15 Minutes with Awkward's Jillian Rose Reed

Get to know the sassy redhead on the show!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Sep 25, 2011
photo courtesy of MTV (Awkward)
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She plays the feisty, flirty BFF on MTV's new edgy teen show Awkward. During our chat, Jillian Rose Reed spilled on bonding with friends, handling a serious fight, plus her co-stars locking her in her trailer!

If you could describe Awkward in three words, what would they be?
Funny, heartwarming, cuteboys (that's a word, I promise!).

What is it about Tamara (BFF of the show's star Jenna, played by Ashley Rickards) that made you go for the role?
I fell in love with Tamara instantly. Her carefree attitude and sassy mouth drew me to her. I knew it would be an amazing part to play!

How did your audition for Awkward go?
It was unlike anything I'd ever been through. The audition process, which includes auditioning several times in front of various people, usually takes weeks. For Awkward, I was asked to audition because the casting director saw me in another project. The role really fit me. I auditioned one time and found out two days later that I got the part!

Any awkward or funny things that happened while filming the series?
Brett (Davern) and Beau (Mirchoff), who play Jake and Matty, used to lock me in my trailer all the time. I had NO idea. I thought my door was broken and I would call them, freaking out because I was stuck! I love those guys, but they definitely picked on me!

What do you usually do when bonding with your friends?
Lots of singing and dancing, and lots of eating junk food. Oh, and talking about boys, obviously .That's a pretty typical bonding session for us!

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