15 YouTube Channels to Subscribe to If You Love Song Covers

Each channel has millions of views for a reason; give this list a listen and you might find your fave songs in new renditions you'll fall in love with.
by Melanie Santiago   |  May 6, 2017
Image: Alex Aiono | instagram.com/alexaiono, pinterest.com/teichhetry
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  1. Alex Aiono

He's known for his mashups to covers of trendy songs like Starving, One Dance and so much more. His looks are a plus but once you hear his single, "Work the Middle," you'll really get to know just how talented he is.  

  1. William Singe

Watch him on the road, or listen to his array of remixes, mashups, and originals. William reflects his talent not only in voice but in the range of musical instruments he plays and music he independently produces.

  1. Conor Maynard

We've seen him on the music scene way back but Conor flourished more in YouTube giving popular tunes a makeover with his relaxed voice. Check out his channel for fun sing off battles with other YouTubers and bands.

  1. Leroy Sanchez

With his boy next door appeal, guitar in hand and strikingly good voice, it's very easy to take a liking to his channel. His Spanish roots also pave way for Spanish covers that are fun to listen to.

  1. Ar'mon and Trey

This R&B duo will blow your mind away with their amazing vocals, their harmony is so on point it transforms songs in such a unique way. They're fairly new to YouTube, but they're ones to watch.

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  1. BBC Radio

Here you'll find your fave artists and bands doing covers of each other's songs and their own. It's an acoustic session that really highlights their voice and what they do best.

  1. Kiana Ledé

Her #SoulFoodSessions explain exactly what kind of music you'll hear from her, soulful renditions of well-known songs.

  1. Samantha Harvey

Her beautiful voice perfectly suits the genres she covers in her channel, including ones like My Heart Will Go On that make you think why she’s not in the billboard yet.

  1. Mackenzie Johnson

She's not your typical girl with a guitar; Mackenzie shows such a strong passion for music you can feel through her songs and makes you want to pick up a guitar and sing along too.

  1. JFla

This Korean YouTuber can easily be at par with the rest of the channels on this list covering English hits with such ease, give her sweet-pitched voice a listen.

  1. Vidya Vox

Vidya gives the coolest remixes to chart topping tunes blending Indian melodies and songs to achieve a unique sound all the while in her pretty chill demeanor.

  1. Pentatonix

This acapella group is what Glee and Pitch Perfect dreams are made off. You really need to give their holiday song covers a listen! Each member's unique contribution makes this group stand out.

  1. Cimorelli

This band of sisters is such a joy to watch! Their quirky vids and dance moves make them stand out from the rest just as much as their talent in singing.

  1. Postmodern Jukebox

The official throwback for hits today, this group transforms modern tunes into 50s arrangement. It’s like hearing your fave song for the first time.

  1. Walk Off The Earth

One of the most creative and resourceful groups with a knack for using at home items as instruments—you really don't know what to expect next.

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