16 Best Pinoy Teleseryes of All Time

Filipino feels for all ages.
by Kat Estrella   |  Aug 21, 2016
Image: ABS-CBN ART Clare Magno
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Whether you'd like to admit it or not, teleseryes are part of Filipino culture. It's something we watch with the family over breakfast or dinner, or something we binge watch during summer and Christmas vacations. We fall in love, relate, and sometimes hate the characters portrayed in these different shows. As time goes by, we don't just forget these characters and the lines they've delivered, we bring them along, and they forever remain remembered in our memory.

  1. Mara Clara (1992/2010)

The 2010 remake was probably the first time we saw Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes in serious acting after Goin' Bulilit. Mara Clara merchandise came out and were in demand. A few items had "Team Mara" and "Team Clara" on them.

  1. Pangako Sa'yo (2000/2015)

You'd be lying if you said you've never seen an episode of Pangako Sa'yo. Both the 2000 original, starring Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales and the 2015 remake with KathNiel were big hits. The 2000 original was the highest rated finale episode in the history of Filipino TV.


Line you will never forget: "Matitikman niyo ang batas ng isang api!" —Amor Powers (Jodi Sta. Maria)

  1. Kampanerang Kuba (2005)

Most of us were toddlers when Kampanerang Kuba aired, but we can't really forget how the kampanera transformed into beautiful Anne Curtis. It was the beginning of the trail Anne blazed in the industry.

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  1. Encantandia (2005/2016)

This teleserye which is known all over the world is one of the few "telefantasayas" (fantasy teleserye) of our time. National Book Store even started to sell notebooks and other Encantadia merchandise because it was such a big hit. A new remake has just began to air, starring our Candy cover girl, Gabbi Garcia. I can't wait for the younger generations to experience Encantadia the way we experienced it in our childhood.

  1. Maging Sino Ka Man (2006)


This serye revolved around the different socio-economic classes, and how people from different groups or classes may or may not fall in love with each other. This has to be one of the teleseryes with the most star-studded casts. Maging Sino Ka Man starred Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Anne Curtis, and Sam Milby.

Line you will never forget: "I never said that I love you!" —Jaime "JB" Roxas-Berenguer (Sam Milby)

  1. Sana Maulit Muli (2007)

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Do you remember Poknat and Bokbok? This was one of the most popular shows during the peak of the Kimerald love team. This same teleserye premiered in Taiwan in 2008.

  1. Dyesebel (2008)

Dyesebel starring Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes was based on a graphic novel (comic book). It is probably the closest thing we have locally to The Little Mermaid.

  1. I Love Betty La Fea (2008)

This serye was based on Yo Soy Betty, La Fea, a Colombian telenovela and Ugly Betty, an American TV show starring America Ferrera. International beauty queens Ruffa Gutierrez (3rd place, Miss World 1993) and Megan Young  (Miss World 2013) played villains in this serye.

  1. Agua Bendita (2010)

This was the teleserye our generation watched in the afternoon when we get home from school.  I remember how I was so amazed by the effects they've decided to use to make Andi Eigenmann look blue.

  1. Magkaribal (2010)


Being an aspiring fashion designer, this teleserye was memorable to me. I can't forget how they compared and contrasted how fashion existed in two very different worlds. One in a world where fashion is found in Divisoria's different cloth factories, and another in a world where fashion meant glamorous and expensive items.

Line you will never forget: "WAR? You want war? I'll give you war. Sabihin mo lang kung saan at kailan, I'll be there in my red sttiletos!" —Victoria Valera (Gretchen Barretto)

  1. My Binondo Girl (2011)

If Dyesebel is the country's Little Mermaid, My Binondo Girl is our country's Mulan. Jade Dimaguiba-Wu, played by Kim Chiu pretends to be a man to be noticed by her father.

  1. Princess and I (2012)

Remember when Kathryn Bernardo had 3 leading men? What I vividly remember from this serye is how they asked the viewers to participate in deciding who Mikay (Kathryn) would end up with in the show. It was either Gino (Daniel Padilla), Jao (Enrique Gil) or Kiko (Khalil Ramos). After that, the Kath and Daniel chemistry stuck, thus the big KathNiel fanbase that now exists.

  1. Be Careful with My Heart (2012)

Who can forget Sir Chief and Maya? This morning serye ran for over 2 years. It was such a hit that the Sir Chief x Maya tandem is known and celebrated all over the world. This serye was also rising star Janella Salvador's first big break as she played Nikki Lim, daughter of Sir Chief. It was also in BCWMH where her expression "Oh My G!" was picked up by thousands and thousands of viewers.

  1. Got to Believe (2013)

Young Chichay (Kathryn) taught Young Joaquin (Daniel) all about magic. They become really close as children, but eventually part ways. When they meet again, they do not even have a clue that their paths have already once again crossed.  

Line you will never forget: "Sorry pooooooo!" —Chichay Tampipi (Kathryn Bernardo)

  1. Forevermore (2014)


This is one of the first and biggest breaks for the LizQuen love team. I personally cannot forget the LizQuen finale scene on Mt. Pulag. It was breathtaking.

Line you will never forget: "Sabihin mo sa akin na mahal mo ako, na mahal mo ulit ako, na tayong dalawa na lang ulit." —Xander Grande

  1. On the Wings of Love (2015)

The OTWOL fever was surreal. They were on shirts, pillows, notebooks, hashtags, etc. They were trending on social media almost every night. Because of the gratitude #JaDine wanted to give, they decided to have finale viewing party for OTWOL, where they surprised all of their fans with a live dance, song, and kiss.

Line you will never forget: "Alam mo sabi niya noon, bago siya umalis, babalik siya. Kasi kapag mahal ka, babalikan ka. Pero hindi na siya bumalik." —Leah Olivar (Nadine Lustre)

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