10 Things You Should Know About Hellogoodbye

This powerpop band from California is in Manila this weekend to do a series of shows! Candy sat down with them for 15 minutes to get to know them better.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Sep 17, 2010
photo courtesy of Ayala Malls
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  1. They're a band from California. Hellogoodbye was formed in 2001 and have gone on a lot of tours since. Travis Head (bass) shares a few of the bands they've enjoyed touring with. "Limbeck.  That’s a band we’ve toured with a bunch of times. They’re where we’re from Orange County in California." Joe Marro (keyboard/guitar) adds, "Steel Train from New Jersey. They’re pretty good. Format, fun group of people. They kind of work with each other in and out of bands. It’s a little close-knit sort of scene."
  2. They like doing covers. Forrest Kline (vocals/guitar/ukelele) explains why they like doing covers of songs. "We started doing them because we were at a period when we finished our record but we couldn’t put it out yet. So we figured we’d start doing covers in the meantime. We just did a Misfits cover." Joe says, "They’re a punk band from the early ‘80s. They had horror-themed songs about Halloween. We did a cover of one of their songs. We do Beatles covers." Forrest continues, "I still want to do a Descendents cover, which is another punk band from America."
  3. They hang out with each other all the time. After Forrest got back from his honeymoon (congratulations!), they would meet up everday and hang out," Joe says. Travis shares that they go see shows, bands, movies when they're not working. "That’s what I spend a lot of my time doing." And when they're not hanging out together physically? Forrest spills, "Sometimes we’ll meet up digitally in the video game world. We do that a lot." Andy Richards (guitar/ukelele/mandolin) says, "When I’m back in England I still hang out with them, but just online." When Andy is in England and the rest of the band is in California. "We’ll say let’s meet up in Brazil on Call of Duty!" Joe shares.
  4. They were just your regular kids in high school—except for Andy. Travis explains, "It’s really hard to say how you were in high school because you might perceive yourself in a certain way." And Joe thought I was really cool. Travis further explains that he feels they were all the same then but maybe in a way, they've also changed a lot. Joe finally admits, "[We're] not the most popular kids but just kind of there." But Andy begs to differ, "Speak for yourself, man." Haha!
  5. Their prom experiences were, well, different than most. Oh, we didn’t go. (laughter)
    Forrest and his friends would just sneak in to all the other school’s proms. "I don’t know why that seemed more fun. I didn’t go to my prom but I did go to about four proms—just not mine." Andy's prom experience was quite strange, too. "They sang like a football chant at the end of mine. It was rubbish. You’re about to slow dance and you take your date and you’re really excited about that part of the night then they play a football song, 'here we go…'"
  6. They've got a new record coming out in November! When asked what fans could expect from their new album Would It Kill You, Forrest has this to say. "It’s different—and I think a lot of people have heard things say it’s different—but it’s all the same, too. There are a couple of songs from our last record that are pretty indicative of this stuff. We put up a couple of samplers of like little song clips so a lot of people got an idea from that. It’s a little bit less electronic. The last record was kind of me sequencing things and moving things by two seconds—editing everything all crazy. This is more just music being played. It’s more musical, which is good because we’re a band! (laughter) There are a lot of string and horn arrangements—that are all real—that are on this record. The last record was a lot of me trying to make things sound like something else. This record was 'if this is what we want it to be, it should be that.'"
  7. They can (and will!) do a show in your living room! On their website, you can fill out a form to have them play at your house. The thing is, your house has to be in the vicinity of the places that are part of their tour in November. Travis has this to say about the house show tour, "We’re doing these shows on our off days of the tour we’re doing for fun in November. It’s not to make money. We’ll be playing big shows and then the next night, we’ll be playing in a living room. It’s going to be fun, interesting. It’s going to be a new experience." Want to give it a try, anyway? Better send in that request before they leave!
  8. They think vampires are cool. We asked them what they would rather be, a zombie, alien, vampire, or dinosaur? Play the audio clip below to hear their answers. :) To give you an idea, here's a quote from Andy: "I want to be a vampire so I would never die." Oh, and Mike Nielsen (drums) says his first pick would be a dinosaur, but in the end, he also picked vampire.
  9. A fan (a girl!) has once punched one of them in the face. True story. Andy got punched in the face by a fan. Forrest narrates, "We went bowling after a show. And people who came to the show went bowling with us but they were crazy. They popped him right in the face. A girl!"
  10. It's their first time in Manila. Aside from sampling some Filipino food, searching for some video games, they're also catching the EP launch of local band Your Imaginary Friends tonight! So if you want to hang out with the band, you could pop by the Ayala Museum, too. Or maybe you can take them out now!

You can catch Hellogoodbye tonight at Greenbelt 3, tomorrow at Trinoma, and on Sunday at Market! Market! For more details, please call the Market! Market! Concierge at 886-7519

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