15 Minutes with Ebe Dancel

The singer-songwriter spills on his new album, dream collaborations, guilty-pleasure tunes, and more!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Aug 13, 2011
with JB Jance
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Local music stalwart Ebe Dancel, who left Sugarfree a few months ago to pursue a solo career, is back with a new album called Dalawang Mukha Ng Pag-ibig. "The fans are making me feel like I was never away," he tells Candy. "Nakakakilig." He dedicates the double-CD record ("a set of songs I’m really, really proud of") to "every fan that has waited." Check out Candy's exclusive interview with the singer-songwriter! 

  1. How would you describe your sound now?
    I wouldn't call it better. That would be unfair naman sa mga kasama ko dati. It's really different (in terms of the) style of drumming, style of playing the bass, style of attacking the guitar... In my humble opinion, I think it's more technical.
  2. Did you experience writer’s block when you were making your solo album?
    I wouldn't call it writer's block. I think I was exhausted. I took time off and spent most of it at home. I think I became closer to God. When I was about to give it all up, my prayers were answered in the form of the songs that we have now.
  3. Who would you like to collaborate with?
    Sa isang really pop artist like Sarah Geronimo. I've been meaning to write songs for Regine Velasquez... Sinisingil na niya ako (para) sa next album niya.
  4. What do you normally do just before a gig?
    I pray. I need a moment to myself. I take a look around me. It's very important na kilala mo ‘yong audience mo.
  5. What are your guilty-pleasure songs?
    I love Katy Perry's songs! What I like most about her is that she makes fun of herself. Tawa ako ng tawa (sa "Last Friday Night"). Not a lot of really famous musicians would do that.
  6. Any hidden talents?
    ‘Yong dila ko kayang umabot sa ilong ko... I have virtual earplugs. Parang may tissue sa tenga ko. Alam mo ‘yong pag may sipon ka? I can do that at will. Na-ba-block ‘yong high frequency.
  7. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?
    It's important that you're friends more than you're band mates. You're not going to have gigs every day but you can be friends every day. You have to be there for each other not just because you have a band together, but because you genuinely care for one another.
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