10 Things We Love About Good Charlotte

And if these reasons aren't enough, head on to Glorietta tonight at 6pm and get ready to rock to Good Charlotte's performance and scream your heart out! Rock on, Candy Girl! ;)
by Mika Pamatmat, Selina Dagdag   |  Apr 6, 2011
photos courtesy of Visions and Expressions
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With chart-topping hits like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", "Hold on," and "Girls and Boys", Good Charlotte is unquestionably worth every fan it has garnered in Manila ! As they visit our country for a one-night-only live performance in Glorietta (thanks, Ayala Malls!), we hold the honor of getting to meet, greet, and ask them questions at the Hard Rock Cafe in Makati . And just what makes them oh-so-lovable? We've got the list! :)

  1. Their self-professed love for the Philippines is amazing!
    These hard-rockin' dudes truly love their Filipino fans. Still remembering when they last came here years ago, "We were really thrilled when we learned that we would be coming to the Philippines again." vocalist and guitarist, Benji Madden says. Having grown up with a lot of Filipino friends, he surely feels all the Filipino love and hospitality.
  2. They’re pleasant!
    We were surprised to see that they were all smiles and had a good sense of humor. There was never a dull moment when we got to meet them!
  3. They're down-to-earth and just as warm as the summer heat!
    Not forgetting where they came from, they tell us the story of how they started, what inspires them the most and how they deal with some of the problems being in the industry. Dean Butterworth, the newest addition to the band shares his experience when he first started off. They answered each question with complete sincerity and humility.
  4. They're wickedly talented.
    No doubt, this band has the complete package. The skills and talents, the looks—plus personalities leaving you wanting more.
  5. They're inspiring!
     The members of Good Charlotte weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They share that if you have a dream, you should really work hard for it. No wonder they're so successful and have won so many awards!
  6. They're a band with a strong bond.
    "We've actually been together for 15 years already last April 1st." vocalist, Joel Madden shares. Though they've had their ups and downs, they prove that they consider their band just like family.
  7. They're unique!
    Their latest album Cardiology has a certain different vibe than their past albums. Their style of music has changed over the years and they see to it that they set themselves apart from other mainstream bands. "We sort of like going the other way." Benji says.
  8. They are family-oriented.
    They make sure that despite their busy schedule, they still have the time to spend with their families and bond. Having two kids with style icon wife, Nicole Richie, Joel says "If that's what they want. If they want to be a musician, I'll support them. If they wanna be a doctor, I'll support them." when asked if he would support his kids if they would like to give it a try in the music business.
  9. They don't bash the new artists.
    "We love Bruno Mars! That guy has an amazing voice," Dean says. Good Charlotte shares how much of a fan they are of the half-Filipino singer.
  10. They are comfortable in their own skin that you'd want to make sure you're comfortable in yours too!
    Though they are unique and different from other, they show us how being yourself and true to who and what you are will get you really far. ;)
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