10 Posts That Prove Yassi Pressman Rules Instagram

This girl is our Instagram peg, seriously!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 25, 2015
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Our August cover girl Yassi Pressman's positivity is infectious! From TV to the big screen to her music and even her social media accounts, Yassi never fails to brighten anyone's day. Her energy gives us a steady supply of good vibes whenever we browse through our feed and hit the Like button on her posts.

If you're not following Yassi on one (or all) of her accounts yet, why don't you start right now by hitting that follow button on her Instagram account? Her updates and her posts scream nothing but happiness that we can't help but follow her act and be a little more carefree when dealing with things. We think she rules Instagram! Don't believe us? Here are 10 posts that will prove our point.

 1  When she knows how to (hilariously) caption her photos.

 2  Or how to post bikini photos. Oh, Yassi.

 3  Whenever she prefers to post candid moments and turn them into memes sometimes.


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 4  Those times she shares what actually went on during her shoots. Yup, it's not always easy and pretty. 

 5  Whenever she allows her loved ones to join her #OOTD photos.

 6  Those times she knows where to snap the perfect #OOTD photo.

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 7  Whenever she speaks the truth. Preach, Yass!

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 8  Or when she showed us how to fall like a pro.

 9  Those times she knew how much GVs we get from food.

 10  And when she showed us what the best social media posts are made of.

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