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Techie Talk / Re: What is the unit of you're cellphone?
« Last post by MilkTeas on Today at 10:05:39 AM »
samsung galaxy s5! the best for me so far c:
Creative Corner / Re: Flirting With My Ex-Boyfriend [On-Going]
« Last post by delacruzifixion on Today at 08:57:15 AM »
CHAPTER 5: Round One is finally here! Handa ka na ba sa unang away nina Jessy at Amy? BASAHIN ang chapter na nagbigay ng 2042 READERS in less than a day!:
"Flirting With My Ex-Boyfriend"
Chapter 5:Round One!

Basahin ang "Flirting With My Ex-Boyfriend" sa:

I-like ang Official Facebook Page ng "Flirting With Mr. Ex" sa:

Friendship / Re: is it true na mrming plastic,backstabber and user during your HS?
« Last post by dnyng on October 25, 2014, 05:33:46 PM »
For me, it depends on how you act in front of them. Kasi kung magiging mabait ka naman sa kanila, I think they'll do the same.  :)
Lovelife / Re: If your heart could sing, what song would it sing?
« Last post by dnyng on October 25, 2014, 05:28:18 PM »
"And I'm inlove, and I'm terrified.."
-Terrified by Katharine McPhee
Friendship / Re: saang group of friends ka kabilang?
« Last post by dnyng on October 25, 2014, 05:24:50 PM »
I belong to a large group of friends na halo. Lima kaming babae at nine yung lalaki. Kami yung grupong laging gumagala kahit saan after school. And lahat kami iba-iba ng ugali so kapag kami pinagsama-sama, ang lalakas ng mga trip kaya sobrang ingay. ;D
Techie Talk / Re: Instagram users, anyone? :)
« Last post by aeinlovewithyou on October 25, 2014, 04:19:32 PM »
Follow me guys and I'll follow you back! stfasncn :)
Music Mayhem / Re: Recommend A Song/Band
« Last post by Biancaxxx on October 25, 2014, 12:46:54 PM »
One Direction
The Vamps
Meghan Trainor's songs!
I need some serious advice.

Two of my classmates who are very close to me started to fight days ago. And it's all about a boy. Let's say, classmate A has a huge crush on that boy because classmate A always tells us that he always understands her like that. But classmate D does not approve of their relationship. My classmate D just wanted to protect classmate A from that boy. But they have a huge misunderstanding towards them.

Classmate A said that classmate D (girl) has a huge crush on her but started to seperate herself from her(A) because classmate A has a crush on the boy. While classmate D said that she just wants to protect classmate A from a nonsense boy.

I tried helping them by listening to their sides and giving advices, but I think it's not good enough. What should I do  :'( ?
Trendspotting / Re: Are you conscious about your body weight?
« Last post by shineemazee on October 25, 2014, 11:55:41 AM »
Ayos lang daw ang wieght ko. Hindi naman mataba, di rin payat. More of malaman lang. Sabi nila matuto na lang daw tayong makuntento sa kung anong meron tayo ngayon. Pero minsan hindi maiwasang mainggit sa mga babaeng 36-24-36 ang peg. Nakakainis  :o
Homebound / Re: May kuya kayo? Anong feeling?
« Last post by shineemazee on October 25, 2014, 11:53:21 AM »
None :( !
ang malas lang kasi yung pangalawa kong kapatid ay lalaki. Sana siya na lang nauna  :P
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Happy (almost) Halloween!

by: kaye, 2014-10-26

Fun Fact: Halloween is my favorite not-holiday. Every year, my sisters and I veg out on the couch with a gratuitous amount of candy and junk food, and a queue of classic spooky-but-not-scary...

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