvin has been keeping us entertained ever since he started his "Bhie" TikTok series that stars two best friends that aren't exactly *sincere* with their friendship.


manahimik ka jan bHie mauubos isang pad ko ???? ##marvinfojas ##schooleksena

? original sound  - jervy.briones

5. Hassan

Follow: @ssanwhere

Hassan makes a lot of funny content, but he's known for his "girl best friend" skits, where he acts like your boyfriend's ~close~ friend who you're not supposed to feel jealous of. LOL!


platonic lang naman ???????? gbf is just a baddie!! ##fyp

? fancy out of my mind - mashup queen ???? dms don’t work

6. Charlize Ruth

Follow: @charlizeruth

Charlize makes content about everyday Pinoy experiences, and her TikToks are so accurate that people always comment "na-experience mo na lahat" in her videos, haha!

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@charlizeruth #fyp ? original sound  - charuth

7. Nana Silayro

Follow: @nanasilayro

Nana's positive and kulit energy will give you so much good vibes!

@nanasilayro And so are you. #fyp ? original sound  - Nana Silayro

8. Ayn Bernos

Follow: @aynbernos

watch now

Ayn's videos are filled with tips on how to set your goals, boost your confidence, and affirmations you can try. It's definitely the energy we need for 2022!


Reply to @loonakore they do ????

? it's been a long day, i could use a nap - Rook1e

9. Spencer Serafica

Follow: @spencer_serafica

Spencer's not afraid to portray all sorts of characters when it comes to his POVs and skits. From being a guardian angel, strict Pinoy mom, and even a ghost inside a coffin, he's done it all!


Nood + kain

? original sound  - Xspencer

10. Reneé Dominique

Follow: @heyimreneedominique

Here's another conyo girl you need in your FYP. Reneé has two characters that make regular appearances: a conyo girl studying in UP and fictional Kardashian sister. Her accents for both are spot-on!


Jollibee doesn't have gluten free options i'm quaking in my Skimssss ##fyp ##foryou ##kuwtk ##jollibee ##conyoseries ##conyotiktok

? original sound  - Reneé Dominique

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