10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Beauty and the Beast

Time to get ready for the live action movie!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 7, 2017
Image: Walt Disney Studios
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The live action adaptation of the classic Beauty and the Beast is almost here! But before you get to the cinemas and watch Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in it, you have to know these things first in order to appreciate the movie even more.

  1. Ryan Gosling was offered the role of Beast, but he turned it down to star in La La Land. Meanwhile, Emma was offered the role of Emma Stone in the movie but she turned it down to star in this Disney movie.

  1. Disney was originally planning a more radical approach on Beauty and the Beast, kind of like Snow White and the Huntsman, or that they were only planning to use half of the songs. But director Bill Condon (he also directed Chicago and Dreamgirls!) wanted to do a full-on musical and he backed out for a minute and when he came back, the execs agreed to do it his way.

  1. The first teaser trailer for the movie was done to match the trailer for the 1991 Beauty and the Beast trailer.

  1. ICYMI, Stephen Chbosky, author and screenplay writer of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, worked on the screenplay with Evan Spiliotopoulos who worked on The Huntsman: Winter's War.

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  1. Sir Ian McKellen turned down the offer of giving voice to Cogsworth in the 1991 movie, but he'll be playing Cogsworth in the live-action movie.

  1. Instead of Belle's father Maurice being the inventor in this movie, the roles are reversed in the film. Emma even spilled that Belle developed a very early version of the washing machine in this film. 

  1. Emma refused to wear a corset in the movie because she felt it was unnecessary. She was pretty hands-on in reshaping how people see Belle and for her, wearing a corset would be limiting for the Disney character.

  1. Lily Collins was also considered for the role of Belle in the movie before it was offered to Emma. Other actresses who were considered for the role were Emma RobertsAmanda Seyfried, and Kristen Stewart.
  1. Robert Pattinson was also briefly considered for the role of Beast, aside from Ryan.

  1. Dan and Emma are the only actors in the cast who have no stage and musical experience. But Em revealed that she prepared for the role of Belle by taking singing classes.

Beauty and the Beast will hit cinemas nationwide on March 16, 2017. Don't forget to grab a copy of the Beauty and the Beast Magazine for more trivia about the film.

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