#NowPlaying: One Direction, Little Mix, And Ariana Grande

Three tunes to add to your playlist.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Nov 8, 2013
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Now Playing: Little Mix - "Move"

 Little Mix brings energy to the dance floor with their new music video that combines old school vibe with modern styling and choreo! The song starts with a good beat and colorfully-lighted scenes that promise an energetic routine with the girls. The chorus, which simply encourages you to move, is an addicting beat that is easy to sing and dance to! The music video gives you pure energy with all the members getting their solo dance scenes which they cap off with a great group choreo. It’s a fun video which shows off each member's style and talent, and their combined voices and dance moves have resulted in this latest hit that makes you question is Little Mix really little? Let us know in your comments below! "Move" is from Little Mix's latest album Salute will be released in the UK on November 11.


Now Playing: One Direction - "Story of My Life"

One Direction releases a folk-infused hit that follows "The Best Song Ever," which may also be the next best thing! A great guitar solo takes the start of "Story of My Life" until Harry Style’s voice breaks the solemn melody. Recently, One Direction has been posting on twitter stating their excitement in revealing their latest hit, "Story of My Life" along with their adorable childhood photos. Now, these photos reveal themselves in the video and showcase the cornerstones in their lives. They also get to do those Now and Then type of shots where you also get to see the same pose but substituted with how they currently look like. The song deviates from the usual sunny vibe, and instead takes on a sweeter country melody with accompanying deep sentiments. It's a powerful song but needs some serious backup from the 1D gang on the meaning behind the song!

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Now Playing: Ariana Grande featuring Big Sean - "Right There"

Ariana Grande puts a modern twist to Romeo and Juliet, with all the yearnings of love struck youth but rendered as sweet as she is! We know Halloween has come and gone, but Ariana's fashionable masquerade ball makes us rethink our costumes. "Right There" is an upbeat love song, that features Ariana as a young Juliet Capulet in a sea of dancing couples all dressed with ball gowns and suits, she is partnered and with model, Patrick Schwarzenegger (which we wished was Nathan Sykes!) as Romeo Montague. In the video, it plays out how Juliet and Romeo first catch a glimpse of each other and fall madly in love. The song is as deep as "Almost is Never Enough" combined with the pop feel of her hit, "Baby I" resulting in a clever mix that is fresh! "Right There" is the third single from her album Yours Truly, which is out now.


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