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Author Topic: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!  (Read 49528 times)


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #270 on: October 18, 2009, 05:50:59 PM »
Breaking The Thunder

Memories of the past, I try to look back
The pain in my heart was so intact
A love I thought was going to last for so long
I realized, it wan never that so strong

It was like rain pouring from the blue sky
Tears fell from my eyes as you bid goodbye
Reality shook me and it woke me up
There was thunder outside, I wanted it to stop

Two winding roads turn in opposite directions
Unanswered questions, a problem with no solution
For two months I waited, hoping you'd return
An apology I needed, you never tried to earn

Today, as I listen to songs we once adored
This melody reminds sadness, that precious chord
I travel to a date from almost a year ago
My heart has been shattered, it learned to let go
But mostly, I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #271 on: November 15, 2009, 01:31:16 PM »
As time goes by
I always glance for your smile
And with your innocent look
My heart was hook

This magical feeling
Gives me thoughts on believing
That we can be together
In spite of our gap to each other

But when i heard from your peers
That you like somebody
I really felt I'm so ugly
'Coz you don't even notice me
And all you can see

Is nothing but SHE!
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I'm seeking for perfection. . .
             'coz I'm afraid of rejection!


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #272 on: March 15, 2010, 04:27:37 PM »

As children, we dream of changing the world. When dreams fail, we hope to change our lives, at least. When hope is lost, we ask why. And when we cannot find the answer, we take things as they are.
   I am hopeful, but I am cynical. I remain hopeful that this cycle would change but the cynical tells me it wouldn’t.
   I am too hopeful to be cynic and too cynical to be a visionary. I could not stop hoping because hope is something I hold on to. I could not stop doubting because my doubts keep my feet on the ground.
   I saw enough frustration I the world and I am afraid I could make one or be one if I hope too much. I saw enough defeat in the world and I do not wish to succumb to one by giving up my hopes.
   Laugh at me but trust me: I know what I am doing.
   I begin vague because I hope not to begin. I am to scrutinize a reality I choose to deny. I am to question which gave me the courage to question. I am to argue against what gave me the eloquence to argue. I am to use education – the little I have, against education – that which gave me little.
   Civil war, if you would like to look it that way. Fine with me.
   I declare that I am a student. I have so for quite some time now.  And I will remain so for quite some time now. Back then, I would say: I am a student. Full stop. Now, I tell you: I am s student and I don’t know why.
   It means that I ask why. Why am I a student?
   Ideally, I would answer that I am student because I hope for a bright future. That I study because I want a high-paying job. That I take three cups of coffee in trying to stay awake for an exam because I believe that this education, this effort would be worth it.
   Now, I know enough not to say so; I know that this is not an ideal world.
   And so, ask me that question and hear me answer honestly: I study because I have no choice.
   I wonder how many people ask themselves that very question and get the same answer. I wonder how many people worry about it. I don’t mean worry about the question; I mean, worry about the answer. The problem is my answer, and if all of us have that answer, then we are in big trouble.
   “I have no choice. “ Beat that.
   “I have no choice” means that we admit that there’s a problem in the educational system that we are in, that we admit that the system requires some changes, but we are, however, satisfied with what we have.
   “I have no choice” means that we know that we are part of a problematic educational system, and that we know that it is problematic but we take no action.
   It means that we see that books are shared by least three persons, that classes are sometimes held outdoors, that what used to be laboratory classes became case study due to lack of equipment, and yet we simply shrug our shoulders and perform what we perceive as our only task; to study, in the face of aridity.
   It means that we know that some teachers should not be teaching, and yet we bow down to them for grades’ sake.
   It means that we know for a fact that we do not get the education we hope to get but we keep our mouths shut and try to look satisfied, thus fooling ourselves or allowing ourselves to be fooled.
   “I have no choice” means that we taking the way out, sticking to the established status quo. It means that we don’t care about whether or not we get good education, as long as we get this done and over with.
   Worse, “I have no choice” is similar to saying: I don’t care if I’m maleducated, the whole country is maleducated anyway. I don’t care if this does not prepare me for the world, anyone else is not prepared, anyway.
   Also faced with the reality that even graduates of premier universities in the country end up being call center agents or domestic helpers, we also say, “I have no choice,” implying that we are satisfied with the situation. And by saying, “I have no choice,” we also say that all else already failed, and all that we do is take a leap of faith. “I have no choice” means that though we know nothing awaits us, we struggle to achieve the nothingness we are bound to reap and we do not exert efforts to make something out of that nothing NOW.
    And the biggest issue is:  over and above the fact that we lack the facilities and the resources, what discourages the students from setting goals is the idea that this goals will not be reached anyway, so why set them in the first place? What stops them, what stops us from reaching our dreams is the thought that the Philippines is going down the sink and there is nothing we can do about it.
   The truth is, Filipinos have these problems: apathy and diminishing hope.
   The apathy articulated by. “I have no choice” disguises “I don’t care.” It is the apathy that kills the Filipino society.
   I call for activism, activism in its truest sense. We Filipinos seem to forget that the world is not simply IS, but IS MADE. Faced with trouble and crisis, what we should ask is: “What should I do?” “What can I do about it?” , rather than, “Why am I experiencing this?”
   Let us all be activists. And in saying this, I am not saying that you protest or go to the streets and yell. I am asking you to be a proactive role in creating a viable educational system for this country. And I mean creating, not repairing. Yes, we need a total overhaul.
   And though this world sound as a sheet cliché’, in times like this I have to reiterate: We Filipinos survive because we hope to survive. Our hopes keep us alive. Only our hopes keep us alive. I am telling you: if we give up on our hopes, we are committing suicide.
   The problem begins when we stop believing. The present educational system, although I call it problematic, is not a problem at all. It is not even a challenge. I call it problematic because I cannot find a better word. And I should be forgiven; understand that I am a product of this educational system I criticize.
   Again, our situation in terms of education is neither a problem nor a challenge. The challenge is to change the situation, to change the system. The problem arises when we refuse to live up the challenge.
   There you go, the reality I see.
   Although it pains most of us to talk about this, although it pains most of us to accept this reality, we have to go over this again and again. For in the same reason that a trauma patient dismisses conversations about a traumatic experience, we also refuse to indulge in this probe because we want to deny the truth. And in the very same manner, that a psychotherapist cures trauma by talking about it, I also wish to awaken the Filipino society from deep slumber by going through this issue until they tire of it and oblige. Let us keep our fingers crossed that they do.
   First, I need you to admit that this is real; that there is something wrong. And do not tell me that I cannot see the big picture. It’s in front of me, bright and clear.
   If the small part we see is flawed, we should not expect the bigger part to be perfect. If you wish to call the reality I referred to as only part of the reality you consider, let me state a plain historical fact: if the small part is labeled ERROR, expect the bigger part to be DISASTER.
   Well then, let us open our eyes and face the reality that beckons. Let us face reality – the bigger bulk – rather than take it piece by piece. Let us face reality and do something about it. If we win, the victor is total, not partial. And if we lose, at least we only have to deal with the defeat once.
   I am a dreamer. I admit that. But remember the song, “Imagine”? Maybe someday, you can join me, and the world in the case, the Filipinos – will be one. Let us all be dreamers. And if someone tells you that you have no right to dream because you have no solid ground upon which you could build your dreams, tell him: I need no solid ground to build dreams upon because my dreams provide for my solid ground.
   Yes, we do not build dreams. We build on dreams. :)
cellelovesyou (=


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #273 on: August 11, 2010, 01:57:01 AM »
This is more of a list, actually.

Ten Ways to Getting Over Ryann

1.   I shall stop STARING AT HIM. Because the more I stare, the more his lips gets even sexier. His eyes, oh goodness, are always shining and shimmering like those sparkly dresses I saw on ETC.

2.   I shall stop LAUGHING AT HIS JOKES. Because when he laughs with me, it’s like our laughter is in rhythm and somehow, like a haphazardly composed lyrics, it sounds more musical than anything else. It’s as if we’re the only monkeys in the jungle (like everyone else disappears from the picture for all I care.)

3.   I shall stop ACKNOWLEDGING HIS PRESENCE. Like saying, “Hey, the !@#$ is here or look, he’s coming.” Because I’m getting used to his warmth, not necessarily the accidental elbow brushes. The thought of not seeing him overnight sickens me. Waiting for 8:00am the next morning isn’t fun at all. It feels like forever. Even before I walk out from the classroom, I miss him already.

4.   I shall stop USING HIM AS THE TOPIC OF MY EVERY CONVO WITH MARK. Because it’s sort of lame on his part. He might bite his tongue while I’m away and nobody’s gonna take care of him if that happens. Talking about him triggers every possibility of thinking about him the entire day and I hate that. I should NOT think about him more often than usual.

5.   I shall CAREFULLY TIPTOE OUT OF HIS LIFE (only if he really wants me to. this is optional). For the mean time but not completely. Because I’m not giving justice to our friendship anymore. I miss his late-at-night detours just to get me home safe, I miss the comfortable silence between us, I miss the childish exchanges of pick-up lines.

6.   I shall stop ACTING LIKE A GIDDY HIGH SCHOOL GIRL WHEN HE IS APPROXIMATELY ONE INCH AWAY FROM ME. Because for God’s sake, I’m already seventeen (going on fourteen) and I’m already in college (not to mention that I’m a nursing student). I shall, at least, act more like my age and come on, it’s not good to look at a girl who is seventeen and in college, blushing and hissing like a snake because of a stupid reason: “Her crush is beside her.”

7.   I shall stop POSTING RANDOM STUFFS ABOUT HIM. Because it’s doing me no good. I have this tendency to read it over and over again while my brain processes thoughts (which I shouldn’t think of, in the first place) that I could use in writing another cheesy note for him. Then, I’ll publish it online and I’ll wait and wait and wait for his comment until it never come. Pathetic and such, eh? And hello, it’s getting pretty obvious that I’m ‘into’ him. (This note has an exemption, by the way.)

8.   I shall stop FLASHING HIM MY CUTEST SMILES. Because when he smiles back at me, his smile, complemented with mine, says something beautiful and I often misinterpret it as destiny or compatibility.

9.   I shall stop THINKING ABOUT HIM IN MY MOST GLUTTON-IC MOMENTS. I associate him with everything I eat. Like for example, today I was eating McDo’s chocolate hot fudge that I was craving for since last week and I was like, “If he’s here with me, he’ll probably like this, too or if not, he’s going to eat me instead.” Kidding aside, I’ve never been able to pig out with him and sometimes, I guess feeding him with his favorites will be as cute as loving him. Loving him? Erase that. I mean, I can hardly eat when he’s in my thoughts. Just because, I’m worrying that he might have skip his lunch because of this and that.

10.   I shall VOMIT THIS CRUSH OUT OF MY SYSTEM. Because I want to get rid of these crazy butterflies-flying-inside-my-stomach sensation when he is around. I’m taking it as a bad sign of abdominal distention. I want the feeling to be all natural and friendly, no distancing dramas and leave-me-alone glares.


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #274 on: October 20, 2010, 10:56:25 AM »

Just read, my dear:

 The universe is listening, even to the softest whisper.

Herbalife Distributor. Writer. Stylist. Messenger of the Gods. Her father's glory. Daredevil. Rich. Beautiful. Charismatic. Totally captivating. Elegant. Sophisticated. Confident. Unafraid. Dreamer. Believer. Doer.


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Hello. :)
« Reply #275 on: November 05, 2010, 05:17:30 PM »
i have a story. and I wanna share it here. =)))))


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #276 on: June 15, 2011, 09:57:10 PM »
If it is not too much to ask please vote for my good friends Cristina and Jerica for the Clean & Clear contest.

Step 1. Like the fan page of Clean & Clear Phils

Step 2. Go to Galley Vote Now!

You can vote once a day until July 12! HAHAHA Thank you!!!


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #277 on: September 20, 2011, 12:35:16 AM »
Hi guys!  ;D Mahilig ba kayong magbasa? Well, try this link:

-about love, confusion, friendship, etc.

- read & vote po, pwede ring comment. :)

Thank you so much! :D


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #278 on: September 27, 2011, 03:19:03 PM »
Hello Candy girls! I'm a writing a story ngayon... I've been writing stories na before pero di ko naman natatapos. But this time, tatapusin ko na. Haha.

Kung may Wattpad kayo, feel free to make friends with me there...

Sana basahin niyo yung on-going series ko na One Last Dance. Basically it's about love. Teehee. :))

Ayun. :) I 'FAN BACK' pala. :)) Pag ni-'FAN' mo ako, I'll do the same with you.

At sobrang hilig ko magbasa ng teen fictions, so asahan niyong di ko i-ignore mga stories nyo. :)

Ayun. Thanks!
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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #279 on: September 28, 2011, 12:46:18 AM »

Sabi ko, ang love parang sayaw. Kelangan mong alamin yung beat, sabayan yung timing, at make sure na pareho kayo ng galaw ng dance partner mo. Parang sa sayaw, lalo pag passionate dancer ka, ibibigay mo yung best mo, tipong akala mo wala ng bukas para mag-perform - magmamahal ka na akala mo bukas, wala na sya. Pero sana nga sindali lang ng pagsasayaw yung pagmamahal diba? Kaso hindi eh...



If you’d ask me what love is, I would say that it’s a dance.


You’d move with the beat, and you’d stop once the beating is done.


If you’re a passionate dancer, you’d give it all with every dance – just the same as if you know how to love passionately, you’d give it all to the one you love.


But sometimes, not everyone can see how such a good dancer you are – just the same as not everyone can see how much you’ve given for the sake of love.


If love is a dance, does it mean that sooner or later, it has to end?


If love is a dance, does it mean that love is just a performance, that after giving your best shot, it will come to its end?


Yes, love is a dance, but it’s not just a dance.


Love is dance wherein you’re the dancer, and all you know is that you’re gonna be on the dance floor and wait until the lights are on. The music may be unfamiliar to you, but you have to move with the beat. A dance partner will come, but you don’t know who that person is – and both of you would have to connect with each other and groove with the song, be it fast or slow, be it waltz or tango. If incompatibility meets your moves, then you have to stop the dance since it would then be not pleasing to watch, and the dance would be a mess.


Yes, love is a dance – a very complicated dance...

Mababasa nyo 'to sa :))
I am infinite.


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #280 on: November 09, 2011, 01:13:30 AM »
guys. suggest lang :P

read this one.

story na ewan. it's nice but weird. UNCOMMON, ang EPIC. haha. pwedeng inspiration sa pag gawa ng stories. SHARE NIYO.
di ko lam kung pano ako napunta sa site na yan, but when I read it., it's so touching. bv. tearjerker. nakaka intriga sya. :) try niyo,


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #281 on: September 19, 2012, 08:53:45 AM »
(by yours truly  ;))

she stood tall though hindered and walloped
each barricade then came to pass a time
she had to stop and let the thought dwindle
for what mist of life should proceed to cloud
no more autumn fall will beget her eyes on that momentum
she stood well refusing crush and crumble,
down the rubble
only then had she seen again
the grin of the sky that was a star
though out further unreachable
untouchable but approachable.


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Re: Official Thread of Poems, Stories and Other Creations. Share them here!
« Reply #282 on: December 23, 2012, 09:32:21 PM »

May mga wattpad kayo? Try niyo po sana iread 'yun story ko ^^

The title is "Died And Lived Again" the Season 1.

Isang storyang hindi normal dahil sinulat ng abnormal.

About sa isang babae, babaeng halos may perpekto ng buhay at siya'y mamamatay. Maiiwan ang kasintahan niyang masungit at walang modo. May darating na anghel at bibigyan siya ng isang misyon upang makabalik siya ng mundo permanently. Ano yun misyon? READ <3


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