Let's Play A Guessing Game With Taylor Swift's Lyrics Off 1989

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 16, 2014
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Pop sensation Taylor Swift started revealing a few lines from her tracks in 1989, and she's making all of us go crazy!

We here at the Candy HQ are trying to figure out which is which and who/what the tracks could be about. Join us, yes? Oh, and in case you need some help, we got this tweet from a lucky Swiftie's review of the tracks during the #1989SecretSessions.

Track #1:

"This could be song #1 from the tracks without titles. Clue? The city background of the lyrics." —Ayessa
"Feels like 'Starlight.'" —Dyan
"Maybe about her new focus on friendship instead of romantic relationships?" —Kaye
"Falling in love again. Title: New Soundtrack." —Koko

Track #2:

"I’m betting Track 2 is like a mix of 'Begin Again' and The Civil Wars' "To Whom It May Concern.'" —Dyan
"New love!" —Kaye
"A NBSB meeting a boy she clicks with for the first time. Title: Where You Been." —Koko



Track #3:

"Could this be song #6? It sounds like it's about an ex, though." —Ayessa
"Track 3 could be something like 'Better Than Revenge' but with less vitriol." —Dyan
"Maybe about a relationship that she didn't know had actually ended until she heard that he was 'out and about' with some other girl." —Kaye
"About a very recent ex." —Koko


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Bonus track:
"Sounds like a song about a girl who likes her best friend or loves her best friend, right?" —Ayessa
"He's not in love with you! He only sees you as a friend. A sentence worse than death." —Koko
"Probably a love letter to an ideal guy instead of an actual person she had a relationship with." —Marla

Track #4: This is "Out of the Woods," you remember?


Track #5:
"Right guy at the wrong time? Maybe he has a girlfriend…" —Koko
"Maybe about a guy she’s had her eye on for a while, but who turns out to be obsessive and damaged." —Marla

Track #11: "I think the 'you' in this song is Taylor herself. She's figured out what home means and where in the world she truly belongs." —Marla

Track #7:

Share your guesses with us and let's help each other out! We'll be updating this every day until the album's release so we can have fun together.

1989 is set for release later this month, but you can pre-order the album here.

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