7 Most Memorable Quotes From James Reid's TWBA Interview

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 27, 2016
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Last night, James Reid's much-awaited interview with Boy Abunda on Tonight with Boy Abunda aired on TV, and it was probably one of the sweetest interviews he's given so far. Of course, he couldn't escape questions about his personal life and his relationship with onscreen partner and real-life girlfriend Nadine Lustre who appeared on the show recently, too.

Just like you, we couldn't contain our feelings over the interview. So we've decided to round up every memorable line the actor has said during the show below so we could get kilig over them together.

  1. On what he thinks about whenever he gets tired that he just wants to walk away:

    "It does happen when our projects are nonstop. But I think when I think back on why I'm really doing this, for me it's really my family and now they're all here, and that's my number one motivation."

  2. On getting comments that he's a wild party boy and doesn't deserve Nadine:

  3. On sacrificing the privacy of his relationship:

    "It's a sacrifice, but I mean she's worth it."

  4. On his surprise picnic for Nadine:

    "Actually, I planned the picnic by the fountain. We've been so busy, so I wanted to find time just to sneak in a little bit of getaway time. So that part in the JaDine Flying High on Love, that special, that was actually cut out because I wanted it to be private, just for us."

  5. On dealing with bashers:

    "It doesn't get to me... I really can't please everyone. And nothing I say can... What's that saying? 'You can be the tastiest peach in the world and there will be someone that hates peaches.'"

  6. The song that best describes Nadine:

  7. On the bravest thing he's done in life:

    "I hear people saying skydiving, but no. It was when I said I love you during the concert." 

James and Nadine's summer movie This Time will be out in theaters nationwide on May 4.

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