15 Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life

Time for a movie marathon!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 13, 2014
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  1. Soul Surfer
    This true to life story will show you that disability is a hurdle you can conquer. Follow the tale of Bethany Hamilton as she overcomes her fears of surfing once again after she lost an arm from a shark attack.

  2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    Great flick for job seekers. Don't settle for a job, instead try hard to find the career that you'll love! Walter Mitty escapes into various fantasies of adventure and courage, showing alternative ways he would've done things and finally taking things into his own hands.

  3. Coco Before Chanel
    Do you have a dream that goes against the odds of your origin? Maybe you were born into a family of doctors but want to be a designer? Let Coco show you how it was like before she founded Chanel and how she overcame the odds in her life.

  4. One Direction: This is Us
    1D proves how humble beginnings can change when you believe in your dreams, check out their inspiring journey from simple hometown boys to auditioning on X-Factor and finally becoming the phenomenal band, One Direction.

  5. Katy Perry: Part of Me
    This isn't just your typical rise to fame story, Katy Perry shows us how she stood up against a hurdle of failures slammed to her face, it's only when she took control of her life that she finally got to live her dream on stage. But the story doesn't end there. Katy also shows us how her relationship and divorce were major challenges that she got over with.

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  6. In Time
    What would you do when you only have minutes to live? In Time has literally taken that concept to show us how a world based on time currency and social class force people to beg, borrow and steal hours to get through a day. It's a great film that makes you re-think what's important to you.

  7. Divergent
    Do you believe you were meant to belong somewhere else? In a chaotic world divided by virtues, there are those that just don't fit in one faction, let Divergent teach you how it's like to go against the system, to go against one's origin and be brave enough to overcome challenges that greet them.

  8. The Princess Diaries
    What do you do when you're destined for bigger things? Princess Diaries tells a tale of a young Mia Thermopolis who inherits a throne to Genovia and how she turned from teenage student to responsible princess!

  9. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    Four best friends stay connected through a summer without each other with a pair of jeans that somehow fits them all. After each girl wears the jeans, they get the courage to face their fears and hidden emotions.

  10. Big Fish
    A great mix of adventure and fantasy, Big Fish is a story about a father and son who try to reconcile their relationship with stories about their past. This movie is a fantastic watch and digs deep on emotion and big love!

  11. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    Get to know Oskar, a nine-year old boy who tries to make sense of the events that happened when his father died in 9/11. He goes in a frantic search for people, places and things that might be connected to a key his father had hidden; only to find out that his mother was helping him along the way.

  12. Mr.Magorium's Wonder Imporium
    Rediscover your childlike spark with this flick starring Natalie Portman who plays Mahoney, an employee at a magical toy shop run by Mr. Magorium. The story revolves around the wonder of toys, friends and about believing in yourself.

  13. High School Musical
    No you're not too old to watch this! Join Gabriella and Troy on their journey to discover their passion for music despite peer pressure and status quo. It goes to show that it takes courage to stand for what you want but always remember that you don’t have to do it alone.

  14. The King's Speech
    You think you have problems speaking in front? In this flick, King George VI shows his terrible habit of stuttering when confronted or when speaking to an audience, check out how he was able to overcome his problem with the help of his therapist who later on became his friend and support from his wife.

  15. Mulan
    Talk about going against stereotypes and traditions, Mulan is the story of a young girl who sought to fight in the army in the place of her father. And becomes one of China’s greatest heroines!  

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