15 Minutes with Cash Cab Asia Host Oli Pettigrew

Candy quizzes the model-actor-host on the new game show on wheels.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Oct 17, 2011
photo courtesy of AXN (Cash Cab Asia)
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How would you like to make a fortune in one cab ride? Cash Cab Asia is the game show on wheels where you can win big if you answer the general knowledge questions correctly. One wrong answer equals one strike, and three strikes means you're out of the cab. Bonus: The ride is complimentary—assuming you don't get kicked off after three wrong answers!

The show's host-slash-driver Oli Pettigrew tells Candy more about Cash Cab Asia, which was shot in Singapore. Here's hoping the show visits the Philippines next year!

  1. What's the difference between Cash Cab Asia and Cash Cab? "It's pretty much the same. We do, however, have a pretty 'Pimped Out Cab.' The 18-inch rims are a pretty nice touch. We also have the best cameras ever, so we shot in full-HD glory. What sets the show apart, though, is we have really gone out to make the show fun. Our goal was not to make the Asian version of a show but the best version of the show in the world."
  2. If I were a frequent taxi passenger, what topics should I brush up on in case I get into the Cash Cab? "Movies, TV, music, and inane facts of the universe! Just keep an eye out for the coolest cab around and you could be playing next time!"
  3. Are there some passengers who stood out for you? Did you find yourself rooting for some? "I was always rooting for the passengers. It's great to able to give people money. After over 100 teams, they all kind of blur together, but there’s one who does come to mind: a gentleman who made fun of me the whole way (I was in stitches). And I enjoyed getting passengers from the US, Canada, and Australia because they would suddenly cotton on and say, 'Wait a minute; this is the Cash Cab!'"

Cash Cab Asia's double-episode premiere airs on October 18 at 7:35 p.m. on AXN. Catch new episodes every Tuesday at 8:05 p.m.

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