10 Tweets That Prove Ed Westwick Is Chuck Bass

We can't find the line that separates Ed's and his Gossip Girl character's identities anymore.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 20, 2014
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NGL, we are missing the good-looking peeps of Gossip Girl so muchespecially Ed Westwick a.k.a. Chuck Bass and his sexy English accent. Good thing Ed has a Twitter account we can go to whenever our emotions get the best of us. Here are 10 of his tweets that prove he is indeed Charles Bass:

1. Ballin' much? So Chuck Basss.

2. Beard and a hat? So Chuck Bass.

3. Taking a break from life and still lookin' good? That is so Chuck Bass.

4. Hanging out with THE cool crowd? Yup, only Chuck Bass does that.

5. Getting royally annoyed with THE cool crowd? So Chuck Bass.


6. Looking suspicious and cute at the same time? Only Chuck Bass does that.

7. Chillin' like a villain? No one does it like Chuck Bass.

8. Falling in love with the classiest women? Chuck does that. Side note: We miss Chair.

9. Working in the most interesting of places? That is so Chuck Bass.

10. Always a soft spot for his loved-ones? Aww, that is so Chuck Bass!

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