10 Tweets About #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection That Are Making Us Feel Emotional Today

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Dec 14, 2015
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One Direction

Today, One Direction had their last scheduled performance before their break on the X Factor stage. We have a lot of feelings because one, that's where they all started and two, because they can't even bring themselves to hug onstage after singing "History" with their photos of those five years together being flashed in the background—so when they finally did, we really felt emotional. God bless Niall for making us a laugh a bit during this part.

And Twitter (OMG, this micro-blogging site!!!) isn't even helping because just a few minutes after, the hashtag #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection trended. Can't even go through the tweets peacefully because something gets on our eyes every few minutes, like a twig maybe. Huhu, we're in this together, Candyrectioners. Let us know how you feel about the whole 1D break by using the hashtag below and by tagging us on Twitter @candymagdotcom.

 1  OMG, someone hold us.

 2  It's not goodbye. It's not the end.

 3  And don't forget to thank the 1D band too! These guys, we'll miss seeing the lads goofing around with them.

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 4  Same here, guys. SAME.

 5  Niall is the rest of us in the coming days.

 6  Nope, we don't need some cheering up. Just let us feel this. :(

 7  We'll be here. Promise.

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 8  Money's on Niall. Or us maybe. Hahahuhu.

 9  Look how far they've come. BRB, rewatching all their videos on YouTube.

 10  Can't. Even. We love, love, love these boys.

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Got feelings? Let's talk in the comments! :)

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