10 Movies That Will Inspire You To Be Creative

by Kat Estrella   |  Apr 20, 2016
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Writer's block? Designer's block? Singer-songwriter's block? It's so easy to lose motivation in design and creativity nowadays. A lot of people say they perform their best when they are "in the mood." Don't get frustrated when you have trouble getting in the creative zone. Here are 10 movies that can inspire you to be creative.

  1. 500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer is not just a film about love, it's being able to see love and heartbreak through art. Every aspect of 500 Days of Summer is aesthetically appealing. From the soundtrack, the filming, the graphics, and the editing. The main character, Tom Hansen had a creative bone in his body. For starters, Tom works for a greeting card making company. He creates different slogans for different occasions that appear on greeting cards. At the end of the movie, Tom uses creativity to bounce back from his broken heart. He rekindles his love for architecture, by beginning to draw again, and creating a portfolio. He later on looked for a job that would allow him to pursue architecture.


One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: You can use experiences to make your creative juices flow.

Favorite creative moment: Tom's dance sequence, and Tom sketching buildings in his favorite spot in the city.

  1. Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia not only shows the beauty of Greece, but also the beauty of family, finding yourself, and treasuring friendships. Imagine being able to view the beauty of all these through a musical. Nothing gets more creative than that. Mamma Mia made me realize that you can turn any bad situation into a good one with the proper mindset, just like how the characters in Mamma Mia would sing and dance all the pain and problems away.

One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Creativity means being unique.

Favorite creative moment:  The ending, where all the guests were dancing and they caused the floor to crack, so the sprinklers went off and it looked like they were dancing in the rain.

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  1. Lizzie McGuire the Movie

Lizzie McGuire was the movie of our childhood. I believe that majority of 18 year-olds today have at least once sang and danced to "What Dreams Are Made Of" in the shower. Lizzie's performance on stage is the magic and creativity of this movie. Since we were kids, Lizzie has always inspired us to never limit ourselves, and keep dreaming big. She inspires us to make our creative juices flow, whether on-stage or off-stage.

One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Creativity requires confidence.

Favorite creative moment: Lizzie performing "What Dreams Are Made Of" on stage and Lizzie trying on different outfits for the big concert.

  1. Begin Again

Begin Again will remind you that creativity is everywhere. We may not notice it, but we encounter creativity every day—on the streets, on the train, in the mall, and at home. It also reminded me that you should never let go of the creativity and passion for art inside of you even if things get pretty rough.


One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Creativity would mean thinking outside of the box.

Favorite creative moment: When the band with members from different walks of life recorded their song in an abandoned ally and different public places.

  1. Step Up 2

Step Up 2 is one of my favorite dance movies, for it features different styles of dance, and brings dance to the streets. It also taught me that when there's something you're passionate about, you shouldn't let anything hinder you from doing your thing. Train hard to hone your talent and self-expression.

One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Creativity is being able to express yourself.

Favorite creative moment: All the outdoor dance-offs.

  1. The Intern

The Intern shows us an unconventional kind of creative. The creative part about this movie was the innovation which is About the Fit, an online platform for purchasing clothes founded by Jules (played by Anne Hathaway). We also see so much girl power in this movie. We see how Jules defends the company she created and started, and made sure it remained true to their goal as a company.


One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Creativity chooses no gender, age, form, or size.

Favorite creative moment: Jules biking around her office getting things approved. This was definitely #girlboss goals.

  1. Ruby Sparks

Calvin is a rich and lonely writer that started dreaming about his ideal girl named Ruby Sparks. After his dream, he decided to write about Ruby and eventually fell in love with his work of art.. As he continued to write, Ruby one day became real.  

One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Creativity allows you to turn your dreams into reality.

Favorite creative moment: When Ruby came to life.

  1. Ratatouille

Cooking is an art. Creativity is involved in getting the perfect measurements, not too much, but not too little of an ingredient to get the perfect taste. Remy, the rat with heightened sense of taste and smell, can make different dishes, each of which is a masterpiece.


One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Creativity comes from the most unexpected places and people.

Fave creative moment: When they finally allowed Remy, the rat who likes to cook, to create dishes in the kitchen.

  1. Crazy Beautiful You

Capturing the perfect moment is art in itself. Not everyone can take pictures that express so much emotions in just one shot. Jackie, (played by Kathryn Bernardo) in this movie is into photography. Her photos were always beautiful, but they lacked emotions. When she was invited to join her mother's medical mission in Tarlac, it was as if all the emotions she kept bottled inside of her were set free, and were expressed through her photos.

One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Creativity allows us to express our emotions.

Favorite creative moment: When Jackie started taking family photos of the community in Tarlac.

  1. Inception

Real or not real? Mockingjay was not the first movie that made its viewers ask this question. Inception revolved around an experiment that explores shared dream worlds. The hint of creativity in this movie may not be explicit, but the different graphics, the concept of going into someone else's dreams, and making you question your own reality is creativity altogether. Besides that, the movie was filmed in six countries and four continents. Seeing all these different places in one movie is such a treat for the eyes. Inception won four Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects.


One thing to learn about creativity in this movie: Sometimes it's okay not to confine ourselves within reality to express our creativity. Use your imagination.

Favorite creative moment: When the dream world went upside-down because of Physics.

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