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by Arra Bayan   |  Apr 8, 2016
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OPM is once again creating a boom in the industry as the number of amazing individuals and bands continue to increase in the country. Ranging from kundiman, to indie-folk, and even electronic pop, these talents carry the promotion of the diversity of styles in the local music scene. Despite having their respective personalized sound, they all contribute to the identity that is Filipino music. With so much to choose from, we've come up with a list featuring just some of the great musicians OPM has to offer. Trust us—you're going to want to add these to your playlists.

  1. Bullet Dumas

    With his pure talent and out-of-this-world guitar strumming, Bullet Dumas surely owns the spotlight, and it's just about to get even brighter. This acoustic singer-songwriter has caught the attention of veterans in the Filipino music scene such as Joey Ayala and Ryan Cayabyab, making him an artist to look out for.

  2. Shirebound and Busking

    Iego Tan is the man who is Shirebound and Busking— an individual act that uses simple melodies to convey messages that are sure to pluck your heartstrings, and might even trigger some of your memories. He makes use of powerful words for his songs, and supports it with subtle accompaniment—this is what makes Shirebound and Busking worth listening to.

  3. Lamb St.

    This up-and-coming band is slowly making its way up the ladder, giving listeners a taste of "old-fashioned rock and roll with a twist of indie rock and pop." If you're planning on having an outing with your friends or family, their songs will perfectly fit your playlist.

  4. Oh, Flamingo!

    Oh, Flamingo! is a band that brings out the idiosyncrasy in OPM. Made up of four young artists, the group’s music is inclined towards the indie-rock genre, giving their listeners a familiar tune, but with an elevated flare.

  5. Johnoy Danao

    No stranger to the local music community, Johnoy Danao's signature voice is what makes him stand out. Picture yourself on a beachfront patio overlooking the calm sunset with the cool breeze gushing through your face—the feeling that sight gives you is the same feeling you’ll get once you hear his unique sound.

  6. The Ransom Collective

    Despite having only gotten together in August of 2013, this 6-piece group composed of fresh faces is already making massive contributions to the Filipino music scene. This indie-folk/rock band got its first and biggest break when they had the opportunity to play in the annual Wanderland Music Festival. Their increasing popularity just signals that they’re on their way to becoming one of the biggest names in OPM.

  7. BP Valenzuela

    Filipino electro-pop music doesn't seem quite appealing at first, but young artist BP Valenzuela has managed to turn the heads of a number of people and convert them into giving it a chance. With the release of her debut album, Neon Hour, BP’s eccentric take on her music is only beginning to kick-off. There's no reason you shouldn’t give it a listen to—it’s just the perfect mixture of quirk and fun.

  8. Ang Bandang Shirley

    Ang Bandang Shirley's presence in the OPM community is undeniably consistent. They have graced numerous stages throughout the country, and are continuing to gain listeners with their flawless combination of emotion-striking lyrics and pleasant melodies. This band is sure to stay on the grid for a long while with their growing success.

  9. Tandems '91

    If you're looking to be transported back to the disco-funk era of Manila, Tandems '91 has all the right notes to keep you covered. Their music resembles a blend between foreign and local melodies—like Daft Punk x VST and Company. After you've listened to their tracks, their beat will be glued inside your head. They're THAT good.

  10. Clara Benin

    This singer-songwriter has managed to independently release her debut album entitled Human Eyes, as well as the EP Riverside, both in the year 2015. It's no doubt she possesses a natural knack for the craft, as she is the daughter of former Side A member, Joey Benin. With the help and guidance of her father, this young musician is still on her way to discovering her distinct style, but is already creating a lot of buzz for her diverse take on music.

Know more artists we should feature? Let us know in the comments. We always love hearing from you. :)

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