15 Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

by Melanie Santiago   |  May 23, 2015
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 1  Harry Potter's Magical Destinations

Get in line to cross Platform 9 ¾ or check out where the young wizards used to study and train their spells. This pin reveals exactly where you can find them!

 2  16 Gorgeous Locations from Pride & Prejudice

Revisit all the feels from this film in breathtaking castles, prim gardens, and lovely cottages. Re-enact a line or two as Elizabeth Bennet to anchor in the experience.

 3  Star Wars

Let your inner nerd come out and visit Tatooine, the homeworld of Luke Skywalker which can be found in the well-kept sets in Tunisia.

 4  Disney-inspired Locations

Yes, you too can visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle or Belle's village in real life! This pin shows you the different sites that inspired the famous settings of our beloved Disney movies.

 5  Exotic Location in Indiana Jones

Go on a summer adventure to the ornately carved “Treasury” temple in Jordan, the setting for the Last Crusade which housed the film’s Holy Grail. Check this out for more exotic places.


 6  Amelie: A Travel Guide

Take a tour in Paris and check out some real life spots where Amelie was shot.

 7  RomCom Movie Sets

Find out where movies like The Notebook, Sweet Home Alabama, and A Walk to Remember to name a few were shot and you might just get a chance at your own love story.

 8  The Grand Budapest Hotel

Is not really a hotel? Yep, it’s actually the Gorlitzer Warenhaus department store in Gorlitz, Germany. You have to give it to the production team for transforming the place into a luxurious hotel.

 9  11 Sites Every Game of Thrones Fans need to Visit

Because watching the series isn't enough!

 10  Hunger Games: Catching Fire

President Snow's Mansion pre-transformation is actually a historical site, the 1982 Swan House in Atlanta.

 11  Divergent: Choosing Ceremony

This YouTuber was lucky enough to be an extra on the set of Divergent. she shows us where the riveting Choosing Ceremony took place in Chicago.

 12  The Fault in Our Stars Bench

Amsterdam is the place to be if you want to sit in Augustus and Hazel's bench, which according to this site was first stolen after getting hype from the movie but was thankfully replaced!

 13  15 Iconic Movie Places Across America  

Visit sites from iconic movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dirty Dancing, Field of Dreams, and Star Trek to more recent films like Hunger Gamers, The Hangover, Shutter Island, and more!

 14  Top 40 New York Movie Locations

This site tells you where to spot prime movie locations in New York City such as Time Square, Washington Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge and the films that have shot there.

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 15  Twilight Site Road Trip

This fan went the extra mile and visited some popular movie locations from the Twilight saga, including the Carver café where Bella and Charlie ate, La Push Beach, and even the Cullen's home.

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