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Author Topic: COFFEE & TEA (<A Light Novel>) [SPECIALS] #BeenPrankedbyFate?! 2015  (Read 3548 times)

Kevin Sheen Tiu

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Re: COFFEE & TEA (The Greatest Love Story) [ONGOING] 2014
« Reply #15 on: June 04, 2014, 05:02:32 PM »
ACT 9 - Save The Last Dance

Days passed by with us busy with the practice in dancing, until the day finally came for our greatest family gathering: THE LATE NIGHT DANCE PARTY.

"Gob, I feel like I'm gonna puke. I don't think I'm gonna dance tonight, grandma..." I complained during breakfast. Mieko and Mike weren't here, thank goodness.
"But why, dearest? It took you this long to learn the dance. Come on now, I know you can do it!" She tried to cheer me up, but I slouched and frowned. She can try to persuade me to dance and I might just do it, but the feeling is just not there.
"Don't worry, grandmother," Kazimir butted-in. What is it with him this time? "I'll teach her how to dance again." He looked at me. I blushed.
"Oh?" Grandma raised a brow. There's nothing to be curious about, though.
"Well that's kind of you, Edgar!" His mom clapped her hands.
"But, Kazimir... I'm so sorry, dear. The two of you won't be partners tonight."
"WHAT?!" I can't believe it! She's a big fat liar!!! I thought Kazimir and I would be partners!
"Didn't you listen to me when I discussed your partnering?"
"Eh?" Come to think of it, I think so. I was so bored of your chit-chats, grandma... "Oh." I realized my mistake. "I'm sorry."
She grimaced. It felt horrible. "Kazimir, even though Vera and you won't be partners for the night, you can still teach her this afternoon, okay? Mieko and Mike won't be here until this evening, so I'm counting on you."
"That's what I meant earlier, grandmother."
"OH? Oh, alrighty then. I understand!"

Hahh... This is terrible! How can this happen to me?! Is she saying that my real partner would actually be that Mike guy?! Disgusting!!!


Kazimir and I planned to meet at the front porch after lunch to practice the waltz.

"Okay, so are you ready?" He took my hand and placed his other on my waist.
"Ah-I think so?" I placed my hand on his shoulder and the other held his hand.
"The way we're gonna do this thing is by counting 1,2,3,1,2,3 to add our rhythm; and note that all of the steps are gonna be even. You wanna make sure that you step forward with the heel, and you wanna make sure that you step backward with the toe of your foot, so..." He pulled me closer. I prepared myself for my mistakes that were about to come. "We're gonna start. Make sure you're offset to the right. I step with my left foot, and you step with your right foot, with you starting backwards. And 1,2,3..." He stepped forward and I stepped back, subsequently doing all this continuously in a few seconds while he kept on counting.
I was amazed by the trick he used to not let me step on him. "I'm surprised I'm not stepping on your foot!" We continued to dance around the whole porch.
"I'm lucky, I guess." He smiled and winked at me. "So the pattern for you is back, side, together, then forward, side together, got it?" I nodded in agreement. I looked down at our feet, moving perfectly together. This is really fascinating! I laughed as I thought about the song being played. After a while, "So," he suddenly stopped, "do you think you can dance with those basics?"
"Definitely!" I kissed him upfront. "Thanks, Kazimir!"
He held my shoulders and kissed me back. "You're welcome, Vera," he said, then he pulled me back and we started dancing again. This is really fun! I never knew dancing would be such a nice thing!
"By the way, Kazimir, what does that 'XOXO' mean?" I almost forgot about this part of the dance. My grandma suggested this anyways.
He winked. I wasn't so fascinated about it 'cuz I felt something gross come up my stomach. "After the dance, we kiss and hug," he said. It took a while for my brain to process the info, and since it was something romantic, my nervous system reacted to it like it would usually do.
"Oh..." I blushed. After dancing we'd have to do that? This is seriously embarrassing! Why the heck does grandma want us to do that?

But, knowing it's only my family and I who are to dance in that huge ballroom with bright chandeliers, yellow lamplights, and big ornamental flowers hanging on the walls with colorful paintings, maybe tonight could become a success.

Hey wait a minute.

"If you're saying 'XOXO' would be kiss and hug, won't that mean I'll be kissing and hugging Mike?!" I blurted out in panic. Oh my gothic, that's right! I'd have to kiss and hug that disgusting Mike! Yuck!!! With that kind of appearance? He doesn't even appeal to me!
Kazimir didn't say anything. His face was like it was in a frozen frame. Oh what now? Is he gonna leave me be kissed and hugged by some other guy? I waited patiently for him to answer. But he doesn't. "Kazimir?" I pinched his nose to snap him out of whatever he was thinking. He couldn't possibly be thinking about that Japanese girl, right? No way, not a chance. I won't let him.
"What?" He looked at me when he noticed that I've stopped moving my feet. He was like a dumbass. I felt like hitting him with my gun.
"What are you thinking?" I stared at him, hoping to find some sense in him. "I asked you a question, remember?"
Now he realizes. "Oh, yeah." Geez, he seems to have spaced out thinking about something.
"Hahh, Kazimir, come on now..." I tried to pull him back together when his phone suddenly rang.
"はい、カジミルです。ああ、あやのさん。"(Yes, it's me. Oh, it's you, Ayano...) His face changed to a happier mood. Hmm? Ayano? Where have I heard that name- AYANO?! That woman, she's from that hotel. Yes, now I can remember! The woman who came to us during breakfast in Makati Shangri-La!

After answering and taking quite a long chat with that woman, I went close to his face and asked, "Who was that, big bro?" I pretended not to know. He smiled and said it was an old friend of his, without looking straight at me. What the heck? He shouldn't really keep any secrets from me 'cuz I know when someone's lying in front of my face. "I heard something like 'Ayano', or whatever? I think I've heard that name before, don't you think?" I smirked at him. Hah, think I didn't notice? He now looked like a doomed figure, just because I broke his wall of hiding the truth. "Hmm, so was I right?"
"You're right..." He innocently bent his head. Ahaha, he's so innocent. "Innocent," for some reason. I think I just repeated it thrice.
I poked his forehead and started to walk away from him. "You're really cute, you know that? Keep up that good work, brother dear. You'll need it if you don't inherit the throne." Surely I was headed to the path of statues as usual.
"Yeah, right." He blew me a flying kiss and went inside the mansion.

I toured around the labyrinth for the rest of the afternoon. It wasn't really a pleasant day, considering that the sky turned dark and it rained for like an hour or so. I stayed outside, didn't mind getting drenched by it. I'm gonna wear something weird later on, so I better hang on tight to nature before they call me.


Okay... Calm down, Vera. This is a just a temporary thing. Relax. Relax.

"Vera, you look wonderful!" Kazimir's mother turned the chair around and made me face the mirror. She got my hair done.
"What?" I looked at myself in shock. The top portion of my hair was done into a puff and the rest were curled loosely with big volume curls. Woah, dude, this woman's got style! I'm impressed!
She held both my shoulders and leaned on my neck from the back. "So, do you like it?" I couldn't help but smile and say thank you. She clapped her hands. Geez, sometimes she acts like a kid.

"Dear," my grandma appeared at the door of the drawing room. When she saw me, she looked stunned at what I have become. "Wow! Look at that hairstyle! It's beautiful, dearest!" I nodded at her. She approached me and took my hand. "Dear, it's time to wear the dress I picked for you." She pulled me away from my seat and I had no other choice but to follow her outside. "Thank you for your hard work!" She said to the other woman before closing the door.

The two of us went to the parlor room, where she displayed a huge cabinet full of different types of gowns. I couldn't believe my eyes. What the heck is grandma doing collecting all of this stuff?

"Now," she picked up a gown from the right side and displayed it in front of me, "I think this will really suit you, dear."
A baby blue-colored off-shoulder gown; the skirt was designed with frills and laces, including the hem, and the top was full of flower patterns, with a huge butterfly ribbon on the chest. This was just so beautiful.
"And even your hair clip is a butterfly, dear," she stroked my hair, admiring the style and the hair clip.
I held the dress she chose in front of myself and agreed that it would really suit me. "Mhm, now take that dress to your room, dear. We still have to do your makeup," she said, and pushed me to the door. I nodded, then I ran back to my room and hung the dress behind the door. Kazimir will definitely like this! But wait... He still isn't my partner for tonight. Sheesh, after all of the hard work I've been doing, it'll all be wasted on a certain nobody. This is just great...

When I went out to the front porch to get some fresh air before putting on those make up things that might ruin my pure face, I found Mike slumped on the bench next to the door on my right.
"Mike? What are you doing here?"
"Just got a little earlier, that's all..." He sounded kinda sad, like his girlfriend just broke-up with him or something.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, really," he said, but he said it all depressed-like.
"Come on, you can tell me." Gob, I wanted to shoot his head.
He looked up to me and said, " You know, the dance is tonight, and I feel really bad for not teaching you well. Maybe we shouldn't dance anymore, and that's what I wanted to talk to you about, that's the reason why I came here earlier."
"I feel like an idiot for coming here, and I think you'd rather dance with your brother, right? So, maybe you won't dance with me anymore, or something, but I never asked. Will you?"
He was the dense dumbass I've been wanting to use for target practice.
"Will you?"
"Are you asking me to go with you?"
"Uh huh."
I put my hands on my waist and said, "Well, we're partners, aren't we?" Seriously, I wanted to hang him up that cherry tree at the back.
"Yeah." Out of pity, I forced a smile.
"Okay then! See you tonight!" He walked away, jumping with joy.
Tsk, I seriously wanted to kick his ass off.

"Vera, time for makeup!" Kazimir's mom called me from inside. I hurried back in, and found her in the drawing room.
"A simple but graceful one, right, Vera?" She showed me the powders and lipsticks and other stuff she would be using to me.
I smiled. "Anything that makes you do your style." She's a good person, now I admit. I may have been an ignoramus too, like my dad, but now, I hope something much better will happen, to my family, and to Kazimir's too.


9 PM - This is the night I have been not desiring to come. A night to dance with the man I do not love, to kiss him and hug him with no feeling of affection at all. My gown may be beautiful, but it's the woman wearing it that counts.

In the ballroom, it seems like Mike worked himself up into a nervous wreck and his mood fluctuated between crestfallen insecurity and babbling excitement. This time, he was definitely pissing the heck out of me off.

He brought a boxed corsage and his hair combed and slicked down with some kind of shiny gel or stuff. The dress made me stand out too much, considering that it was only the whole family in the room, and this gown shocked him as much as his hair shocked me.
"Wow. You really look great." The way he said it felt insulting - as if I'd never looked great before. Before I could answer, my dad was posing us under the center chandelier, placing Mike to the left or right.
"Wait a second!" Dad said. "Vera, smile, will you?"
"Don't you dare do this to me, dad." I walked away from them and searched for Kazimir, who wasn't in the ballroom yet. Where the heck is he?

Surprisingly before my eyes, Kazimir entered the huge door, super handsome with his tall hat, his hair fixed up, and was wearing his cool blue tuxedo. My face suddenly felt like it had been shot by a huge machine gun when Mieko appeared next to him, arm-in-arm, wearing a red kimono. I frowned. Tsk, her again?

The two approached me, and Mieko bowed. Kazimir smiled at me. "Good evening, pretty lady."
"Good evening, milady." Mieko greeted.
"Hi..." I couldn't help but feel shy. My internal organs were all stumbling because of the way they looked being together. I felt like Kazimir really had the sense of Japaneseness, and even if he was in that kind of outfit, he still looked good together with a Japanese woman. I think my glass heart just cracked.
"すごくきれいですね、ヴィエラさま。" Mieko said.
"What?" I can't believe she spoke to me in Japanese! That darned idiot! I looked at Kazimir and asked, "What did she just say?"
"She said you're very beautiful, Vera." He laughed. I can't believe him, them. I can't speak Japanese. I felt so stupid not being able to understand what the fool just said.
Fine, if they spoke something I didn't understand, then I'll speak something they wouldn't understand either! "Вы говорите по-русски?" I smirked and did "beautiful eyes".
"Pardon me?" Mieko asked. Both of their faces turned blank. Hahaha, payback time.
"Nothing..." I walked in between them and waved my hand, "Good luck, Kazimir!" I said.

Ha, think they could handle that? I just asked them if they can speak Russian, what an easy question to answer!

A few minutes later, grandma took the stage and announced something to everyone: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I, Cecilia Wolff, have prepared this dance party as another family gathering for my dearest grandchildren. I wish that when the date of the competition arrives, all of us will be happy at whatever happens, okay?" She raised her wine glass. "A toast to my grandchildren, Vera Wolff, and Kazimir Sankt!"

Everyone applauded. Then, the orchestra started to play Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers, and everyone just started to dance. Mike suddenly grabbed my arm and we started dancing too. He might have noticed the way I was moving, and this might've surprised him.
"You're not stepping on my foot anymore!" He exclaimed. Ugh, this stupid little... He should be happy that I'm not stepping on him anymore.
"I'm lucky, I guess." I smiled. "Take that, you moron." I murmured with my eyebrows twitching. He wouldn't hear me anyways.

We danced around the room, enjoying the wonderful sound of music. I can't believe I'm actually enjoying myself.
"You're a great dancer, Vera!" Mike said, making me flush.
"Thanks for the praise, but really, dancing is not my style." I winked.
The music came to an end, and this was the part I have feared to happen the most. In each end of every music, grandma's "XOXO" must occur.
Oh no, Vera. We're doomed!!! I panicked to the soul. I wanted to throw up.
Mike held my face, preparing to kiss me. He came near me and whispered, "Won't be long, babe." WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT IS HE PLANNING TO DO TO ME?! AND HE CALLED ME "BABE"?!

I closed my eyes, never wanting to watch the scene that would happen. I felt the heat of his lips draw near me, when suddenly someone grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Mike. My eyes opened wide and I looked at the person holding me. "I'll be taking her with me, thank you very much!" Kazimir waved at the Filipino. He dragged me to a far corner of the room, then he positioned me and we started dancing as the orchestra started to play Nobuo Uematsu's Dance with the Balamb-Fish.

"Was that even allowed, Kazimir?!" I panicked. What if grandma saw us?!
"Don't worry, everything's alright now." He winked at me.
I shrugged. "Well, if that's that, then..." I was really waiting for someone to save me, but I knew no one would, until Kazimir came. Without him, Mike could've kissed me and maybe I - forget it. Anyways, I must be grateful to my older brother since he saved me from the immature hell. "Thanks for saving me from doing XOXO with Mike, Kazimir," I said.
"No worries. I wouldn't bear to see you two kiss and hug anyways," he said, and he grimaced.

Wait, was that a-? Was he... Jealous? Ohoho! Oh, Kazimir...

I noticed someone missing, and it was... "Huh? Where's Mieko?" I looked around the room. She was nowhere to be found.
"I left her to get you," my partner said, burying the crap out of me.
Is he serious, man? "What? What were you thinking?!" I yelled at him, completely embarrassed. "You'd leave a woman for me? Why the heck do that?!"
"Hmm, I thought about it, but I just can't get enough of you." He raised my chin and came close to my face.
"Wha-?!" I can't stop blushing! I held his hands and tried to push them away from me, to prevent any further advances. Surprisingly, the music ended, and it's now time for XOXO. I closed my eyes and anticipated the kiss that Kazimir would give me.
"You're now mine," he whispered before pressing his lips against mine.

"Vera? Kazimir?" We swiftly let go of each other recognizing the voice that was approaching us. It's Kazimir's mother.
I glared at that other woman. She broke our moment! "What is it?" I questioned her. Damn, woman. You interrupted us!
She handed us each a glass. "Would you like some wine?"
My frown just wouldn't disappear. "Is that all?"
"Umm, well, yes..." I bet that was another excuse.
"Thanks, mom," Kazimir pulled his mother away and positioned themselves to dance. "Dance with me for a while, mom." What is this?
Kazimir looked and winked at me. "Save me a dance," he whispered. Okay, so technically, he left me. Great. Just great.

Hey guys! The continuation's up next! It didn't fit again!  >:( Anyways, the next one is the next paragraph of this last one, ok? Please support!  ;D ;D

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Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

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Re: COFFEE & TEA (The Greatest Love Story) [ONGOING] 2014
« Reply #16 on: June 04, 2014, 05:10:32 PM »
Hey guys! Here's the continuation, with a little RECAP from the last chapter :)

"Vera? Kazimir?" We swiftly let go of each other recognizing the voice that was approaching us. It's Kazimir's mother.
I glared at that other woman. She broke our moment! "What is it?" I questioned her. Damn, woman. You interrupted us!
She handed us each a glass. "Would you like some wine?"
My frown just wouldn't disappear. "Is that all?"
"Umm, well, yes..." I bet that was another excuse.
"Thanks, mom," Kazimir pulled his mother away and positioned themselves to dance. "Dance with me for a while, mom." What is this?
Kazimir looked and winked at me. "Save me a dance," he whispered. Okay, so technically, he left me. Great. Just great.

After staring at them dance for a while, I got bored, so I went to the buffet tables and grabbed a seat. I didn't notice my dad was also sitting there.
"What are you doing here, daughter?"
"Dad?" I looked at him. He looked as clueless as ever. "My partner left me." I answered, obviously depressed, and I bet he noticed it too. And "oh" was all he could say. "Why aren't you dancing, dad?" I asked. I thought he'd be the man having the most fun right now, but it seems that he wasn't.
"Well, this occasion reminds me of your mother, when I was courting her..." He smiled and looked at the people dancing.
"Mom?" I giggled. "Haha, really?" It felt so nostalgic, imagining what mom and dad were like when they were in the same time as Kazimir and I.
"We used to dance here, like, everyday... Mom would watch us, and your grandpa too."
I've never met my grandpa. I guess he died long before I was born. "I see..." I nodded.
"It was a whole lot of fun back then, until you were born, Vera."
I raised a brow. "What? What about me?" Was I the cause of your troubles, huh, dad?
"After you were born, your grandma told me to entrust you to them, since I didn't have a job yet because it was all provided by them."
"What? So you mean... You could've surrendered me to them?"
He nodded. "Honestly, I was never willing to do it," he said. "That's the reason why I left and searched for jobs that I can do, just so that I can prove to them that I can take care of you, and your mom, even if I'm just the only one working. I dedicated myself to you, my family. And that's how I founded our company and everything else."
This almost brought me to tears. "Thanks for your hard work, dad..." I smiled at him. "I promise you, dad, I won't let you, nor mom down. I swear my life to it, as your heiress, and as grandma's heiress."
"Yeah. You got it." He patted my head. "You make me proud, Vera."
"You're talking to the best sniper in the world,dad!" I winked.
He laughed. "Yeah, I know I am, hahaha!"
"Dad, I'll always love you, okay? No matter what happens, I'll never love any other dads except you, dad." I said.
He laughed. "I'm your ONLY dad, silly!"

"Excuse me, but may I take your daughter to dance with me?" Someone suddenly popped out from upfront. Dad and I looked at the man.
I flushed and looked at dad. "Go ahead, boy!" He pushed me to Kazimir.
"Dad?" I turned back at him, shocked to the ribs. He gave me a thumb up, and told me to enjoy my night. I sighed and looked at Kazimir, smiling at me.
"Thank you sir!" Kazimir pulled me to the hall and we danced again.
"What took you so long?" I asked.
"I had to distract mom for a while, so she won't bother us by now."
"What? How can you be sure?"
"Dancing isn't also her style, you know. It makes her feel dizzy," he said, and this made me feel a little bit guilty.
"Ah... You big bully!" I laughed. He's just completely unbelievable.
"I thought you could've danced with your father?" And so he asked. I shook my head and told him I was saving the last dance for him. He chuckled, and we continued dancing, enjoying our time together.

When the music ended, Kazimir and I executed the XOXO again, and it felt like the night was at its longest. I didn't want any of this to stop. Not now, not ever.

YES! Finally, chapter 9! :) The turn will finally come! Look forward to the next, ya guys! Please support!!!  ;D ;D ;D  ;)  :D :D

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Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D

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Re: COFFEE & TEA (The Greatest Love Story) [ONGOING] 2014
« Reply #17 on: June 22, 2014, 07:01:10 PM »

ACT 10 - The Beginning

A few days after our final family gathering, the time came when the competition made its rise, and Kazimir and I shall have to tackle the most difficult obstacles to claim the majestic prize - my grandmother's inheritance.

This is it, Vera... The ultimate reason why you came here in the first place... It's your time to shine.

I changed into my maroon-colored Mandarin gown, with golden dragons as motifs; both of the sides had slits, and underneath were tights, with a subcompact pistol in a holster wrapped around my right thigh. I fixed my hair into a three-way braided down-do, and wore a poncho to protect me from the dangerous rays of the sun. I packed all of my guns into my athletic bag, and then I wore my knee-length brown leather boots.
"Hahh..." I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror. This is definitely IT.

I hurried downstairs to meet my family at the front porch, all carrying with them whistles and flags and banners.

"Hi!" I greeted them.
Grandma was holding a gun and was wearing a silly ribbon around her head with "Good luck!" written in Russian on it. When she noticed I had arrived, she also greeted me, "Good morning, dearest!" and waved her hand. My dad gave me two thumbs up and also wished me good luck.
I looked around for my older brother. "Kazimir?" I called for him.
"I'm here." He appeared by the stairs, waving his hand at me. He didn't seem to look good. His face looked pale.

"Okay, my dearest grandchildren!" Grandma started to call. "I shall start off with explaining what you're gonna do during this competition. This'll be a test of courage, skill and strength! You have to face three difficult obstacles to reach the finish line.
"The first obstacle is running. You gotta run as fast as you can with the wind to the second course that's located in the mountain, including of course many distractions within. The second obstacle would be climbing. You gotta reach the upper half of my mountain, and from there you're gonna cross the bridge that connects that landform to the farthest mansion grounds. The third and final course would be to make your way back to my manor. The finish line is in here, the front porch.
Stationed at each and every point of the course, there would be special maids chosen by me, to see that there's no HANKY PANKY going on." That last line somehow made her laugh.
"What?!" I yelled. I don't believe it, I just don't believe it. Who the heck would be doing something like that in a contest?
"Ahaha, just kidding, sweetie!" Grandma snickered. I sighed. This grandma is one heck of a joker for some reason. I looked at Kazimir and saw the look on his face. He didn't seem excited. He just isn't looking right. There's a frown on his face.

Before starting the race, grandma gave us time to talk to our parents, saying all of the good luck's and take care's we wanted.
Dad approached me and patted my head. "Go on out there, Vera. Make me proud."
"I've sworn to not let you down, right?"
He nodded. "Удачи."(Good luck.)
"Edgar!" I looked at the other woman as she hugged Kazimir and looked like she whispered something to him, which somehow made his face look angrier than before. Something's not right. As she let go of her son, she smirked and patted his head, but Kazimir pushed her away. I wonder what the problem is. 
I approached Kazimir and kissed him on the cheek, I no longer cared if our family saw us. What's wrong with it anyway? "Good luck, Kazimir."
"Yeah," he said and held my hand. "You too."
"Kazimir, listen, is there-?" I tried to say, but he cut me off.
"No. Don't worry, just get on with the game... We gotta do this," he said, running his fingers through my hair. If he doesn't want to talk about it, I won't force him. I'm just worried, that's all.

"CONTESTANTS!!!" Grandma called, raising her pistol. "When you hear my gunshot, that's your signal to start the race! Are you ready?"
"YES." Kazimir and I faced each other and nodded.
*BOOM!* And so it began.

There were two trails - since Kazimir went to the right, I went to the left.


Staying serious, I concentrated on putting my military skills to the max -  using it to endure and maximize my breathing, therefore not making me lose breath and become weak, otherwise it'd make me run slower. I breathed as deep as I could through my nose and exhaling little by little through my mouth. This way I'd save more energy. I also prepared my rifle if ever any wild animal or dangerous people interrupted my running.

Passing through the wilderness, something suddenly jumped from a tree and whatever it was, I immediately shot it with my rifle. I just didn't care anymore. I had to focus on running. Grandma said there'd be a lot of distractions, and boy, there really were: fierce, spirited, untamed, wild people and animals, trying to play a prank, setting up traps and disturbing me in person. Well, I just had to shoot them, anyways.

While I was on guard, I thought about Kazimir, and where he was right now. I hope he didn't reach the mountain yet.

After running for an hour (geez, grandma could surely own an empire), I finally reached the mountain,wherein some of grandma's maids were waiting. They handed me equipments to use to climb up.
"Did my brother come here?" I asked.
Much to my dismay, they nodded. "He did."
"WHAT?!" Shocked, I ignored their bottled water and started climbing up the mountain, where I got a glance of Kazimir starting to cross the bridge. DAMN IT!


After climbing for about 15 minutes (I'm still keeping track), I was finally able to reach the upper half. However, upon walking to the bridge, I felt the ground shake strongly, as if there was a strong earthquake, and when I looked up, I saw-...
I ran as fast as I could to escape the huge rocks rapidly falling down to me, and luckily, I reached the bridge. I wasn't able to see Kazimir anymore. He's gone. Damn it, he might just win this!

Looking at the bridge however, grandma was a big fat liar. "What the-?" THIS IS THE SKINNIEST BRIDGE I HAVE EVER SEEN! Wonder why? Well, obviously 'cuz IT'S JUST A ROPE!
"Milady!" The maids across called me. "You gotta cross the bridge, hand over hand!" I nodded, and I lowered myself and hung on the rope, then started crossing to the other land.

Don't look down. Don't look down. Focus!

I was moving so slow, and I swear I couldn't move any more than 10 meters per minute. "Darn!" My bag's too heavy, it's getting in my way... All of my guns are here, and I need to reach the end!
I closed my eyes and thought about what I had to do. This was just so important. Vera... Losing guns for the right purpose is alright... Just do it, Vera. This is for the greater good...
Almost crying, I took my bag off and let it go. I took a long look down, saying my last goodbyes to my precious guns. My heart was torn; even my favorite rifle was in that bag. It hurt so much! I'm so sorry!!!

I got to the next land and the maids gave me some water. I asked them if my brother had passed this way. And once again, they gave me a yes. Damn it. This is getting serious. I proceeded to run again, entering the forest and following the rail path leading to the mansion grounds. I couldn't lose this game to someone weaker than me.

Out of the blue, someone called my name."VERA!!!" And told me to get back or whatever. The guy's voice was cracking, like he was being held up or something. I stopped and looked around to see who was calling me. Who the heck's calling me?

Before I noticed it, I heard a huge explosion, and everything just went dark around me.

I couldn't see a thing.


Kazimir's POV

My mother is insane. Ever since the father I never knew had left her, she hasn't been doing very well in her job, and even in dealing with her own life. She is someone no one can ever trust. That's why I decided to work on my own, and stay as far away as possible from her.

It was on the night after the dance party. My mother was drunk, and she was talking nonsense to me. But then, there was one thing she said; one thing that made my heart skip a beat, one thing that boiled my blood so much that I wanted to burst out.
"Vera," she started to say. This dragged me to curiosity.
I approached her and held her shoulders."What? What about her?" I questioned.
"She's a very cute girl, I'll tell you that... But, ah... Too bad she won't win the competition..." She smiled like she was thinking about doing something hideous to my sister. "My son... shall win... and I'll make sure he does win..."
I shook her and denied, "How can I possibly win, mother? She's too good to be true, and there's no way I can-" She cut me off by that sudden sentence of hers: "I'll KILL HER." When she said that, I lost my mind. I couldn't grasp what she just said. I didn't understand. "What are you saying, mother?!"
"At the final course of the competition... I'm planning a little dynamite party for Vera..." She was closing her eyes, but was raising her hands like she had a wine glass with her. She laughed like her plan would be fun and exciting. Next thing I knew she fell on the ground, asleep. I just stood there in front of her, frozen in fright. This woman... She is really planning to kill my little sister...


On the day the competition arrived, I couldn't look any better, with my cowboy theme and white hat, I think even Vera noticed the look on my face.

When she came to me and was about to ask me something, I knew it concerned about the way I looked. "No," I cut her off. "Don't worry, just get on with the game... We gotta do this." I didn't want to hear anything from her right now, especially with the things that might happen to her. I had to avoid her as much as possible so I could protect her.

When the signal was made, I ran east, since it was the shortest way to the mountain. I did a little study after listening to my mother talk about the places in her sleep. It seemed that our parents had some conference with grandmother about what's going to happen in the competition.

I came to the mountain and saw some guys at the peak, preparing boulders, I think. I had the urge to stop them, but I had to reach the dynamite people before Vera does. I prayed she'd survive that mountain, and I was kind of bullish about it too, since I knew she was a strong woman.

At the final course, I saw two maids waiting for Vera's arrival. They were hiding behind the grasses and trees, with Vera's trail a few meters away in front. I was lucky to have encountered them from the back.
"See anything?" One maid said.
"Nope. No sign of her yet..." The other replied.
I hid behind a huge tree a little bit far from them, trying to plan something up to save my little sister. I've got to get that woman away from the plunger. If she falls on it, half of the forest will go.
I swiftly and quietly moved to another tree, closer to them. I still got my rope, so this might be of use.

Out of the blue, Vera appeared, and the maids prepared themselves. I gulped and waited for the chance.

Alright, at the count of three. 1... 2...

"THREE!" I ran towards the maids and made a ruckus. I was able to tie one maid up since she was weaker, while the other 'tomboyish' one was a little harder to beat, so I tried to fight her fist-to-fist.

"VERA!!! GET BACK! GET BACK!!!" I yelled so loudly I thought my eardrums would pop.
The tomboyish maid was able to get me and tried to strangle me. I couldn't even land a single punch on her. This was preposterous. The other maid escaped from my ties, and she got on to the plunger. "Hahaha, too bad for you, little boy... You know, your mother asked us to do this for you to be the winner... You can get all the fortune, and that little sister of yours will be no more... Hahaha!" I was so enraged to the point where demonic powers came to me (just an expression, haha).

Alright. Enough of this "no to fighting women" rule. JUST BEAT THE S*** OUT OF THEM!

I was finally able to punch the woman strangling me and grabbed the other woman to stop her. Unfortunately (I never thought this would happen), more maids arrived and pulled me away. One was going to the plunger; the others holding me down with my mouth covered. Geez, these women are strong!
"Get ready girl..." One maid said.
All I could think of was Vera. My mind was blocked, and I couldn't move an inch because of these women.

Suddenly, I heard a loud gunshot, and a huge branch fell on the women holding me, setting me free. "Are you alright, Kazimir?!" Someone said. I looked back and saw Vera's father. How did he know about this?
"Why are you-?"
"No time to explain, get that woman!"
I ran to the woman at the plunger and punched her face good and hard, knocking her out. "How did you know about this?" I asked him.
"Your mother talks to me," he replied.
I was shocked. "Well anyways, thanks."
"Oh, it was the gun, really... And- OH MY G- OH NO!!!" He pointed at another huge branch that fell on the plunger. This made us all panic. There was nothing we could do about it.

*KABOOM!!!* Everything just exploded.


The ground back in the mansion shook, and this caught the two ladies' attention.

"Ah- I don't know what that was.. It could've been thunder or a small earthquake," Cecilia said. "But one thing I do know: A winner could be coming in any minute now!"
Kazimir's mother grinned at the sight of the forest far away, assuming that Vera died in that tragedy.


Kazimir's POV

"Oh Kazimir..." Vera's father approached me wearing a sad face. He looked like he lost everything, and that's what I needed to see for myself.
"I've gotta find out." I ran fast away to where my little sister could be.

She can't be dead. She can't be dead. She can't be dead. I thought over and over again. My heart was pounding, I was really scared of what might have happened to her.
"Vera!" I shouted while searching around for her. "Vera! Vera!" I ran into the smoke, hoping to find her.

Please be alive, Vera!

"Vera! Vera!" I almost stumbled upon a huge rock, still trying to look for her at every turn. "Vera!!!" I felt like my vocal chords were going out. I had to scream loud enough for that girl to hear me.

I was taking so much time. I couldn't find her. She's gone... I was too late...

I was at the point of crying my heart out, when someone said, "Are you just gonna stand there yelling my name all day?" My eyes opened wide in shock, and I saw her coming out from the smoke.
"Thank heaven you're safe!!!" I rushed to her and embraced her firmly. I didn't want to let her go. I didn't want her to leave my sight ever again.
She brushed off the dirt from her poncho, and her face was covered in black dust. "I keep my instincts wide open, Kazimir. I expect the unexpected," she said, seeming confident. "But maybe this time someone did plan to fool around me, huh?"
I took my handkerchief from my pocket and wiped her face, and I kept on kissing her each time after every wipe.

"The will says 'May the best man win'... Now I ain't sure I am the best man..." She looked at me with only her eyes clear and shiny, standing out from her dirt-covered face.
"No, that's not true-!"
"YOU SAVED MY LIFE! Now how am I gonna work for a man who saves my life?!"
"There's no time to talk about that, Vera! My mother did this for me... She set you up! She wanted me to win, and because of that, she planned to kill you so I'd be the winner!" I exclaimed, only to shock her.
"Your mom?!" She shrieked, like she was really pissed.
"Vera, if I hadn't met you in the past, I would've left you alone here to die, even if I won through stupid means. But now I don't care who gets it! I've got my own job, and I'm rich through it! I don't need no inheritance! You are enough for me. Just having you instead of this whole !@#$ is the best prize!" I held her face, but when I was about to kiss her, she pushed me away.
"Kazimir, don't," she said, stepping away from me.
"What are you-?"

"One of us has got to win." She pointed and looked at me like she was going to kill me. I had no choice but to follow her scheme.


At the front porch, the two women were waiting for the winner to arrive.

"You know," Cecilia started to say. "If there is no winner... then the entire fortune goes to-..."
"A PERSON COMING!" Someone from the back shouted, pointing at someone far away.
"...- the person coming. Uh-what?!" Cecilia turned to look at the man running towards them. "Who is it?!"
"Who is it?"

The winner arrived at the front porch, shocking the ladies.
"I don't believe it!" Vera's father exclaimed.
 Kazimir's mother clapped her hands. "You're safe! I knew you could do it, Edgar!" She approached her son and tried to hug him, but he pushed her away.
"Stay away from me, you little..." Kazimir glared at her.
"Edgar, dear, where's Vera?" Cecilia wondered, worried about the other.
"Here I am!" Vera suddenly appeared behind Kazimir, holding a gun in her hand. She pointed it to Kazimir's mother and declared, "You piece of dog-fart. Thought you could get me by surprise?"
"What are you saying, Vera?" Kazimir's mother was raising her hands, thinking that the girl might shoot her.

"You set me up, you slithering snake! You're gonna pay for it!" Vera approached the woman and slapped her across the face with her gun, causing the woman's nose to bleed. "You deserved that, バカヤロ," (-Bastard.) she said, glaring at her.


Vera's POV

Hahh... Seriously, I never thought I was gonna die! But thanks to my instincts and my military training, I learned how to expect the unexpected and defend myself from it! I learned a lot about predicting the future, and dude, I seriously was able to use that when that mine exploded.

Anyways, because of her foolishness and playing around my game, I slapped the other woman's face using the gun I had left hidden under my skirt, which made her bleed. Tsk, served her right. I wanted to do more to her. Now I wished I had intended to really kill her the moment I saw her. She was a traitor, after all.

Kazimir saved me, so I asked him to go first, then I would just follow closely behind him. I wanted to kick that woman's ass along the way, and when I arrived, I did it with brute force.

"Vera!" Grandma hugged me. "My precious granddaughter, are you alright?"
"I am. Thanks to Kazimir, I lived."
"Kazimir, the first to arrive. You are the winner!" Grandma raised Kazimir's hand. The three of us applauded, when Kazimir suddenly came to me and grabbed my hand. He tugged me closer to him and asked grandmother if we could wash ourselves up first before the meeting. Grandma agreed and said she'd wait for us at the dining room for dinner. So Kazimir then pulled me inside, and we went upstairs to my room's bathroom.

Hi guys! Been a long time! Finally, the competition's over! But our love story is yet to be finished! ;) ;) Look forward to the next chapter, ya guys! PLEASE SUPPORT!!!  :D :D  ;D ;D

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Re: COFFEE & TEA (The Greatest Love Story) [ONGOING] 2014
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ACT 11 - The Real Story of Jules Wolff and Agatha Sankt

My name is Jules Wolff. I was born in Russia, but was raised in Germany. My mother is Russian, while my father is German. Great, isn't it?

Let me tell you a little story of mine:
When I was in college, I met this girl named Agatha. She was really beautiful, and I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. She was my classmate, and surprisingly, my roommate in the dorms. Everyday we'd spend our time together; in going to school, eating snacks and lunch, in going back to the dorm, and even in eating dinner. We were like a couple, really, or that's what I thought of it.
I'd frequently say "I love you" to her and ask her to go out on dates with me, but it always seemed that she wouldn't answer me back, so I thought my love was unrequited. In the five years we have spent together, she had never answered any of my "I love you's". This made me quite paranoid - I dreamed of her every night, I'd think of her every single day. I wanted her so badly.

On the day of graduation, I planned on confessing my feelings to her, and wished for her to accept me.

We planned to meet back in our room, and when she arrived:
"Agatha, I love you! Will you marry me?" I exclaimed, kneeling down in front of her. I thought that if I approached her frankly, everything would be cleared up for the both of us. "I fell in love with you the first time we met, and now I want to make things different for the two of us. So please, answer me." I hoped for good news. She was the only one I ever held precious of in the entire world.

She stared at me for a while, and much to my surprise, she nodded and said yes. I jumped at her and embraced her, laughing ever so loudly. This was the best day of my entire life!


Three months after we moved out from the dorms, Agatha had been living with me in my condominium, since my mom and dad went back to Russia to attend some business.
She would cook and I would clean. We were such an amazing pair.
I called my parents and told them about her and about our marriage, so they planned to come back to Germany by the next three weeks. In the meantime, I enjoyed our moments together every single night... until the day my parents arrived.

The moment my mom started to do it, I wasn't able to understand the situation any longer. She slapped Agatha in front of me. "How dare you!"  My dad was holding me tight.
"Mom, what the hell are you doing to her?!" I couldn't move. I was frozen. All I did was scream of terror.
"Jules, you are too young for marriage, and you know that!" Mom pointed at me, it felt like she wanted to torture me.
"But I've graduated from college already!" I protested.
She was still pointing at me, her tip of the index finger so close to my nose. "It doesn't matter! You are my son, and you will do whatever I tell you!" She catastrophically declared.
I tried my best to explain everything Agatha and I had been doing before they returned to the country. And surely this shocked the crap out of them. My mom hit and slapped Agatha some more, and I couldn't even move to do anything to stop the agony.
"Well then, son, does that mean she'd be... pregnant?" She asked me, pulling Agatha's hair.
I gulped, and answered, "She might be." Some time in the future she will be, and that I am confident of.
She threw Agatha away and walked out of the door, then my dad and some of our bodyguards pushed me outside, leaving Agatha behind. "Leave her, let's go."
"WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!!!" I yelled and yelled, but I couldn't do anything. I was too weak.

She kept her contact with me, and Agatha became pregnant in the next few months. However, instead of naming the child Kazimir Wolff, he was given the surname Sankt, Agatha's last name. I no longer saw her since then and haven't made contact with her. I haven't even seen my son yet.


A few years passed by, and I received news that Agatha had gone to Japan with the young Kazimir for his studies.

Meanwhile, I met another woman in Russia. Her name was Kamelia, and she was from England who came to the country for her father's business. She was very pretty;  she had the beauty that can definitely be compared to Agatha's. She was kind, smart, and she loved to play the piano.
I was 24 at that time, when I brought her to my family to ask permission from my parents if she can be with me.

"Как дела?"(How are you?)  My mom would usually speak in Russian to the women I flirt with to test them if they knew how to speak her language or not.
Fortunately, Kamelia knew how to speak in Russian, since she studied for a few years here.
"Хорошо, спасибо."(I'm fine, thank you.)
Mom raised her fork and pointed it at me. "And where do you think you're going, Jules?" She raised a brow and grimaced.
"I'm not yet sure, but this time, I won't fail. I promise," I said. I was really serious about that decision.
And after that, I eloped with my wife to a country in Southeast Asia, and there I searched for jobs and looked for work, where I was a great success at.

My wife got pregnant, and we named our baby girl "Vera", which means "faith" in Russian.

Hi! ;D Now you've seen and now you know what Kazimir's mother's and Vera's father's names are. :) I haven't mentioned them in any chapter so far, right??  8)
Note: The names used in this chapter are FICTIONAL. Anyone who might be able to relate to it is just a coincidence. ;) ;) Look forward to the next chapter, ya guys! Please support!!!  ;D ;D ;D :D :)

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Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D

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Re: COFFEE & TEA (The Greatest Love Story) [ONGOING] 2014
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ACT 12 - Cleaning Up

Kazimir brought me to my room and took my clothes off, and after that, he took his. The guy was shameless.
"What do you think you're doing?!" I hid behind the bed, obviously embarrassed.
"What are you afraid of, Vera?" The guy smirked and walked towards me, like looking at each other naked was a normal thing. "I've seen you without clothes many times. Now deal with it." He pulled my arm and we went to the bathroom, throwing me into the rectangular bathtub filled with warm water. He came into the tub too, and started to wash himself up. I didn't look at him; I was facing back with my eyes shut and my arms covering my bare chest. "What are you doing, Vera? Come on, there's no need to be embarrassed." I could hear him smirk. He's liking this, isn't he? He held my shoulders and made me look at him. Before I could say anything though, he kissed me, sending chills through my whole body. And now it felt like the water was colder than before, since I was really hot. My blushing was raised to the max. "Now wash your face," he said, rubbing my face with soap. "You don't look good in black." Ah- yeah, I almost forgot, my whole body was white, except for my face, which was actually black from the smoke and dirt. Felt like I was from a mud facial and aroma therapy.
"Shut up!" I rinsed my face and washed it with soap and water three more times. "Black was never my style anyways." When I looked at Kazimir, his facial expression was like he was amazed at how clean my face turned out to be, and when I looked down at the water, it already had some dark color in it. It was super embarrassing.
Kazimir laughed when he also looked at the water. I ignored him with my pouting face, when he suddenly held both my hands and raised them in level with my head. "I'll say one thing for you, Vera - you seriously make a man want." He came in and just started kissing my neck. I felt as if he wanted to devour me, like he was a wolf. He was certainly letting out a beast.
"Wa-wa-what are you saying?" I pushed his head away; I couldn't help but flush at his "effectx" that were totally sexy. I wanted to growl!
"I like what I'm looking at," he said. "I like it a lot." He stared at me and then scanned me from my head downwards. I wasn't really sure what I had to do since I was too scared to ruin his moment. However, I still needed to do something. I slowly let go of his grip, then, instantaneously, sunk myself into the water, to avoid any more of his sexiness.
I musn't look! I musn't look! I kept on screaming in my mind. I was holding my breath and pinching my nose. This was my only chance to escape from him, and his wild effects! Unfortunately, losing my precious luck, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up from the water.
"What are you doing?" He was laughing!
"N-nothing!!!" I wanted to escape from you, you bonehead!
"Stop acting like a kid, Vera." He was still laughing!
"Ah-I'm not!!!" I pouted at him. Geez, I had to cover my face out of the shame!
After wiping his tears of joy away, he strengthened his grip on my shoulders and pulled me closer. He seems to have become serious. Kazimir kissed me possessively, intoxicating me. He was strong. I couldn't pull away from his grip.
"Kazimir..." I wanted to stop him. I crossed my arms to cover my chest, and I looked away from him.
"Not this time, Vera. I'm going to do what I should have done the moment we met again here and show you just how much you mean to me."
My blood raced, and this made me so weak with longing that I became powerless to do anything to stop him. "Look at me," he commanded. "I don't have much that means anything to me anymore. Just you and you mean everything to me. I know it's so sudden, but the fact is, you became mine when we first met and you're still mine, and I'm gonna show it to you." He smirked. His tone was insidious. Brother dear, this is sexual harassment! I leaned back and braced myself. My inner soul quivered. Whatever's gonna happen, just let him do his thing. Oh my gothic, my mind is shouting all the bad words I know.

I want to call the army! Help me!

"I've dreamed of touching you." He fondled my breasts. "Tasting you." He put his mouth to my neck. "And making love to you." He muttered against my skin. 
I bent my head to one side to give him way. I thought he was going to continue what he was doing, but it seemed that he wasn't doing anything. He stopped. "Kazimir?" I opened my eyes, wondering the reason why he stopped. He looked at me and smiled. "What is it?" I questioned him. Why the hell did he stop? Instead of answering me with words, he kissed my forehead. "Kazimir." I held his head and made him look at me. "Come on, answer me. What's wrong?"
He lowered his head to my cleavage and whispered, "My body is unbelievably parched." He left a sigh and just laid his head on my bosom.
"What?" And after that, he no longer answered me. I called him again, but he didn't answer. Maybe he fell asleep. I held his shoulders and pushed him back, then I got out of the tub and covered myself with a towel as fast as I could. I called his name again, and I went to him and touched his forehead. "Hey, wake up! I'm gonna go get coffee for you okay? So you better get out of here and change." He nodded, thank goodness, but with his eyes closed. Hmm, I guess he really was tired.

I went out of the bathroom and dressed myself with shorts and a T-shirt, then I went downstairs to the dining room.


Coffee, coffee... What kind of coffee does Kazimir like to drink? Hmm... He usually takes black coffee, no sugar, or sometimes there is, but only a little bit. He also drinks cappuccino, but not that often. So what kind of coffee is it?
Argh, this is tricky. Fine, got no choice. I'll take the one I've always heard him order around here.

"Excuse me, but can you please make me a cup of espresso?" I asked the maids. They bowed and went to the kitchen. I waited at the dining table.

A few minutes later, they came back, bringing two different cups on a tray. This made me wonder.
"Why are there two?" I asked them. "I only wanted coffee, ya know."
"The black cup is coffee for the master. The white one is tea for milady." Wow, this surprised me.
"Ah- Oh, I see... Thank you." I got the tray and went back upstairs to my room.

As I opened the door, I couldn't believe my eyes at how handsome Kazimir looked with only a towel covering his lower half, his hair still wet from the bath, and his scent.
"WHY AREN'T YOU WEARING ANY CLOTHES?!" He should at least be a little bit humble! Boasting his perfect body like that... Gwaah!!! (>___<)
"They're in my room," he said, not having any emotions on him. Oh gob he was a dumbass.
"THEN GO GET THEM!" I placed the tray on the desk and kicked Kazimir out of my room. "If you don't change in two minutes, say goodbye to your coffee!" I said then banged the door closed.

Hahh... Men... They never have shame for anything.

I sat on a chair and started drinking my favorite tea, Earl Grey. Every sip I took I just couldn't help but express my feelings on how it relieves me and makes me feel so relaxed!
Two minutes was like two seconds later when Kazimir suddenly opened my door, wearing jeans and a body-fit red shirt. "So, my coffee?" He sat beside me and started drinking his coffee.

Hahh... He looks so handsome - with the jeans and the shirt... Yehee, I'm so lucky to have a brother like him!

"What?" He looked at me looking at him. I was startled so I swiftly looked away. I shrugged my shoulders and didn't bother to answer him. "I gotta ask you something," he said. I nodded and continued to drink my tea. "Back when you slapped my mom, you said something in Japanese." Oh really? I think he meant the 'bastard' thing. Ahaha, that one's a pretty funny joke, now ain't it? He stared at me with suspicion. "I thought you didn't know how to speak Japanese," he said and raised a brow.
I titled my head and answered, "Well, yeah, frankly, I really don't know how to speak Japanese." I smirked at him. He couldn't believe me. I just had to tell him. "I learned it from Mieko."
He was stunned. "Mieko?!" Is it really THAT unbelievable?
"One time, while we were practicing, I asked her to give me a bad word in her language, then she just answered me with that. I was waiting for a chance to say that word. I was even hoping to say that word to her, or to my dad. But I guess none of the chances came. That's until you told me that your mom set me up; that was the time I got really pissed off. I don't like being joked at, especially with serious matters. So, I used that word on her!" I made a peace sign and widened my beautiful smile.
Kazimir sighed, and patted my head. "You got guts, woman," he said. Hmph! What would you expect from a strong woman like me? Now I feel like a man... He put an arm over my shoulder, pulled me closer to him and kissed my cheek. "Just having you by my side will make everything brilliant, Vera," he said. I flushed. Damn it, every time... I pushed a frown out of me 'cuz I'm pissed of always blushing around him. I'm pissed at myself, damn it!

"Now smile, Vera." He looked at me, and I looked at him. "You don't have to act so strong all the time." He poked my forehead. "Your smile is the allure of feminine beauty!" He laughed.
Ugh! The allure of-  "Don't poke me!" I scowled at him. Does he even know what he's saying to me? "What reason do I have to smile for, anyway?"
"Smile for me." He smirked. At that time I thought he was a playboy, since his sex appeal was just so strong. He'd be able to get any women at his will. Of course, women would fall for him in an instant. I even think I'm one of those women.
Damn it.


He's plenty vile. "You little..." I forced an ugly smile out of me. Seriously, I looked like a horse!


"You owe me FIVE DAMN RIFLES!" I yelled at the woman sitting, knitting in front of me.

Kazimir and I were in the living room with my dad and his mom.
She still had the guts to deny me. She looked at me like she didn't do anything to hurt me at all. Well, she had bandages wrapped around her face, though.
"I'm putting you responsible," I said, pointing at her. Just looking at her face was pissing me off. She looked out the window and snarled, then she continued her sewing. "I want you to tell me something..." I grabbed her cloth and threw it away. "My father and your son are here. It's like I'm the only person not part of this family. Now I want you to admit it, Agatha. For the past 25 years of your life, you haven't been able to get over your wrong marriage with my dad, right? I don't think you even got married. Tell me, is it true? And even though he got married with another person and had a daughter already you still didn't give up?"
She closed her eyes for a minute, then she looked at me and smiled. "Ahahaha," she laughed like an a**hole.  "You're a good girl, you know, Vera. Always trying to search for the truths behind every single truth there is in the world. But you know, just because you're here, it doesn't mean that I'm not going to take what's mine back." She stood up and held my hand. I looked straight into her blue eyes. She's very desperate, I could tell. That's exactly the same look I give to Kazimir whenever he starts something at me.
"I want to clean this all up, OTHER woman. I'm holding you responsible for the crime of attempting to kill, do you understand?" I said, scowling at her. She suddenly laughed like crazy, I couldn't understand her. Then she cried her heart out like s***. What the hell is- "Wait... Don't tell me, you-?" I knew it, my hunch was right. Dad told me before about that so-called disease she had been diagnosed with in the past years, and that was the bipolar disorder she has had, which he noticed when they got separated; that was also one of the reasons why my dad felt no regrets leaving her.
"The main traitor here is YOU, Jules Wolff!" The other woman shouted at pointed at my dad. "You're a deadbeat! I was so happy when we were together, until that old woman came and took you away from me! I waited for you to come back to Germany, but you never did!"
"I met Kamelia at that time, Agatha. And she's the woman I can compare to you." Dad talked back, facing the other woman.
"I left for Japan with my son, who you didn't even know we had until I told you. I raised him with everything I had, until he fulfilled his dreams and made me happy! And yet..." She knelt down before me, still holding my hand. She's crying. "After getting a job, my son never came home that often anymore. I felt abandoned once again. I felt like every loved one I ever had betrayed me. And I didn't know what to do. It was like being in an isolation tank!"
"Was that... The total effect of your mental illness?" I asked. She nodded. Hmm, even though she's got this crazy illness, it seems she's still  a normal person. She only has two very different sides: the good and the ugly. The good was the one who got my hair done and called me "dear", while the ugly was the one that planned to kill me for money.

"Edgar... Will you... forgive your mother for what she had done to you?" She looked at Kazimir who was standing behind me. I looked at my brother. He appeared to be thinking about it. It took him a while before he answered.
"Kazimir," I called for him. He looked at me, and I smiled. "You can do it." I whispered. He blinked three times then returned my smile and nodded. He cleared his throat and approached his mother, helping her stand.
"Edgar?" The other woman wondered.
"Your sin is unforgivable..." He came to me and put his arm on my shoulder. "But since she asked me to, I forgive you, mother. So forget it," he said.
"Edgar..." Tears came out from the woman's eyes, she felt happy. And this made us feel a little bit happy too. "Thank you, Vera, dear... I'm sorry, too." Well, it seems she has reverted back to her good self.
"A soldier must have courage to face the truth, and he shall seek all truth behind the truth. I shall protect the weak, whether he's an enemy or not." I smiled at her. "Hearts rebuilt by hope resurrect dreams killed by fate. Don't you dare forget that, OTHER woman." Agatha cried and embraced me, saying thank you a lot.

"This is totally the reason why I'm so proud of you!" Dad punched my head, messing my hair up.
"DAD, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" I yelled, and pointed my rifle at him. Well, I thought I had a rifle with me.
He laughed at me. "I'll buy you your rifles, Vera!" It was so depressing.
"No thank you, the other woman will." (-___-)

"Now that this is all cleaned up, how about we go to dinner?" A woman appeared at the door. It was grandma. Could she maybe have heard our conversation a while ago?
Geez, this woman is so good at eavesdropping!

Hi guys! Sorry for the long wait! Here's the latest chapter of Coffee & Tea, and it's near the end... Well, sort of... :) :) Anyways, there's only one more course to take up before ending all of these, right? And what could it possibly be?  ;) ;)  ;D ;D Look forward to the next chapter, ya guys! Please support!!! ;D

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Re: ~COFFEE & TEA~ (<A Light Novel>)[ONGOING] #BeenPrankedbyFate?! 2014
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ACT 13 - Our Last Supper

"CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THE CONTEST, KAZIMIR SANKT!" We all gave a round of applause to Kazimir, and the maids delivered us our food.
"I'm happy for you, my son!" Kazimir's mom said.
"You deserved it, big bro." I smiled at my brother sitting beside me.
"And also, Vera, my dear, I've got something for you." Grandma brought out a huge box covered in pink foil. It looked really interesting, like maybe a machine gun was in there or something.
"What's in it?" I asked. She just gave the box to me and and told me to open it to see what was inside. She winked at me. Out of excitement, I started tearing the foil away and opened the box, and OH MY GOSH!!! WHAT THE HELL?! THIS IS HEAVEN!!! "Are you serious, man?! This is the Dragunov SVD, WAAH!!!" I screamed from the bottom of my lungs with joy and hugged my new rifle; together with it was a bipod. "I'm so happy, grandma!" This Dragunov SVD originated in Russia, and is one of the best sniper rifles in the world (for me, that is). I've always wanted to get something like this.
"Do you like it?"
"Like it? I LOVE IT! Thanks a lot!" I didn't let go of the gun. This was too good to be true! I'm so happy! Finally, a new rifle appears and it's just for me, FOR FREEEE!!!
"It's a birthday present from me to you, dear," she said. I stopped and thought about what she just said.
"Huh? Pardon me?" What? My birthday? Oh yeah... Now that I recall... My birthday is in two days - April 20.
"I also customized it for you, Vera. Take a look at the handle."
"Huh?" I looked at the handle and found an engraved Russian writing and beside it was a cross. It's my name! "Woah, how did you do this, grandma?" I asked.
"Hmm, that's classified, dearest. But that cross is for faith, as in your name, right?" She winked at me. I blushed. I thanked her once again. This grandma is the best! I'm so happy! (>w<)
"Vera, you better take care of that, alright? If you drop any more of your guns you're not gonna get any anymore, understand?" Dad smiled at me from across. Ugh, he doesn't even know the reason why I dropped my guns in the first place!
I answered him, "Of course red horse! You know that guns are my passion! I'm all about it!" I showed my tongue and winked at dad.
"And that's why you deserve it, Vera. It's very cute how you react towards guns, especially with the ones you often use, ohohoho!" Grandma giggled. Oh shucks, I feel ashamed. I'm a Queen who acts CUTE whenever guns are involved. Yeah, sure... (-__-)
"But she's still scary as she is, though," my dad laughed. Whatever, dad! Say whatever you want, I'm not listening! Won't hear you in the balcony!
"Take care of the gun now, alright?" Grandma said. I raised my hand and promised her that I would, and I told her I loved her and said thanks again. This grandma's got some sense. Anyways, I will never let go of this gun, that's until I get a new one, alright?

After a while, we began to eat.



Well, this is our last supper together as a complete family in this house. I think I might miss it, being together with my grandmother and all. Ever since the day I arrived in this huge mansion, nothing but ecstasy ever occured to me, making me feel all complicated. The front porch, the path of statues, and that mystery cottage - it all made me feel so weird, but at the same time happy. It's been a long time since I felt this way. Being together with my dad and my grandmother really changed my view of the world, and my view of myself. When I lost all of my guns during that crossing-the-rope course, I thought I was gonna go crazy. But then, grandma gave me a new set! It was truly a pleasure!

After losing the contest, I felt the pain and anguish in my heart, not being able to crush my weak enemy. The only purpose I came back to Russia was for my grandmother's inheritance. I was too confident about winning, because I knew no one could ever beat me. I was really excited to get to know who my brother was(to be honest), but after finding out that it was actually Kazimir, my first love, I never ever thought of beating the hell out of him. It felt disgusting, the way we knew we were really siblings. But the fact is, I don't care anymore. If only I knew from the start that he was my brother, or the fact that I had a brother and his name was Kazimir, I would never have gone with him to the hotel and I never would've let him touch me. I think I hated my family for that - such an eerie tale about my dad's past. But maybe that's called returning to destiny. I can't change it.

Now that there's a winner, I hope that Kazimir would decide to just keep it all for himself. I don't think I want to get involved with this any longer, since I lost, and as everyone usually says: "The winner takes it all." Kazimir has all the power to decide whether he  takes it all or shares a percentage with me. Honestly, I don't think I'm gonna need any of those percentages. I'm already rich, very rich. I've got people I hold dear and they love me too.

It's a shame to have someone take your virginity and learn some time in the future that the guy was actually your blood-related sibling. It feels horrible. Kazimir and I are in this incestuous relationship, and I bet all of them would freak out if they find out. I guess that situation is inevitable. I'm gonna have to entrust everything to fate. All I want is to be with Kazimir, my older brother. That is all.

"Kazimir... Please... I just want to stay with you."

--- END ---

"Okay then," grandma said as she placed her silver fork on the small bowl filled with water beside her plate, and raised her wine glass. We all waited for her announcement. We stopped eating and watched grandma at the head of the table. "The name of all my riches here in Russia is entitled to you now, Kazimir." She titled her glass to Kazimir's direction. "You are to decide whether to take it all or share with Vera. Come, stand beside me, dear," she ordered.
Kazimir stood from his seat and went to grandma. The mood changed all of a sudden. Grandma stared at him, while he looked at me, and the three of us stared at the two of them. Whatever's gonna happen, let Kazimir do his thing. It's all in his hands.
"I entrust you with everything now, Kazimir, dear." Grandma patted Kazimir's shoulder, and he nodded. It's time for his decision to be brought out.

The atmosphere turned serious, and we all had to wait for Kazimir's say. We were in the precipice of heat. The clock was loudly ticking, and I felt that in every tick of it my heart beated simultaneously with it. I became nervous. I was so anxious about his decision. The room was too silent, and it was filled with fear. He was taking time. I felt like I had to do something, like I had to say something. If this goes on any longer, I might break myself.
"K-kazimir," I stood from my seat, slightly trembling. I clenched my fists and built up the courage to say whatever I wanted to say next. "Just take it all... Kazimir. It's really for you." I tried to smile. I looked down at my feet, shaking. I think I came undone. Dad called my name, but I ignored him. Grandma also told me that it was Kazimir's decision, and that I didn't have to butt-in. But I just had to, so I said, "W-well, that's all I wanted to say.. He can really just have it, ya know..." I tried to stay calm.
"Hmph," I heard Kazimir chuckle. I looked up at him approaching me. He smiled at me, and I tried my best not to look at him directly to the eyes, or else they’d all suspect the way I looked at him - something filled with secrecy and desire. He took my hand and kissed it, then he pulled me towards him, bringing me to his side in front of grandma. He wrapped his arm around my waist.
"What do you think you're doing?" I whispered to him. If the family suspects something, I'm gonna put all the blame on him.
"Grandmother, I've decided." He raised our clasped hands. I looked at him, feeling panicked at all of their stares of suspicion. “Since it’s all now passed on to me...” Kazimir, don’t do this... Why the heck does there have to be a romantic scene before this big thing, huh?!

And before my eyes, he declared in front of everyone, "This is my victory. Vera and I shall share everything, fifty-fifty."  I looked at grandma, who was not quite shocked, while my dad and his mom were quite shocked.
“I’m so proud of you! And I congratulate the two of you, dears!” Grandma clapped her hands, and the others followed.
“K-kazimir?!” I panicked when he suddenly pulled me closer to him, in front of everyone! I closed my eyes in fear and embarrassment. I swear my face was feeling hot.
It became cold though, when Kazimir whispered to me, “Were you happy, little sis?” My eyes flew open and I looked at him smiling at me.
“What?” I questioned. I felt horrible at the sight of him laughing at my face.
He came close to my ear and whispered, “Be grateful. You know you are mine, too.”
I blushed so much that I had to pace away from him! "Good grief!" I covered my mouth.

“Alright everyone! Time for dessert,” grandma said. We went back to our seats, and the maids delivered colorful glasses filled with chocolate pudding and strawberries, and jars containing strawberry smoothies. I was so amazed. I’m so glad grandma no longer used the traditional recipes; she instead used modern food recipes.

"A toast to Kazimir and Vera!" My dad raised his jar. We also raised our jars. "CHEERS!" And we toasted.

This is the supper I may never forget in my entire life. Everything cleared up; the fog, the smog - broken threads are ones tied again, and this time, they are the red threads of destiny.

There is only one more thing to do, though...

I have to confess my relationship with Kazimir Sankt to the head of the family, my grandmother.

Yes! Finally! We're almost there! We're almost the end! :) :) What's gonna happen, I wonder?? :D ;D :) Look forward to the next chapter, ya guys! PLEASE SUPPORT!!!  ;D ;D ;)

Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

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ACT 14 - My Secret Love


"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams," Dr. Seuss once said; and this, I used as inspiration; I guess he's right. For the past days after I've met my older brother for the first time - Edgar at that time - I felt like he was someone I had known for a long time, like since I was a child. I saw in his eyes someone who meant something to him or even everything, and that, I thought, was real. I saw myself in him. He reflected every bit of me, even if we were opposites I could still tell something's wrong. No wonder I felt like I knew him, it's because I really did. He's Kazimir Sankt, my first man who turned out to be my older brother.

Kazimir is quite a guy, ya know? He's a good-looking decisive fella about 25 years old. He's the type of guy men want to be friends with, because he's got trust and integrity, ya know? He's got character and mad skills. I'm also sure that he's the type of guy women want to be together with, because there's that special gentleness in him, respect, loyalty and courage. And women like me like that very much. He's dependable, never ever putting his mistakes on someone else's shoulder, never blaming anyone if he's got the wrong side of the court. Those characteristics would sure make him a terrific and honorable husband!

The first time I met him he was the one who came to me. I looked at him so differently, unlike the way I usually looked at most men - with disgust. For the me at that time, I thought of men as feral beasts filled with lust. But this guy, Kazimir, was distinct. He was more handsome, he was like a guy from a dream or something. Maybe women would call him their "prince in shining armor", but I wouldn't exaggerate about this piece of "retard in tin can". Nevertheless, I still saw something surreal about him. And through this I could tell that he's not like any other common boys in town, but a scholar in the city. He's my type of guy. The guy I might have been waiting or wanting to appear ever since I turned 18.

After talking with him a little while at the hotel-casino, he brought me to his hotel and took what was precious to me. And unbelievably, that was the same time he stole my heart. I really wanted to arrest him for stealing my heart, but instead, I wanted to do the same to him. He made me fall in love with him, and I wanted to make him fall in love with me too. I guess this was where I succeeded? He did say I was his first woman, and he didn't notice that I fell for him.

Months later, my grandmother invited me to Russia, and there I found out that I had an older brother. The first time I met him his name was Edgar Sankt, my 3 years older brother. But then he suddenly changed, and he admitted to me that his real name was Kazimir. I was happy, at the same time terrified. Know why? It's because my first love was actually my brother, and he's also the man who took away my purity! I knew from that day on that I wouldn't be able to stop whatever's going to happen in the future, for the reason that he can't stop loving me, and I just can't stop loving him. I LOVE MY OLDER BROTHER. I love him very much, not as a sibling, but as another person - as a man.

"It is better to be hated for what you are, for the truth, than to be loved for what you are not, for lies," I read in some book. Surely this was the thing I have been wanting to learn. This might actually be the reason why I wanted to confess my feelings to my grandmother. I already told my mom about this, and whether she'd care or not, it's not my problem anymore. If I had to hide our relationship from everyone, it'd mean that I will be living in a lie, and that no one could ever acknowledge us.

My trainor once asked me, "Have you ever been in love?" I was surprised by his sudden curiosity, but I nodded anyways. Then he continued, "Horrible, isn't it? It makes you so weak and fragile and vulnerable."
I thought about what he said, and maybe he's right, even though I knew he just got that from a book, but whatever. Being in love distracts people from what they are doing or focusing in. Students, specifically the females, I think are a good example of that. I really hate it when some girls fail in class just because they couldn't focus; even using their crushes as an excuse. Why did they have to fail? Just because they're in love or infatuated with someone it doesn't mean that they should just let everything go. That is stupidity, foolishness. I tried my best to stay out of their business, but they were the ones who came to me, so I had to fight.

"You're lucky you're not in the mood for love yet, Vera. But someday you'll discover the reason why we can't focus," a classmate of mine said to me back in the old days. It didn't really mean anything to me, though.

I'm not quite sure why I didn't fall in love with a guy for the past 22 years of my life. But I guess now I know the reason why. I was too young, and when someone's young, she has to be disciplined. Falling in love with Kazimir was the same as falling in love with a new rifle freshly delivered from Russia or America. It was ever the best feeling of learning how to love.

Now that I have finished all the challenges and Kazimir decided to split everything in half, I only have to confess to the family about us. This may be the biggest crisis I will have ever experienced, but it's for the sake of my life, his life, and ours.


--- END ---


Everyone seemed to be enjoying our time together. I was thinking, Just one more move, Vera, and everything shall be put to an end.

I finished my smoothie in the jar and took a glance at my grandma, who seemed to be looking at us too. When she caught my gaze, I looked down at my jar, pretty embarrassed. "Vera," she called. Great, now she noticed me.
"Hmm?" I still didn't look at her. "What is it, grandma?"
"Is there something you want to say?"
What? How did she know? "I... don't think so, grandma," I denied.
"Actually, there is," Kazimir suddenly butted-in and stood from his seat. I looked at him with suspicion. Could it be that he'll say what I wanted to say? No way.
Everyone looked at Kazimir, wondering what his intention was.
"So, Kazimir, what is it?" Grandma asked again. I saw Kazimir clench his fists. Oh no, this might've been what I haven't been looking for... Or maybe it is!
"There's been something going on in this family," he began, "and I'm pretty sure it includes my mother and Vera's father; and maybe Vera and me, too." I gulped and thought about what he was going to say. If he's gonna explain what's been happening between us, he'd better be clear, or else I'll chop them off.

"Yes, well," grandma began to say, putting her jar down. "I have been thinking about something, too, my dear." This truly shocked me. She already knew? And yet she's still so calm? Grandma, this couldn't possibly be real, right? Why is she so relaxed and steady? I thought she'd banish one of us from the family!
"Grandma?!" I stood up and approached her. She looked at me like she didn't know anything at all, like she was wondering why I walked towards her. Now I became confused. "Did you know? Or did you not, grandma?" I went serious. No jokes this time. All I want is the truth.
She first stared at me, then she took a glass of water. She still wasn't speaking.
"Vera, what are you talking about?" My dad asked. I ignored him and focused my attention on my grandma. She's taking a while to answer.
She suddenly looked at my brother and me seriously, and said, "Maybe we can talk about this... in private. How about that?" I looked at Kazimir, and he looked at me; then we looked at grandma.
"It's a deal," Kazimir nodded.
"Alright then," grandma said as she stood up and walked to the door. "Jules, Agatha, stay here. We'll be back." She went out, and Kazimir and I followed.

Grandma took us to the blue drawing room. The maids prepared us some coffee and tea. She sat on a couch near the fireplace while Kazimir and I stood in front of her.
"Well then... Shall we get started?" Grandma crossed her legs. "What was it again that you wanted to tell me, Vera dear?"
"I'll ask you one more time, grandma." I clenched my fists. "Did you know? Or did you not know?" I'm never gonna say what's it about, I just wanted to know if she knew what I think she thinks I knew she knew. I BET SHE KNEW.
She sighed and closed her eyes. I waited for her to answer.
"Edgar? Tell me one more time," she said and looked at the man standing beside me. I also looked at him. He smiled at me.
"What is it?" Curiosity suddenly portruded from me. What is it that he'd say to her this time?

Kazimir took my hand and raised it in front of grandma. "I'm in love with her." Oh good gob, he finally said it. I flushed and looked at grandma. Much to my surprise though, she giggled. Unlike what I expected from her to be screaming and yelling and saying bad things to us, she looked kind of happy instead. She took a sip of her tea, then she came to us with a gentle smile.
I shook my head and let go of Kazimir's hand. "Grandma, truth be told, Kazimir and I... We had met each other before everything about this whole crap happened! We met back in the Philippines; I was at a hotel-casino, when he came to me and-"
"Good people end up in hell because they can't forgive themselves. I know I can't. But I can forgive you," she said.
She nodded. "You truly are very beautiful, Vera," she said. "I know your grandfather would be so proud of what you've become - my best sniper." She winked. She took mine and Kazimir's hands and held them together, then she said, "Let's just be happy that you aren't fully related to each other." What?

What is this woman saying?

"Not fully related?" I asked. She nodded.
"Vera, what is your blood type?" She asked me out of the blue. I was at first dazed, but later on I answered I had the type A, the same with my father. After me, she asked Kazimir what his blood type was, and I felt like I'd been shot to the heart with arrows of love, when he told her he had the type O, the same with his mother. She smiled at me and I was amazingly stunned. "And that means you're not related by blood now, does it?" Grandma winked. My eyes and mouth were left open.
"How did you know about that?"
"You don't think I keep my records about you? I know everything about you and Kazimir, and Jules and Agatha, and Kamelia, too. I know everything." She was smiling. I was terribly overjoyed that I couldn't say anything. Despite Kazimir and I sharing the same father, she still approved of us. She did believe that my dad and my mom were the real couple here, since my dad cut off all his connections with Agatha. THEREFORE, THE PAIRING OF KAZIMIR AND VERA IS LEGALIZED!

"Grandma, I can't thank you enough..." I was seriously speechless. I rubbed my eyes 'cuz I felt tears coming up. I had to suck it in. Kazimir told me that he told grandma everything before the competition began, and she was never against us, nor our relationship. Instead, she gave him her blessing. She gave HIM her blessing(and not to me?!), you say? "WHAT?!" I yelled. I felt stupid. I couldn't believe my lover(or that's what I'd like to call him) did something behind my back! And Kazimir just laughed! To hell with him!
Grandma also laughed. "You two are very notorious for your skills, aren't you?" I was like in a play of insanity. These two may be unpredictable somehow in any way, but I still love them for who they are. Grandma is the most unbelievable one; her altruism took many forms, from conducting our competition to sponsoring our daily necessities, and even accepting our not-so-incestuous relationship. She's got some sense, and she's awesome.

Whatever dreams may come, I hope this would be the best one.


"Won't you come inside?" Grandma asked me since I wasn't following them back to the dining room; instead, I was at the stairs.
"I'll catch up with you," I said and ran upstairs. I went to my room and got my Ipod; I wore my earphones and listened to EXO's What Is Love?, then I continued to the dining room, where everyone was waiting.

"Hello, dear!" Grandma waved at me to grab my seat. "What would you like to have right now?"
I sat on my chair, "Earl Grey, please," I told the maids.
"What about you, Kazimir?"
"I'll have frapuccino, please." Hmm? What's this? Another type of coffee?
Grandma suddenly snickered, "Oh you two, dearest... You're a perfect combination, you know that?"
"What are you talking about, grandma?" I took off one earplug.
She pointed her spoon at my brother and me, and said, "I noticed this one as well: my dear Vera would order tea, while my dear Edgar would order coffee. You are like my coffee and tea. Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, some with milk and sugar, some with just the regular - neither with milk nor sugar at all. Coffee and tea surely are the best pair, even if they sometimes have to fight, drinking the both of them would always be so right to make someone's day bright. It's a very beautiful fact" She smiled at us. My cheeks turned red and all I did was nod. My dad and Kazimir's mom laughed. This made me even more insecure.
"WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT, DAD?!" I yelled at him.
"Oh nothing much..." Yet he was still laughing!
I pouted at him, but ignored his aliteracy anyways. I looked at my grandma and said, "Спасибо, бабушка."(Thank you, grandmother.)
"Пожалуйста, Вера,"(You're welcome, Vera.) she replied.

Surely this was the night I have been dreaming of. I'm glad my grandmother accepted us, and I'm really happy she revealed the fact that Kazimir and I weren't related by blood. She's truly the kindest grandmother I've met in my entire life.


Ugh, damn it! It didn't fit again! Continuation is coming up! :D :)

Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

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Hey hey hey!! :) Here it is!

The next day, grandma invited the whole family to go out in the city for lunch. This was the first time she invited us to go somewhere out of the estate.

2 PM
We went to the famed Pushkin Café located at the center of the city, which was known worldwide as the best restaurant in Moscow.
It took us a while to get there from the estate in the outskirts of the city; despite travelling for at most 30 minutes, this wonderful mansion looked like it was built in the 19th century for aristocrats, and its nostalgia sent chills through me and took my breath away. I was amazed by the sight.

After stepping out of the car, the smartly dressed doormen swept us inside and down a set of wooden stairs to the mandatory coat check, a Russian standard. We were then led through the ground floor café; every table in the place was packed with men in tailored suits and women in their best dresses. Champagne glasses were filled to the brim and that vexatious smell of cigarette smoke lingered heavily in the air. It gravely felt like we were stepping into another era.

Apparently this café consisted of 3 main halls in which the interior decor revived the wonderful atmosphere of the early 20th century. The waiters who were dressed in old servant frock coats first toured us around the first level which was known as the "Drugstore". The room was filled with volumetric flasks, measuring glasses and pharmaceutical scales - it was truly like an old drugstore(yeah, like the name shows).
We passed through a door at the back and up a narrow staircase to the formal second floor dining room. The small, well-lit “Library” room was bathed in richness. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. The room boasted sculpted walls accented with gold leaf, luxurious silk drapes and a working fireplace. I was amazed by their interesting collection in the hall - an antique library with about 15,000 old books, maps, globes and telescopes - all of them were original articles from Pushkin's time. I felt like I stepped into my dad's favorite art collection in the company's headquarters - everything was simply beautiful.

"Вот здесь столик."(Here is your table.) The waiters located us to a table that I knew was so familiar - seriously, this was grandma's picking, I just know it. And as usual, grandma sat at the head of the table; Kazimir and I were on the right side; and my dad and Agatha across us.

"Can they speak English?" Kazimir whispered to me. I shook my head. I wasn't really sure if they can or cannot since the way these quite good-looking waiters were talking was somehow in an elegantly pre-Sovietized Russian, and man, I just hope they can.
"Okay, so I've already pre-ordered our food for today, and all we need is our drinks," grandma said.
I knew what I was going to order, so I told the waiter, "Стакан чая, пожалуйста."(A cup of tea, please.) Then, I looked at Kazimir, and dude, his face! Just look at his face! He looked like a cute little puppy dog with his ears down, ahaha! But, poor Kazimir... The only second language he knew was Japanese, so I had to help him out.
Here comes Vera to the rescue! "Вы говорите по-английски?" I asked the waiter, and thank goodness he nodded. "Alright, Kazimir, tell him what you want. He can speak English, you know." I patted Kazimir's back. He sighed of relief and thanked me. Then, of course, he got his usual order: "Espresso, please."

The meal began with a huge bowl of chicken Kiev Caesar salad; it was very tasty, regarding its ingredients made from the finest quality veggies and meat, and its beautiful presentation. The next course was a steaming plate of roasted bone marrows served with chili sauce, gherkins, and a toast of honey bread. Judging by the size and quantity of each serving, I swore this afternoon was gonna be a long one, and we've just started with the appetizers.
The main course finally came: First was Russian dumplings stuffed with mushrooms; second was Chateaubriand steak; and third was a large piece of ribeye steak. It was a feast.
"Grandma, why all this food?" I asked. We were just 5 people, and yet how come she'd order so much? I was uncomfortable.
"This is our last time together, dear, and we might never see each other again for the rest of your lives." Her reply shocked me to death.
"What are you saying? You mean you're gonna die?!" Oops! Sorry for my foul mouth!
"Vera, quiet down!" my dad warned me.
Grandma giggled and said, "Anytime, sooner or later, dear..." Oh grandma, what is she saying? I can't believe what she's saying about herself! Is she seriously serious? She looked like it, and it felt awfully painful.

Time was like blown away when I took a glance at my wristwatch and saw that it was already 8:00. To hell with it.

After all the food courses that I swear I didn't count, the waiters finally served us dessert: caramel parfait with chocolate and whiskey flavorings. Oh gob, this was so delicious. I can't believe I'm eating like this! This is the first time I've come to this restaurant, and the first time I'm eating at a fine place with the whole family.
"Grandma?" I called out to her. They all looked at me while eating their parfaits.
"Спасибо..."(Thank you...) I spoke in a soft voice. "for everything..." I swear my cheeks turned red.
She smiled. "Пожалуйста."(You're welcome.)

It was the most I can say for everything that has happened. It was all wonderful. Hahh... What a great way to take off my stress!


12 PM: Dad and I decided to take the midnight flight to go back home. That very long and heavy lunch that ended just hours ago, it felt like it fled away to some place else. It was like a fantasy. Now, I've gotta face reality: We're going back to the Philippines.

Grandma and the others dropped us at the airport, and we had to say our last goodbye.
"Grandma, thank you, for everything, for all the adventure, for your inheritance. I love you, grandma, and don't you dare forget that!" I hugged my grandmother tightly and cried my heart out. I'll definitely miss them all! Distance doesn't matter when love is real!
"You take care now, dearest," she said. "You can come back anytime, of course. After all, you still have your estate to take care of in here!" She smiled at me which brought up more tears from my eyes. After me, my dad also said his goodbye to her. I think he even cried too.

"России-замечательная страна,"(Russia is a wonderful country.) I told Kazimir. "so make the most of your time exploring the place, alright?" They still have dawn to make that happen. He and his mom were taking the first flight back to Japan tomorrow. We wouldn't be seeing each other for a long while, I guess...
He took my hand and kissed it, then he kissed me. I also felt tears coming out of his shut eyes, and this made me cry once again. "You're clearly my little sister, and mine only," he said. "You belong only to me, Vera."
I shook my head in embarrassment and embraced him. "You've got your hotels in my country, a lot of them. So don't you dare tell me that you wouldn't go there." I wiped off his tears and he wiped mine.
"あいしてるよ、ヴィエラ。オレは、おまえのことを、だれよりすきだ,"(I love you, Vera. I love you more than anyone else.) he said, yet I didn't understand, neither did I care.

I loved everyone in here - from my grandmother to the very last servant in the mansion. They were all the best people I have ever met. The first time I choked on their Russian food, they took care of me, and we never had traditional cuisine since then. I'm very grateful to them. They made me really happy.

"до свидания!!!"(Goodbye!) I waved to them as my dad and I headed into the departure area inside. "I'LL MISS YOU ALL!"
"I love you, Vera!" Kazimir took a last minute yell, and the people around looked at us and smirked. Ugh, was it really that romantic? (O///O) I think so, 'cuz my face became a tomato and I shrugged my shoulders and lowered my head to cover my face.

Sometimes when I lose I win, and this was the greatest prize I've ever received.

Alright, now, finally!!! It's been revealed! :D :D Lucky, right??? Look forward to the next chapter, you guys!!! It's the FINALE of my main plot! :) PLEASE SUPPORT!!!

Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D

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Re: ~COFFEE & TEA~ (< A Light Novel >) [FINALE] #BeenPrankedbyFate?! 2014
« Reply #24 on: July 19, 2014, 12:58:10 AM »



Hi! I'm Vera, a professional Russian sniper, and the heiress to my dad's company, the VK Group. 3 years ago, I met this awesome guy in Ketesse, and his name was Kazimir Sankt. I fell in love with him, and he was my first man. However, when I went to Russia to claim my inheritance, I came across my long lost older brother, someone I never knew I had, and his name was Edgar. One day I found out that Edgar was just a nickname of his - he was actually Kazimir. After discovering that hideous truth, I knew that time wouldn't stop for us anymore, and my love for him would never disappear.

After having to overcome some circumstances and losing my confidence in beating the hell out of him, Kazimir won the competition, but he shared it with me fifty-fifty.

3 years later, I took over my dad's company, and changed its name to House of Wolff. I'm still working as a soldier, and of course, I am still named the Female King in the world of sniping. I'm satisfied with my job here in the Philippines, it's just that...

3 years ago, Kazimir promised me that he'd come back to me, and yet 3 years later, he still didn't visit the country, not even once.

--- END ---

"Hahh..." I looked out of the window, staring at the city lights shining bright. "No matter what happens, it's always beautiful looking down there from up here."

My office doesn't close until 10 PM, and I still got an appointment with a rich man interested in my sniping skills, and he wants me to teach him some things personally. I got a private firing range in my building, and it's located at the basement, so I guess everything would be okay with that.

I took a sip from my tea, when someone knocked on the door. "Yeah, come in." My secretary appeared and told me that my client has arrived. Another work... I stood from my seat and followed her to the ground floor.


"Vera Wolff, am I right?" Just looking at this guy's face was pissing me to the bones. He offered his hand and I accepted it for a handshake.

I smiled at him. "And you're my trainee, right? Welcome to the House of Wolff. The range is located at the third basement. Shall we go?" He wrapped his arm around my waist, and then we headed to the elevator. I pressed the number and the doors closed. We became alone. I looked at him behind me and started a conversation to kill the silence. "Why are you suddenly so interested in sniping, if I may ask?" I haven't been accepting offers from anyone to be taught by me, except for this special guy. When I saw his name in my records, I was truly fascinated by how much my company received big time opportunities(of course, it included money) from him.

"It has been a long time since my last visit to the country." He came near me, wearing a grin on his face. "After seeing you in that outfit really turned me on, Vera." He lowered his head and kissed my ear. I groaned. He kissed me afterwards, holding my arms and pushed me to the corner of the elevator.
"What are you-" I tried to break away from him, but he was just too strong. "Stop it-!" He moved his hand lower, until he grabbed my skirt and yanked it.
He was about to do it to me, when the elevator doors suddenly slid open. We swiftly parted, cautioned if someone saw us. We felt like drunk idiots after seeing no one outside. We looked at each other and laughed. My heart was pounding, I thought someone was there!

We went out of the elevator and into the room of guns. "Choose any gun you want," I said. I chose the one grandma had given me for my birthday.
"Actually, teaching me was just an excuse to meet with you, Vera," he suddenly confessed. "Hope you don't mind." I turned my back to look at him, with my face super red.
"Mind?"He's got some guts to do it. "AND I EVEN EXTENDED MY TIME JUST FOR YOU!?" I furiously yelled at him. This seriously pissed me off!!!
He grabs me and kisses me again. "I just wanted to see you, Vera. I missed you," he said, with a simper on his freaking face.
I pushed him away and walked outside to where the targets were. "I'm still gonna say something, though." I frowned.
He came to me and patted my head. "I'm your older brother. Of course I'll listen." I pushed him away from me again, my left brow twitching. Tch, pissing me off... Ugh, stop acting so hard-to-get, Vera!


Vera Wolff's sniping Tutorial #2:

"Alright," I began to say. "First thing you should know is: Being a sniper comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. You gotta be a soldier that possesses good decision making and a level head. Snipers need to be able to work on their own. You have to be independent, you know, so when you're not with your unit you need to be able to make sound decisions on your own without having to call up, 'What should I do here?' or 'Should I shoot this guy or what?'" Truly it's a waste if someone's just a good shooter or a natural born killer and doesn't make it to the superior offices, and that's because some people are just hot headed and dependent on their team.
"Anyways," I continued, "Our doctrine isn't about anger or recklessness. Instead, it's a crucial combination of observation, invisibility, and controlled violence, got it?"

Kazimir nodded, "It's like being unconventional, right?"

"We have to be." I fixed the scope of my rifle. "We're often the first ones to infiltrate enemy territory to collect intelligence. Sniper teams can also clear the area of anything or anyone who may threaten the outcome of the mission." I put in a long bullet inside my gun and continued to explain, "We can establish the initiative - choosing the moment and location for the fight - theoretically striking at the enemy's weakest point." I did a headshot at the farthest target, then I got another bullet and continued to shoot. "A sniper is an expert with a rifle. Surgically precise, capable of hitting a target at exactly the same place over and over again, from a distance of almost three quarters of a mile away. See?" I looked at Kazimir with a grin. He got dazed after I made only 5 shots.

"You got that right," he remarked.

"However... A sniper must be more than just a good shot. We must be extremely patient. As you may know, in a real world situation, snipers and their spotters spend hours, days, and weeks lying in weight. We call this stuff 'stalking'. Sometimes it takes us an entire day to move less than a few yards." I started to shoot at another target. "90% of a sniper's job is to collect intel; 10% is being a surgeon with bullets. The feeling is like 'everyone is counting on me to make the shot; go exactly where I want it to go everytime.' You gotta control your breathing, 'cuz everyone knows what happens when they get excited - they might start to shake, they breathe heavier, your heart rate goes up - you gotta have control over that, okay?"

Kazimir nodded. He was in silent mode. Maybe he's just scared of the way I teach or something...

"Sometimes you find yourself just focusing on one thing, for example the guy you just shot. There's a kind of morbid fascination where you wanna go back and look at him; and you've gotta pull yourself back from those effects of adrenaline so you're not wasting your time staring at someone who's already dead 'cuz he's not a threat anymore. So you're gonna look for a new threat, and neutralize it." I shot the second target straight to the heart, then I made 5 more shots at the same place.
"So, there you go. My work here is finished." I bowed to Kazimir who had a poker face. I laughed at him. "What are you doing, looking at me like that?"

He shook his head and clapped. "You're just... amazing." He took my hand and kissed it.
"Thank you," I said. I placed my rifle on the table so the staff could just clean it up later on.
"Wanna go out for dinner?" He asked, not letting go of my hand.
"Hmm? Yeah sure, but I gotta change first 'cuz it'd be embarrassing to walk around looking like a killer, okay?" I winked, and he laughed.

We went to the elevator and back to my office.

While changing, though, Kazimir kept on interrupting me -  kissing and trying to make love to me. Great thing that I was able to escape from his touches though, hahaha. (^_^) (*u*)


Much to my surprise, Kazimir brought me to the most amazing place in the whole city, the place where we first met, the 35th floor of Ketesse.

"Why here?" I whispered to him as the waiters led us to our table near the window - exactly the same place where I sat years ago. I haven't been coming to this place ever since I went to Russia and came back. It felt nostalgic.
"This is our special place, since this was where we first met," he answered. I blushed.

We then settled down, and the waiters asked for our orders.
"I'd like to have Earl Grey tea, please," I said.
And of course,"Coffee, please," Kazimir followed.
This was definitely like the last time we came here. Everything was calm and quiet; the atmosphere felt like home. This was home anyways.

"I looked through my records," I began to say. "and saw that Sankt was my greatest client." I rest my hands on the table and looked at Kazimir. I have been observing the moves of my company, and everyone working in and making transactions through it.
He smiled at me as the waiter delivered us our drinks. "And so?"
"You've been the number one stockholder of the company ever since I took over, isn't that right?" I smiled, putting my head in my hand.
"And I was wondering if you could..." I blushed at the thought of what I was going to say. I stopped talking and took a sip of my tea. I felt him stare at me after not finishing my sentence. I was thinking if you could come more often to me and so and so... but that would be impossible, right?
"If I could what, Vera?"
"Nothing! Nevermind!" This is getting on my nerves! I don't want to say anything anymore! Gwaah!!!   (>_<)
He chuckled - I heard him. "What is it with you and men, Vera? You've been going out for a while."
"What? What do you mean 'with me and men'?! I never did anything!" What the heck is he thinking? He thinks I've been cheating on him just because we didn't see each other for a few years?
"So you're denying me?"
"No!" So does that also mean I cheated on him?! Oh gob, only an amateur brat would ever answer like that!
"Then what is it?"
I calmed down for a second. I breathed in and breathed out, then I started to say, "I was wondering if you could," I just had to say it, "visit me more often in my office and stuff... since there's so much I want to discuss to you about your shares and other stuff." I looked at my hands on my knees, gripping my skirt. This was really embarrassing and frustrating at the same time.
"Ahaha," he giggled. What the heck made him giggle?! "If my little sister says so, then I got no choice now, do I?" I looked at him and he smiled at me.
"Really?" It felt a little bit revitalizing. "You're always welcome to the House of Wolff, ya know," I said.
"Mhm." He nodded. Yes!!! I'm so happy, waah!!! xD "However..." Geh-?! He took my hand and looked straight at me. He was serious, and this made me nervous. "In exchange..."
Oh gob, no no no. "What?" I didn't expect something like this to happen.

"I want a kiss from you."
I suddenly felt hot all over and his "feels" disgusted me to death. "A-a-a k-kiss? Ahaha... At this time of night?" I fiddled with my hair and didn't look straight at him. He was still earnest. I haven't got a choice now, do I?

Ugh I'm so scared!!! This's the first time he's ever done something like this! Gob, he's always so good at getting whatever he wants from me! It's like he's gonna kill me and devour me over and over again! He's like my rifle!

"O-ok... I'll..." I slowly moved from my seat and leaned forward to go near to his face. He closed his eyes and waited for me. My inner soul was going crazy.
*CHU!* I kissed him on the cheek instead of wherever he wanted it to be I forgot. This surprised him as much as it scared me to death. Oh damn... He didn't look satisfied. "Not on the cheek, Vera... Over here." He pointed at his lips. Great, now what am I supposed to do?
My heart was pounding and I neared his face again. He once again closed his eyes, and waited for me to do it.

Oh my gothic, please don't let this be the end of me!

"I... I can't..." I uttered as I receded to look at him.
He looked disappointed. Oh come on! It's not my fault! "What's the matter? Are you scared?" Of course I'm not, you big bully!
I waved my hands in front of me in denial. "N-no! That's not it! It's just that..." I had a hard time saying my problem. "The way I might kiss you won't be as good as the way you kiss me... or something like that..." This sure surprised him.
He chuckled and stroked my hair. "I don't mind," he said. "I want to know how you kiss people like me." People like you, you say? You're a badass guy, that's what you are!
I gulped and nodded. I was still filled with fear. But the pressure was exciting at the same time. Kazimir closed his eyes again and anticipated. I couldn't keep myself and my inner soul from blushing and going bananas. He's driving me nuts with his charisma.

I went closer to his face; I closed my eyes and hesitated no more. *SMOOCH* I KISSED HIM! WAAH!!! (>_<)
As I slightly moved back to look at him, his expression changed. I'm glad. He licked his lips (oh my f gob, it was so sexy), and since my face was still so close to him, he also licked mine. I swiftly backed off from him and covered my mouth. "WHAT THE HECK?!" I shrieked. No way does someone lick my lips like that! Hell no!
"Got ya." He winked and held my hand. "You're nice, Vera." How many times does he have to say that before I destroy myself?
"Hahh," I sighed in exhaustion and sat back to my seat. "Don't make me do this again, okay? You're embarrassing me." I opened my purse and got my Ipod. Dad happened to have texted me. He said that I shouldn't be at home for the night because he arranged a party for someone. And I'm guessing it's my mom. Today's their anniversary, so maybe it'd be better to leave those two long time lovers alone for a while. Nice one, dad.

The night continued with the two of us in silent mode; no socializing at all. We were just enjoying our time together, our company - looking down at the wonderful city and drinking our coffee and tea. We almost had three cups each, without ordering any solid food.
I kind of wondered if he wanted to eat something. "Kazimir, wanna eat something?" He first looked blankly at me, then he nodded; so I called on some waiters and ordered a few sandwiches. When the food came though, Kazimir didn't touch anything, and this made me suspicious. "You're still not eating," I said. He looked at me, and his gaze somehow made me  astonished. "What is it?"
He put his head in his hand and smirked. "I was wondering if we could go back to your office. I've got some unfinshed business with you." I flushed. The way he looked at me felt like he wanted to eat me instead of the sandwiches I ordered. I knew it. He's a wolf.

He stood up and took me from my seat. I didn't hesitate to go with him back to my headquarters. When he closed the door of my office, he started attacking me, chasing me around and I couldn't help have fun and laugh, until I got tired and fell on my bed in the room. He crept on top of me, touching and kissing me everywhere - it was wild! He let out the beast!

Until he did it to me again.


When I looked at the clock, it was already 3 AM. Ugh, it's morning again, huh?

I peaked inside the blanket, and gosh, I wasn't wearing anything. I was completely naked. I sat up and looked around the room. It was still dark; no lights were switched on. I turned to my right and saw Kazimir sitting at the edge, his back was facing me. Yup, well, he was wearing nothing too, and only the blanket covered his lower half.

"Vera, does it still hurt?" He asked me without looking back. I didn't answer; I was staring at his bold back, the question not processing in my mind. He called me again, and that's when I noticed him.
"Huh? Ah- oh, I'm OK." I went closer to him and laid my head on his shoulder. "Я так сильно скучал, Казимир,"(I missed you so much, Kazimir.) I said to him, but I was pretty sure he didn't get it. He nodded and smiled, though, and this made me a little bit happy.
He looked at me and kissed my forehead, then he said, "Vera, I love you."  I just can't make up my answer whenever he says those words. I'm not really used to saying that to someone, especially to a guy I really like. Well, I did learn how to love someone because of him. He's the first man I've ever fallen in love with. And the way I feel for him, I just couldn't explain it. It was something that felt so deep, and that feeling just wouldn't vanish. Once, when I asked my mother back then, she told me that the way I loved Kazimir was something she never even knew about or felt herself. I was serious about this kind of love. No wonder I couldn't fall for a man back then... It's because someone much more that just a commoner would make a great impact on my life, and my love.

I love my older brother. That's something I can never ever deny.

Waah! So that's the finally, eh?? :) Please support you guys!!! ;D ;D Any comments? Message me, or just reply to this post :)

Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D

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Re: ~COFFEE & TEA~ (< A Light Novel >) [FINALE] #BeenPrankedbyFate?! 2014
« Reply #25 on: July 19, 2014, 01:07:49 AM »


Things are just beginning to change. After all, I'm in love with my brother, who I once thought I was blood-related to, and luckily, I wasn't. I fell for the right man. Maybe it really is true, that when two people are fated to be together, they'd always see each other, and that amazing fate would always make them somehow end up with each other, for better or for worse.

Just like our coffee and tea.

Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D

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Re: ~COFFEE & TEA~ (< A Light Novel >) [FINALE] #BeenPrankedbyFate?! 2014
« Reply #26 on: July 19, 2014, 07:53:00 AM »

Hi guys! ;D This is KEVIN SHEEN TIU, bringing to you the OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK of COFFEE & TEA. :) :) ;) ;D ;D

@ Save The Last Dance by Monkey Majik

#thisisthe1stSPGscene ;)

Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D

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Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D

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Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D

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Re: ~COFFEE & TEA~ (< A Light Novel >) [FINALE] #BeenPrankedbyFate?! 2014
« Reply #29 on: August 02, 2014, 10:24:44 PM »

 ;D ;D

Hi everyone!!! This is KEVIN SHEEN TIU, author of Coffee & Tea, bringing to you the latest update. :) :)

As you may all know, I'm so happy that I've received 1000+ reads already, and it seriously just surprised me. I'm so thankful to all those who liked my story, and if you did, well keep liking it, 'cuz I swear there'd be much more Coffee & Tea in the future. ^__^

I hope I'd get more feedbacks, too. :) Any comments? JUST MESSAGE ME <3 <3

P.S. I've added a poll, just in case. I hope you'd all try and vote! :D :D

*ache-ache ;)

Eyyo! :D This is Kevin Sheen Tiu, a sadistic writer who loves EXO. <3 <3

;D ;D Come & read my newborn light novel, COFFEE & TEA~~! :D


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