10 Hilarious Tweets From Antoinette Jadaone

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Nov 21, 2015
PHOTO Instagram (@tonet_jadaone)
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Aside from her A+ skills when it comes to coming up with movies and a TV show we'll surely love, On the Wings of Love director and 1/2 of Witty Will Save the World Co.'s Antoinette Jadaone also comes up with the most hilarious one-liners that will make you fall off your chairs and die laughing. We're not even kidding. Have you hit that follow button on Direk Tonet's account @tonetjadaone on Twitter? What do you mean not yet? Go ahead and read these 10 tweets we've rounded up from her account below to convince you that you should put her on your Following lists ASAP.

Antoinette Jadaone

 1  LOL!

 2  Same, Direk. SAME.

 3  Us, when we eat our favorite burger. :(

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 4  LOL, because why not, Direk?!

 5  *nods head* *asks for another cup of extra rice*

 6  Yes, James, wala kaming pakialam. *a million heart eyes emojis*

 7  *throws our Math books out the window* JK, we can't and we won't. Huhuhu.


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 8  T_T

 9  If it's a pen that can answer all our exams on Monday, we're willing to pay more. :'(

 10  Basically, this is us to every single thing we own.

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