10 Times the iZombie Cast Gave Us Major #SquadGoals

We're obsessed with them!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Nov 12, 2015
PHOTO Instagram (@robertearlbuckley)
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If the cast of iZombie weren't as tight or even hated each other in real life, it would've been okay because their onscreen chemistry is so on point, even the baddies and good guys have that cool, easy vibe. But for once, we get everything we want and more—it’s almost as entertaining to watch Rose McIver (Liv), Rahul Kohli (Ravi), Robert Buckley (Major), Malcolm Goodwin (Clive), David Anders (Blaine), and Aly Michalka's (Peyton) off-screen shenanigans as the show itself! Stalking their Instagram feeds is like getting invited to an after party that never ends, and we hope they stay friends forever and ever and ever.

 1  They're so in sync—they watch and tweet about episodes together AND slay the opening credits as a team.

 2   They genuinely like each other so hanging out after work is a no brainer.

 3  They also have each other over for dinner. On the menu? Why, brain food of course! (Okay, we'll stop with the brain puns.)


 4  They're at that level of friendship where you can pull (possibly dangerous) pranks on each other with no hard feelings afterwards.

 5  They're also at that level of friendship where it doesn't feel weird to ask the other to take your photo for Instagram when you spot a wall with ~character. No judging!

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 6  That said, photobombing is totally cool too, sometimes even encouraged.

 7  They've worked together so closely that they can do the most hilarious impersonations of each other. You HAVE to watch the whole series—they parody Star Wars, Sister Act, Kill Bill, and a lot more, all filed under the hashtag #ZombieBadassCountdown.

 8  Planning Halloween costumes together is serious business. Here are Rahul Kohli (Ravi) and Robert Buckley (Major) as characters from the same video game company.

 9  They trust each other with their lives.

 10  Most of all, they "proper" love each other and "all that icky stuff" and aren't afraid to show it!


See, they've even got the merch to prove it!

Catch iZombie on ETC every Tuesday at 9 pm.

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