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Author Topic: Avatar and Signature Rules  (Read 148211 times)


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Avatar and Signature Rules
« on: December 14, 2004, 12:09:02 PM »

1.   Avatars should be 75x75 pixels ONLY, and appropriate for TeenTalk. You may now access the board’s avatar gallery through your Profile (go to Forum Profile Information), or read instructions on how to link from other sites below.

2.   Signatures should be text ONLY, with a maximum height of 100 pixels. No images, as this slows down the board.

Instructions on how to link an avatar:
For newbies: An "avatar" is the image that appears under your username whenever you post a message. It's a unique picture or drawing that identifies you. Avatars must be appropriate for TeenTalk and its users. Please read the House Rules first.

How to post an avatar:
a. Select a picture, image, or drawing you want to use as your avatar, and make sure that it's within the allowed size.

b. Avatars must be 75x75 pixels or less (roughly an inch square). Those exceeding these dimensions will be deleted.

c. Save your avatar as a .jpg or .gif file in an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop (or even Microsoft Paint).

d. Upload your avatar to a server and take note of the URL (for example:
     Sample of servers:,

e. Go to your TeenTalk profile.

f. Click on Forum Profile Information, select “I have my own pic,” and paste your avatar's URL into the blank.

g. Click "Change Profile."

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