10 Things All #KathNiel Fans Are Tired of Hearing

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 1, 2016
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You know what's our least favorite thing about fangirling? Dealing with haters and bashers who just seem to find enough time to leave unnecessary comments online. Take for example these things we've been reading about teen queen Kathryn Bernardo and teen king Daniel Padilla since they started their team up. *sigh* Can't we all live in peace and harmony?

  1. "When will they ever kiss on screen?"

    Let them have their time, you guys. Some of us aren't really comfortable with PDA and getting our feelings out in the open.

  2. "Can they just admit that they're together already?"

    See previous point.

  3. "When will they accept more mature roles?"

  4. "When is their next project?"

    Patience, you guys, patience. Movies and TV shows don't come out overnight.

  5. "They should take a break for now."

    Maybe you should take a break. LOLJK! 

  6. "Their time has passed already."

    Who are you even? Are you the time police?

  7. "Kathryn/Daniel is more invested in their relationship than Daniel/Kathryn."

    How do you know? Did they tell you themselves?

  8. "They should break up as a love team already because their careers are now stable."


  9. "They should pursue other things aside from acting."

    Uhm, they are. Haven't you heard? Have you been living under a rock?

  10. "They better kiss in their next TV or movie project."

    Can't we just leave that decision to them?

Remember, it's good that you are passionate about things. What's not good is bad-mouthing other people just because you are. Let's be mindful of what we post online, okay?

What are you tired of hearing, KathNiel fans? Share your feelings in the comments. We always love hearing from you. :)

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