10 Useful Korean Lines When You Finally Meet Oppa

When it comes to the love between Oppa and his fans, language is the only barrier. (Okay, maybe the computer screen, too!)
by Jane Galvez   |  Apr 17, 2016
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Fan girls cannot live without subtitles, and we thank the drama and KPOP gods for blessing us with communities of subbers who make our lives easier. But what happens when you finally meet Oppa in real life? There's no subtitle to download, no hard subs to tide us in such life-changing event. 

This is why some fan girls spend hours and hours self-studying Hangul or enrolling in Korean language classes. But for now, these ten Korean lines are enough to express how we feel when we're finally face to face with our number one bias:

1. O-mo-na!

This is an expression that can mean "Oh my god!" You'd be too flustered to say anything at first, because how can you, when you're staring at Oppa's poreless and gorgeous face?

2. An-nyong-ha-se-yo!

Once you've finally composed yourself to somehow be coherent, start with their version of "Hello." This can be said any time of the day, because it can also mean good morning and good afternoon.


When you feel like you're really close to Oppa and that you have a bond that no other fan shares with him, you can drop the honorifics and just say, “Annyong!”

3. Oppa, sa-rang-hae-yo.

Follow your greetings by being direct to the point and telling him you love him in his own language. If you want to be more dramatic, you can even tell it to him in various levels of honorifics.

"Oppa, sa-rang-hae. Sa-rang-hae-yo. Sa-rang-ham-ni-da. Sa-rang-ha-ship-ssi-o." 

Or impress him by saying I love you in different languages, and you can throw in a dialect, too!

4. Jal saeng-gyeoss-o.

This praise literally means someone was born beautifully and colloquially means good-looking. When your Oppa is so handsome (of course, he is!), there's really no more fitting praise than this.

5. No-mu yeppeo!

Korea sure has a huge stash of pretty boys. Song Joong Ki, anyone?

When your oppa is more beautiful than you, simply calling him handsome won't do. Gushing “No-mu ye-ppeo!" for "You're really pretty!" is the way to go.

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6. Aaaah, kyeop-ta!

This is what you say when Oppa does his aegyo or anything that's so cute. Control yourself from pinching his cheeks by keeping your hands firmly to your sides, and just repeatedly tell him how cute he is. Then squee, and squee some more.

7. Kyul-hon-ha-ja!

When you can no longer contain your emotions and your overflowing love for your Oppa, ask him to marry you! In jest, of course. He'd probably say yes, laugh while covering his mouth, and give you his most intense gaze ever. RIP, you.

8. Oppa, ka-ji-ma!

Sadly, all good dreams come to an end. When it's finally time to say goodbye to Oppa, stop him by shouting, with arms stretched towards him for that dramatic effect, "Kajimaaaa!"

9. Haeng-bok-ha-se-yo.

When you finally admit that you really have to let him go, tearfully wish him to be happy. Always.

10. Hwa-i-ting!

This is more for yourself than for Oppa. You'll be facing an extreme hangover after meeting your bias, but you'll survive until it's time to finally meet him again.


Yes, you will meet him again. Just trust on your KPOP and Kdrama fairies. Fighting!

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