10 Celebritweets We Want To Comment On Using Twitter's Newest Feature

Twitter's newest feature is going to make the fangirl job a whole lot easier.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 9, 2015
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Twitter is an awesome tool for fangirling. Whenever we want to stay updated on what our favorite celebrities our doing, all we have to do is follow them. When they post moments that they're going to follow fans, we tweet as many messages as we can just so they'd follow us. And whenever they post something, we seriously want to comment on all of them.

But Twitter's 140-character limit gets in the way most of the time. How can you put all your feelings in 140 characters anyway, right? So when the micro-blogging site unveiled the newest feature of allowing us to retweet and comment with all 140-characters on tweets, we feel like celebrating. Bye, bye to those days of RT-ing and posting Emoji comments.

So which tweets do we want to comment on? Here are just a few of them from our favorite celebs.

 1  Victoria Justice

"Jealz of ya, girl. No amount of Emojis can emphasize our feelings."

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 2  Lucy Hale

"When are you coming here for a gig, Lucy? We've been waiting all our lives to watch you sing onstage! #MarkAsksLucy"

 3  Vanessa Hudgens

"So adorbs, V, we can't even."

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 4  One Direction

"Is four your favorite word... and number?"


 5  Miles Teller

"LOL. Good one, BB, but we checked the date when you posted this."

 6  Kathryn Bernardo

"Welcome back, teen queen! Hope you post updates on Pangako Sa'yo after the holiday. Hee hee hee."

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 7  Sofia Andres

"Wishing we looked this good while working out, too. LOL." 

 8  Janella Salvador

"We thought Janella can't possibly get any cuter. Until this..."

 9  Liam Payne

"But you're a baby. OUR baby."

 10  Louis Tomlinson

"We're missing you big time, BB. But have some rest because you deserve it."

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