10 Reasons Why We Love Barry Allen

  |  Dec 24, 2015
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  1. His giddy smile reminds us of a puppy who’s been told he’s a very good boy. Teehee!

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  2. He has a healthy appetite and more importantly, he likes sharing his food!

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  3. He's so awkward especially when his crush is just a few feet away from him. Barry totally gets us! 

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  4. Bromance is his middle name.

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  5. He didn't ask for superpowers, but he has dedicated his life to using them for the good of the many. 

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  6. Despite everything he has seen, he hasn't become jaded or pessimistic. He's still the wide-eyed, excitable geek we love.

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  7. His relationships with his biological and foster dads are the stuff of our dreams.

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  8. He really likes hugging people.

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  9. When he cries, we cry.

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  10. He honors his commitments. Remember when he became temporarily blind and still showed up for his date with Patty? So sweet.

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