15 Minutes with The Script

The Script's guitarist Mark Sheehan talks to Candymag.com Correspondent Dani and shares what we can expect from their concert this weekend!
by Dani Javier   |  Apr 14, 2011
photo courtesy of Sony Music
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  1. The Script goes around the world. They kicked off their tour in their hometown Dublin, Ireland. After which, they headed off to visit the main cities in the UK and Scotland. They recently finished touring around Europe, heading over to Australia after. Of course, they will swing by Asia, visiting countries like the Philippines and Hong Kong. Finally, The Script would fly over to the United States for their last stop.
  2. The Script leave their “hearts and souls on the stage.” The concert-goers are in for a real treat because the band pours all they've got in their live performances. They consider each show as their last, so they make sure to rock out real hard.
  3. Science and Faith was “a bit of a continuation of the first album.” The Script wanted to create an album which prolonged the thought of the first album. The tracks from their debut album The Script and Science and Faith have continuing thoughts and are linked with each other. It has the same theme and can be considered as a development of the first album.
  4. They sings about heartbreak, not falling in love.  “If you listen to the lyrics of "Breakeven," I don’t think it’s very romantic. They’re actually broken up songs.” says Mark. “All our releases talk about heartache and break up because of what we’ve been through in the past. But we’re happy lads now.” He jokingly adds. Their songs are sincerely heartfelt since they wrote it all based from the Irish trio’s life experiences.
  5. They consider their success a wild and crazy ride. “Sometimes the press gets crazy. Sometimes the fans get crazy, it’s a bit of a crazy journey for us.” as Mark recalls. And their passion for sharing their music to the world definitely brought them places. “All we really wanted was to hopefully get our music played on national radio on Ireland, or maybe do some shows. But we never expected it to be this successful, you know? We’re just trying to enjoy every minute of it.” 
  6. On touring with the band. “I think the three of us always make music, even when we’re on tour. We enjoy playing our instruments.. Chilling out.” Mark adds that “getting on stage every night has to be the best part because that’s the front line… that’s where everything makes sense. People come to see us and the reason why we go to a country is for us to see them and for them to see us.”
  7. Valentine’s Day with their fans. The band celebrated hearts day with their fans in Lisbon, Portugal. “It was very difficult to do anything (but) other than play for people. So, that’s what we did. Unfortunately, all we can do was send presents. We’ll make up for it when we get home.” How thoughtful!
  8. They’ve been to Manila before, and they have a lot of Filipino friends, too! Mark and Danny apparently went on a vacation in Manila 10 years ago! According to Mark, they had fun and enjoyed during their stay. “We’re no experts, but we know that you guys really enjoy music, and like to let your hair down and enjoy yourselves. That’s very Irish and we like to do that too.” explains the lead guitarist. In addition, Mark also shares that the Script “have worked with a lot of Filipino artists in America over for the past 10 years.”
  9. They’re just here to bring music. “We’re just gonna continue making our music, and just tackle the world with this music because, it’s the first time that it’s really working everywhere around the world” Mark elaborates that the group doesn’t “cover some weird political or religious stunts, we stay away from those things. We just talk about, I suppose, the politics of the heart.”
  10. The Filipinos on Twitter have been heard! “[Filipinos] have been tweeting us on Twitter all the time, and we’re so happy that they have pushed and pushed and pushed to get us there.” Having caught their attention, we Filipinos can finally see The Script live! Mark assure us: “We’re gonna [come there] and put on our best show that we can possibly put on.”

Catch The Script live in Manila this Saturday, April 16 at 8pm at the Araneta Colisuem. For ticket inquiries, check Ticketnet. Grab a copy of their album Science and Faith in record bars nationwide.

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