100 Things We Love About The Vampire Diaries' 100th Episode

Yep, we found a hundred. Nope, it wasn't too difficult.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jan 30, 2014
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  1. That the first episode after a long break is the 100th one, which all but guarantees a particularly juicy hour.
  2. The no-fail "Previously on The Vampire Diaries" intro. A show as twist and turn-y as this needs a short recap for every episode.
  3. Caroline and Tyler as Bonnie and Clyde in the recap.
  4. Katherine's perfect brows and lashes even when she's giving birth or, you know, dying.
  5. Nina Dobrev's legit Bulgarian lines. The scene where she gives birth is a more fleshed out version of a flashback that aired a few seasons ago. Back then, the Bulgarian-Canadian actress told a newspaper that she and her mom translated the scene. "I think the writers had used an Internet translator and it was so funny. I translated my own dialogue, but I called my mom just to confirm I was right." 
  6. Speaking of life imitating art, did you know that the writers changed Katherine's book canon German roots to Bulgarian partly because of Nina's real-life lineage? 

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  7. That Nadia looks older than Katherine, but she looked very much like a stubborn kid when she was insisting on her dear mama’s survival skills. 
  8. Stefan's sympathetic brows.
  9. Stefan's hero hair.
  10. The parallels between post-breakup Elena and Damon.
  11. Elena's breakup breakfast courtesy of Caroline: muffins, strawberries, and bananas…
  12. Which inspired me to think of what I want for breakup breakfast the next day: tapa, eggs, and bacon rice at a sweet deli near my place.
  13. Matt's perplexed face when he said, "Who spends two years pining for a girl only to dump her?"
  14. That Caroline memorized Elena's breakup. What are best friends for?
  15. Everyone's perfect hair at what I assume is an ungodly hour.
  16. Bonnie's stage whisper.
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  17. Damon's drinking game in honor of Katherine's impending death.
  18. Matt still being the last mortal (ish?) standing.
  19. Remembering how Katherine has really done the most evil things.
  20. Remembering how far we've come from season one.
  21. Elena cutting off Jeremy because he may be a hulk of a hunter, but he's still her little brother.
  22. That awkward first eye contact between Elena and Damon after their breakup.
  23. Imagining how awkward Nina and Ian's first encounter was after their breakup IRL...
  24. And their first lovey-dovey scene as Elena and Damon...
  25. And their first, um, steamy scene...
  26. And filming Delena's breakup scene...
  27. Back to this post-breakup awkward moment. Full circle, whut. 
  28. Remembering how sweet Aunt Jenna died.
  29. Damon finishing Elena's sentence. Aww, you guys. It wasn't over. It still isn't over!
  30. Caroline realizing that she's "weirdly better off" after Katherine "killed" her. Score one for Team Petrova!
  31. Human!Katherine not being able to hear what everyone's saying about her. I can just imagine her snarky rebuttals.
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  32. That dying!Katherine's hair still manages to look so voluminous.
  33.  Katherine's deathbed vanity. "Hey, if a girl's gotta go, may as well be glamorous, right?" Right.
  34. Knowing that something's going to happen to Matt because you don't send the only remaining human to some dark corner. Hello.
  35. Stefan toasting only to the good side of Katherine that he still manages to see after everything she's done.
  36. The roaring fire behind Elena that I wish I had to curl up to during the freezing cold nights lately.
  37. Damon casually mentioning Stefan and Katherine hooking up. Cut to...
  38. Elena's disgusted face...
  39. Bonnie's confused face...
  40. And Caroline's OMG-I-forgot-to-text-you-guys face.

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  41. Caroline's facepalm after realizing she also forgot to drop the Nadia bomb.
  42. Mind-blown Elena. Now you know how we feel all the time!
  43. That trip to the woods because it ain't a TVD episode without some major foliage.
  44. Elena's jealous (?) eye roll at the mention of Stetherine.
  45. Elena still rocking those pink streaks that look awesome in the sun.
  46. Caroline multitasking: looking for Matt while gossiping about Stefan and Katherine...
  47. And grilling Bonnie about the intimate details of her relationship with their best friend's little brother. Awk. Ward.
  48. "How am I the only person on the planet who's not having scandalous sex?" Umm hello, foreshadowing.
  49. The vein on Katherine's forehead when she sobs.
  50. Katherine's 1492 braids. Ever the trendsetter.
  51. Damon saying he misses Klaus.

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  52. Sheriff Forbes forbidding Damon from murdering Katherine. "I'm going to have to bring you in and lock you up. There's all that paperwork."
  53. Sheriff Forbes using sneaky logic on Damon. "Prove her wrong."
  54. First glimpse of Klaus back in Mystic Falls!
  55. Remembering that Nadia is not just a traveler but also a vampire. (Come on, who can keep track?)
  56. Klaus literally chasing after Caroline.
  57. Caroline saying, "I literally just whooshed at the sight of your face."
  58. Klaus's delight over Caroline and Tyler's breakup.
  59. Knowing that Katherine will somehow use the sedatives from Sheriff Forbes to her advantage later on.
  60. Damon attacking Katherine with a sedative and looking at Sheriff Forbes all but ma, she started it!
  61. Oh look, it's Emily Bennett played by forever 17 Bianca Lawson, who is turning 35 this March!
  62. Knowing its flashback!Katherine because of her extra curly locks.
  63. Stefan telling Elena while the travelers have them trapped in a corner, "Guess we probably picked the wrong day to be in a fight, huh?"
  64. Elena saying, "I'm sorry, okay? It's not my place to judge." Umm yeah, you were dating his brother five minutes ago.
  65. Stelena strategizing right in front of their enemies. Guys, just because you can't understand their Czech chanting doesn't mean they can’t understand you.
  66. Caroline smiling at Klaus in spite of herself.
  67. Klaus saying "love" in that accent. How can he look and sound so much cuter in Mystic Falls than in New Orleans? Please come back!

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  68. Matt's face upon seeing that his rescuer is Rebekah.
  69. Rebekah's smile. Because everyone is fond of Matt.
  70. Also: Rebekah's coat.
  71. Aunt Jenna cameo!
  72. "Hello, fingers. Goodbye, fingers."
  73. Elijah's back, too! Sort of.
  74. Nadia finding the perfect moment to throw a one-liner while rescuing Katherine. She's truly her mother's daughter.
  75. Elena petulantly telling Stefan, "Can I just hate her (Katherine) anyway?"
  76. Stefan telling Elena, "Just remember you never gave up on me, so don't give up on him. Don't let him give up on you either." Such. A. Good. Guy.
  77. Katherine doing the right thing for once. Kidding, she's doing the Katherine thing of course.
  78. The cute way Nadia says "oblivion" in her accent.
  79. Klaus abandoning his plans to torture Katherine on her deathbed for Caroline.
  80. Klaus asking Caroline for her confession. Of her feelings. For him.
  81. Caroline finally admitting they have a connection!
  82. Klaus's little smile.

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  83. The Klaroline scene that's awkward to watch with your family in the living room.
  84. Stefan's sweet sendoff for Katherine.
  85. Nina Dobrev's A+ acting skillz.
  86. The song that was playing during that scene: "Illusory Light" by Sarah Blasko. How perfectly apt.
  87. The song right after, which is just as nice: "Let Her Go" by Passenger.
  88. Stefan convincing Damon to get Elena back. Dude, you are unreal.
  89. Caroline removing a stray leaf from her hair and zipping up because a certain Original did a certain something to her top.
  90. Vicki's cameo.
  91. Tyler gracing everyone with his presence. Is he staying? Are he and Caroline getting back together???
  92. Tyler and Matt's back-slapping man hug.
  93. Alaric!!! "Cheers, buddy." </3
  94. Damon saying, "Ding dong. Does that mean the witch is dead?"

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  95. Katherine coming back to life through sheer willpower.
  96. Knowing that Katherine is going to hitch a ride on Elena's body because of course she's never going to die.
  97. Elena forgiving Katherine for everything, and Katherine thanking her for her forgiveness...
  98. But still going through with her evil plan. This is Katherine Pierce, people!
  99. Rooting for Katherine because she's just too much fun to let go.
  100. Katherine successfully executing her escape plan. What does this mean? When will the gang realize? Is it going to be permanent? What do we call her now? Kathelena? Elerine? What do you call a doppelgänger inside a doppelgänger? What sorcery is this, TVD???

The Vampire Diaries airs Tuesdays, 8 pm on ETC.

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